Niue Luxury Itinerary: 14 Days
Niue Luxury Itinerary: 14 Days

Niue Luxury Itinerary: 14 Days / Two Weeks

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14-Day Luxury Itinerary for Niue

Two weeks is just the right amount of time to explore all of Niue’s stunning coastal attractions, do the must-dos and, of course, have time to relax. This Niue luxury itinerary for 14 days is for the active luxury traveller who wants to explore, see and do it all! For a more relaxing holiday, see How to Spend 14 Days on a Luxury Niue Vacation with an alternative way to spend your holiday.

Note that some activities on this Niue luxury 14-day itinerary are only available on certain days of the week. This itinerary is based on if you arrive in Niue on a Friday (local time), but be sure to move days around accordingly should you arrive on another day of the week.

Before we get into our 14-day luxury itinerary for Niue, be sure to bookmark The Luxury Travel Guide to Niue for more trip-planning advice.

How to Get Around Niue in 14 Days

Niue is an island to explore independently, due to the limited transport options available. To make the most of this 14-day luxury itinerary for Niue, we strongly recommend hiring a car, which we give advice in The Guide to Car Hire in Niue. Note that you will need a Niue Driver’s License, available from the Alofi Police Station.

Alternatively, there are airport transfers, bicycle hire and one taxi on the island available, which will limit what you can do but provide another way of getting around Niue. Learn more in the 8 Ways to Get to Niue (& Get Around Niue).

Niue Luxury Itinerary: 14 Days(c) Zhuhai - Niue Tourism

Day 1 – Land in Niue, Check-in at Your Resort or Villa

Fakaalofa lahi atu and welcome to Niue! On arrival at Hanan International Airport, go through the airport customs and biosecurity process, as outlined in Everything You Need to Know About Arriving in Niue, then your car rental or accommodation transfer will be waiting outside of the airport for you.

Check-in at your chosen accommodation. A few recommendations are as follows:

Luxury Accommodation in Niue

For more information on each accommodation, see the 10 Best Luxury Accommodation in Niue.

Dining in Niue

Tonight, and every night while you’re here, be sure to treat yourself at the fabulous restaurants available on the island. Dine on sushi prepared by a Tokyo chef at Kaiika and enjoy impeccably presented plates at the Dolphin Restaurant of the Scenic Matavai Resort – just as a couple of recommendations. See The 10 Best Restaurants in Niue for more delectable choices.

Niue Luxury Itinerary: 14 Days(c)

Day 2 – Take an Orientation Tour and Explore Alofi

Since Niue is going to be your home in paradise for the next two weeks, it only makes sense to get fully acquainted with it. One of the best ways to do so is with an orientation tour. Join either Explore Niue or Niue Orientation Tours for a guided tour of the west coast, being pointed out all of the best attractions, learning about the history and culture of the island, and getting all the essential tips for making the most of your getaway in Niue. Compare the tours further in The Guided Tours in Niue.

Now that you are an expert on the west coast of Niue, spend the rest of the day getting to know Niue’s capital, Alofi. See where the useful services are, pick up your Niue Driver’s License, get more ideas for your trip at the Visitor Information Centre, and, of course, dine somewhere fabulous for lunch – see the 6 Best Cafes in Niue.

For more inspiration for enjoying luxury in Alofi, see The Luxury Guide to Alofi.

Niue Luxury Itinerary: 14 Days(c)

Day 3 – Church and Avatele Beach

If you arrived in Niue on a Friday, today is Sunday and a day of sabbath for Niueans. As devoted Christians, many Niueans go to church in the morning and the afternoon where visitors are also invited to join. Enjoy the harmonious singing of the locals for a truly uplifting experience. Check out church recommendations in the 5 Best Churches in Niue to Experience as a Visitor.

After church, you may want to make your way to Avatele Beach where the Washaway Cafe is open for one day a week! The restaurant works on an interesting “honesty bar” concept where you help yourself to drinks, write down your own food order and simply pay at the end. While not exactly “luxury”, it’s still quite the novelty!

Niue Luxury Itinerary: 14 Days(c) Zhuhai - Niue Tourism

Day 4 – Explore the Awe-Inspiring Scenery of the East Coast

It’s time to get off the beaten track (as if you already weren’t in Niue) and discover the hidden gems. While Explore Niue can take you on an insightful guided tour of the east coast (a minimum of four is required), you can quite easily treat yourself to a road trip in your rental car, discovering highlights like the following…

Anapala Chasm

Starting from the southeast of the island, head to the village of Hakupu and the Anapala Chasm Sea Track. This well-maintained 15-minute trail takes you through lush rainforest and down some steep steps into the depths of an awe-inspiring chasm.

