Where to Get a Glorious Massage in Niue
Where to Get a Glorious Massage in Niue

Where to Get a Glorious Massage in Niue

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Massage Services in Niue

While adventures like scuba diving, snorkelling, hiking, biking and fishing take the limelight in Niue, don’t forget to take some time to relax too! A small island with a small population, Niue can’t help but be a soothing destination, but the experience can be effortlessly enhanced with a heavenly massage. Find out where to get a massage in Niue in the guide below.

For more advice on relaxing (if you need advice on such things), see the 10 Glorious Ways to Relax in Niue.

The Spas in Niue

Niue might have a small selection of spas but it doesn’t make them any less fabulous. Niue’s two spa and massage services include Maulu Spa and Tui Na Clinic.

Maulu Spa

Maulu Spa is a massage and yoga service offering massages in the style of Balinese and Thai. Yin Yoga and Hatha Yoga are also offered.

Tai Nu Clinic

Tai Nu Clinic offers massages with traditional Niuean and Chinese techniques. They specialise in using natural local coconut oils.

For more details about each spa, take a look at The Best Spas in Niue.

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The Tui Na Clinic offers traditional Niuean massages at their massage room in Alofi. This by-appointment spa on Tapeu-Poritt Road between Alofi and Hanan Airport specialises in remedial and therapeutic massages using traditional Niuean techniques and Chinese influence. They use natural coconut oil made locally to provide the complete Niuean experience.

They accept clients Monday to Saturday. See more things to do in Alofi here.

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The base of Maulu Spa, Tamakautoga is a small village on the west coast of the island. Maulu Spa’s clifftop massage room can be found on the road between Tamakautoga Village and Ana’ana Point. The eco-friendly massage fale blends in with its natural surroundings and engages in environmentally-friendly practices, from its compost toilet to the use of local coconut oils.

Maulu Spa offers a range of massages, from muscle treatment to pure relaxation massages. They also offer private yoga sessions, where you can find more details in Where to Do Yoga in Niue. Appointments are available to book Monday to Sunday.

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Your Niue Accommodation

Finally, you can treat yourself to a massage in the privacy of your own accommodation in Niue with Maulu Spa. They offer a mobile massage service, providing all of the equipment to set the scene for ultimate relaxation. You can choose from any massage or yoga session from their spa menu.

Appointments are available to book Monday to Sunday. Read about Maulu Spa’s services in detail in The Best Spas in Niue.


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