Where to Do Yoga in Niue
Where to Do Yoga in Niue

Where to Do Yoga in Niue

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Yoga Sessions and Classes in Niue

Forget another yoga retreat in Bali or Thailand, Niue provides the most off-the-beaten-track locations in the South Pacific to practice yoga. It’s hard to not relax on this raised coral atoll surrounded by some of the world’s clearest waters. What’s more, there is one spa on the island offering exclusively private yoga sessions – and that’s all you need! The occasional yoga retreat does make its way to the island should you seek a class setting. Let’s delve deeper into how and where to do yoga in Niue in this guide.

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Ways to Relax and Rejuvenate in Niue

Before we dive into the yoga sessions and classes in Niue, here is a quick list of just a few more ways to relax and rejuvenate in Niue:

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Maulu Spa

Maulu Spa offers private yoga classes in Niue. Choose either a session at Alana’s (your yoga instructor’s) clifftop fale nestled in tropical coastal rainforest or opt for a session in the privacy of your Niue accommodation.


Maulu Spa is based along the road between Tamakautoga (where the Scenic Matavai Resort is) and Ana’ana Point. Alternatively, they can come to you wherever you are staying on the island. Sessions are only available by appointment, Monday to Sunday from 8am to 7pm.

Private Yoga Sessions

Maulu Spa offers two types of yoga sessions. One is a Yin Yoga session, which is a slow-paced style of yoga where asanas (positions) are held for longer periods of time. Alternatively, try the Hatha Yoga session, which is a more general category of yoga incorporating most styles. Both yoga sessions last one hour. The mat, bolster and blocks are all provided.

Massage Services

Spa treatments like massages are also provided by Maulu Spa. Check out The Best Spas in Niue for more details on the types of massages available.

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Yoga Retreats in Niue

An alternative way to experience yoga in Niue is with a yoga retreat. Niue hosts several yoga retreats throughout the year, with most taking place at the Scenic Matavai Resort. Yoga retreats are often a complete holiday package with accommodation, most meals, activities and some free time included.

Wellness Retreats NZ

Wellness Retreats NZ organises most of the yoga retreats that take place in Niue. Their agenda develops year-on-year, but the main focus is yoga with a yoga class each day. Yoga classes typically take place once or twice a day at sunrise, sunset or both. Yoga takes place in a class setting and with a style of yoga suitable for everybody.

Learn more in Wellness & Yoga Retreats in Niue.


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