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The Best Spas in Niue©
The Best Spas in Niue

The Best Spas in Niue


Where to Enjoy Spa Treatments in Niue

Niue is a location of active adventures, which is all the more reason to at least spend an hour of your tropical getaway winding down with a rejuvenating massage. The small island has three fantastic spas, which is all you need, as well as becomes a host for wellness retreats throughout the year. Spas in Niue range from comprehensive mobile spa services to treatments using traditional Niuean techniques. Wherever you decide to unwind, you’re sure to leave feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Bookings for spa treatments can be made over the phone, through your resort concierge, the Visitor Information Centre or through Facebook Messenger – find out more in How to Book Tours & Experiences in Niue.

5 Ways to Relax in Niue

Before we dive into the spas in Niue, here is a quick list of just a few ways to relax in Niue:

  1. Enjoy a private yoga session – see Where to Do Yoga in Niue
  2. Bathe in Niue’s crystal clear waters at Avaiki Cave or Matapa Chasm
  3. Join a wellness retreat – see Yoga & Wellness Retreats in Niue
  4. Stay at your own private accommodation, such as one of Niue’s stunning holiday homes
  5. Indulge in sundown cocktails at one of Niue’s bars

… And the list continues in the 10 Glorious Ways to Relax in Niue.

The Best Spas in Niue(c)

Maulu Spa

In the privacy of your Niue accommodation or on the clifftops of the eco-friendly massage fale in Tamakautoga, Maulu Spa gives you options. And the options don’t stop with the location, as you have a range of healing therapies, massages and yoga to choose from.


Maulu Spa can come to your accommodation fully equipped for your massage. Alternatively, find the spa nestled in the coastal forest perched on the clifftops between Tamakautoga (up the road from the Scenic Matavai Resort) and Ana’ana Point. Note that the spa is open by appointment only, Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 7 pm.

Spa Treatments

Maulu Spa offers a range of massages starting from NZ$130. Their signature massage is a one-hour Balinese and Swedish body massage designed to remove tension, particularly around the shoulder area. This can be combined with a Yoga Nidra session, while other treatments include fertility and post-natal massages, Maori healing therapy and Reiki.


Maulu Spa also offers private yoga sessions to help you feel rejuvenated from your Niue getaway. Find out more about experiencing yoga in Niue in our guide, Where to Do Yoga in Niue.

The Best Spas in Niue©


Revive and refresh the skin using all-natural all-Niuean ingredients with a gorgeous facial at Vilina.


Vilina is located in Alofi town centre, at the back of the car park between the Visitor Information Centre and the Niue Market. What would seem like a bustling location is actually very peaceful, tucked away with bush surroundings (and no, mosquitos are not a problem). Vilina is open from Monday to Friday, 10 am to 2:30 pm.

Spa Treatments

Facials are the main event at Vilina; a pleasingly Niuean experience using all-natural and local products that revive and rejuvenate, including organic coconut embryo, Niue honey, Niue vanilla and passionfruit. Facials start from NZ$90 and last approximately 45 minutes.

Beauty Treatments

Vilina also offers a wealth of beauty treatments, including manicures and pedicures, waxing and hairdressing services.

The Best Spas in Niue©

Tui Na Clinic

Conveniently located a short drive from Alofi town centre, Tui Na Clinic makes your experience effortless throughout. After long days exploring Niue, swimming and scuba diving, relieve the aches and pains with one of Tui Na Clinic’s relaxing massages.


Tui Na Clinic is located on Tapeu-Porrit Road between Alofi town and Hanan International Airport. Note that the spa is only open by appointment after 4 pm.

Spa Treatments

Tui Na Clinic offers a specialised traditional Niuean massage that combines techniques from Chinese influence. The remedial and therapeutic massage uses local coconut oils and aims to relax your muscles and body.

The Best Spas in Niue©

Wellness Retreats

The final place to experience a massage in Niue is at one of the many yoga and wellness retreats that take place on the island. Yoga retreats typically take place at the Scenic Matavai Resort where yoga is often the main focus but often includes wellness and nutrition workshops, as well as at least one massage.

Wellness Retreats NZ does one or two retreats in Niue a year, which include a one-hour remedial massage with essential oils.

Find out more about what wellness retreats entail in our guide to Yoga & Wellness Retreats in Niue.

More About Spas in Niue

That’s it for our guide to the best spas in Niue. For more about wellness, beauty and just treating your-damn-self while on holiday, take a look at the following:

Finally, head to the 101 Things to Do in Niue: The Ultimate List featuring more amazing experiences.


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This article was reviewed and published by Laura, editor in chief and co-founder of Niue Pocket Guide. Since arriving solo in the South Pacific over 10 years ago with nothing but a backpack and a background in journalism, her mission has been to show the world how easy (and awesome) it is to explore a paradise such as Niue. She knows the island inside-out and loves sharing tips on how best to experience Niue’s must-dos and hidden gems. Laura is also editor of several other South Pacific travel guides.

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