The Luxury Guide to Niue

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Guide to Luxury Getaways to Niue

If you have an image of five-star resorts, private chaeffeurs or helicopter flights to private islands then think again. Niue is a much more relaxed South Pacific nation leaving the “glitz and glam” for the others. What it does provide to those seeking a little something special, however, is its exclusivity. The tiny island only have a small number of tourists at one time, where its an everyday occurance to find yourself alone on a coral beach, a snorkelling hotspot or any one of the other attractions. Tours are either small-group tours or often just for you. You’ll also experience some of the most pristine landscapes and clearest waters. So with the right expectations, you can enjoy an enriching experience on this raised coral atoll, as elaborated further in this complete luxury guide to Niue.

Luxury Activities in Niue

  • Indulge in a tropical massage
  • Try your luck on a fishing charter
  • Dive in the clearest waters on a scuba diving trip
  • Get acquainted with the island on an orientation tour
  • Treat yourself to fresh seafood dishes at the local restaurants
  • Experience a close whale or dolphin encounter
  • Browse gorgeous ebony carvings and take a tour to see how they are made
  • Shop for unique art and souvenirs
  • Play golf on Niue’s very own golf course
  • Enjoy some sundowners at one of the bars

For more details on each experience, see the 10 Luxury Activities on Niue.

The Luxury Guide to Niue(c)

How to Get to Niue

Limited flights, cruises and sailing to Niue on your own yacht are about the only ways to get to this remote island, making for an all-exclusive ambience. See our full list of transport options in the 8 Ways to Get to Niue (& Get Around Niue). Otherwise, here’s a quick rundown on how to get to and around Niue…

Flights to Niue

Flights arrive at Hanan Airport, Niue’s international airport, twice weekly with Air New Zealand, departing from Auckland. Air New Zealand offers business class seats, which include no-neighbour guarantees, as well as complimentary food and drink. Find out more in How to Get to Niue.

Cruises to Niue

Niue receives a small number of cruises departing from Auckland (New Zealand), Sydney (Australia), Papatee (Tahiti) and Lautoka (Fiji). Cruises port at Alofi where cruise ship passengers get a whole day to explore the island. Find out more in Taking a Cruising to Niue.

Car Rentals in Niue

With no public transport, it’s highly recommended that you hire a car, not only to explore Niue to its fullest but to also enjoy an independent holiday experience. A Niue Driver’s License is required to drive in Niue, which you can learn more about in The Guide to Car Hire in Niue.

The Luxury Guide to Niue(c) BAND - Niue Tourism

Luxury Activities in Niue

Forget lavish scenic flights, sailing with canapes and massages in private bungalows (Ok, the last one does exist, which we mention in the 10 Luxury Activities on Niue). Niue offers more down-to-earth experiences where luxury is found in the quality of the clear waters, the abundance of marine life and highly-revered nature and culture tours. Here are just some of the highlights…

Fishing Charters in Niue

Fishing is an integral part of village life in Niue, but instead of heading out on a traditional vaka (canoe) with a fishing net or line, you’ll be kitted out with the latest gear on a purpose-built fishing vessel. Hire out a fishing charter for the morning, or the whole day if you’re eager, to try your chances at catching the likes of Mahimahi, Yellowfin Tuna, Skipjack, Wahoo, Marlin, Sailfish, Giant Trevally and more! There’s a wide range of charters to choose from, so compare your options in the 10 Best Fishing Charters in Niue.

Ebony Carving Tours

There are many fantastic culture and nature tours in Niue, but one that stands out for its incredible ebony art is the Ebony Carving Tours. Join local craftsman, Jack Feleti, for a tour through Niue’s stunning tropical rainforest to see where ebony wood has grown for centuries. At the end of the tour, you’ll be able to admire some gorgeous ebony sculptures and pendants. Pick-ups are available from the Tourist Information Centre and the Scenic Matavai Resort.

Scuba Diving in Niue

See what it’s like to scuba dive in up to 80m visibility, dive through chasms, caves and see astonishing marine life on one of the scuba diving tours in Niue. Niue Blue is an SSI-accredited dive operator offering a range of dive tours and courses, while Magical Niue Sea Adventures is a PADI-accredited operator offering more amazing dive opportunities and courses. Compare your options and more in 10 Best Places to Scuba in Niue.

The Luxury Guide to Niue(c)

Luxury Dining in Niue

Niue might be a remote rock in the South Pacific, but it still manages to offer surprising and delectable cuisine. Being an island nation, fresh fish is always fantastic here, while anything with coconut or taro is sure to delight the senses!

The Best Restaurants in Niue

A must-eat is the Kaiika Restaurant in Alofi. With a Tokyo sushi chef combined with Pacific fish, the Japanese cuisine is to die for. They also serve up premium ice creams.

For photo-worthy plates, head to the Dolphin Restaurant of the Scenic Matavai Resort, whose a la carte menu features succulent steaks, fresh catch of the day and more. Dessert is typically an affair of colourful plates of fruity treats, indulgent chocolate fondants and more.

Finally, Falala Fa is a locally-run restaurant whose highlights include the fresh fish of the day, as well as their tender sashimi plates and coconut pie for dessert.

Most visitors to Niue have time to sample all of the restaurants in Niue, so see what else you are in for in The Guide to the Best Eats & Restaurants in Niue.

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