Togo Chasm

Next, travel into the Huvalu Forest Conservation Area where you’ll stumble upon the Togo Chasm Sea Track. This 30-45-minute walk takes you through tropical rainforest where you’ll emerge on top of a limestone pinnacle-dappled coastline. Follow the trail down a ladder and into an attractive sandy-bottom chasm dotted with coconut palms! Return the same way.

Laufoli Umu Pit

Just a few minutes drive north of the Togo Chasm, stop at the historic Laufoli Umu Pit. A distinct ditch in the ground can be seen where interpretation signs at the site explain the legends behind it.

Hikulagi Sculpture Park

Browse the creative works of the locals in this outdoor sculpture park, where pieces have been made from rubbish that has washed up onto Niue’s shores.

Uluvehi Sea Track

A perfect little picnic spot, Uluvehi Sea Track has a picnic table with a fabulous lookout on top of the high cliffs. Walk down the sealed road to a couple of shallow limestone caves where fishermen store their vaka (canoes).

While these recommended attractions will keep you busy for the day, there are more nooks and crannies to discover as listed in the 7 Best Sea Tracks on the East Coast of Niue.

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Day 5 – Go on a Scuba Diving Excursion

You can’t be on an island with some of the world’s clearest waters and not go scuba diving! Niue has both PADI and SSI-accredited operators who will gear you up and take you out to some magnificent dive sites.

As the island is made up of porous limestone with no lakes or rivers, rainwater filters through the island not only carving out amazing caves, chasms and cathedrals but allowing the visibility to reach as far as 80m!

Wildlife you may encounter on your dive include painted crayfish, sea snakes, barracuda, countless tropical fish, turtles and more. Swimming with humpback whales is also available with Niue’s dive operators during the wintertime. See The Guide to Scuba Diving in Niue to help plan your dive.

Niue Luxury Itinerary: 14 Days(c)

Day 6 – Relax and Indulge in a Massage

After all of the swimming, walking and snorkelling, now is a good time to treat your body to some R&R. One utterly indulgent way to do that is with a massage either in the privacy of your accommodation or at the clifftop Maulu Spa. Alana will treat you to your choice of treatments, whether it’s a therapeutic massage with natural coconut oil (or something else if you prefer) or a tropical body scrub. Yoga sessions are also available. Alternatively, Tui Na Health Clinic offers relaxing evening massages.

For the rest of the day, enjoy the perks of your chosen accommodation, whether it’s sipping cocktails by the pool at the Scenic Matavai Resort, drinking your complimentary bottle of wine from your balcony bathtub at Lau’s Getaway, or watching dolphins and whales from the lookouts of Breeze or Namukulu Cottages.

Niue Luxury Itinerary: 14 Days(c)

Day 7 – Go to a Niue Umu Night

After a day of relaxing and enjoying some “me time”, treat yourself to one of the Thursday night umu nights on the island.

Both the Scenic Matavai Resort and the Hio Cafe & Bar put on Niuean Umu Nights where traditional local dishes are prepared in an underground oven in true Polynesian style. Try dishes, such as takihi, povi masima, moa Niue, faikai ika and much more. Both events also have musical entertainment, while the Matavai Resort also has fire-dancing.

Advanced bookings are essential.

Niue Luxury Itinerary: 14 Days(c) M. Crawford - Niue Tourism

Day 8 – The Ebony Rainforest Tour

To browse the impressive pieces of ebony-carved pendants and artwork is reason alone to visit the Ebony Carving Studio in Hakupu, but local artist, Jack Feleti, will show you behind-the-scenes on his Ebony Rainforest Tour.

Experience the ancient rainforest of Niue, learning about traditional food and medicine-gathering methods, seeing spectacular limestone caves, and hearing stories of Niue’s past. Jack will show you where he sources the rare ebony wood found on the island, before giving a tour of his workshop where he brings his one-off designs to life.

Pick-ups for the tour are available from the Scenic Matavai Resort and the Tourist Information Centre in Alofi.

Niue Luxury Itinerary: 14 Days(c)

Day 9 – Wake up to an Exciting Fishing Charter

Nothing beats waking up early to catch the sunrise from a fishing charter and, hopefully, catch something else. Niue has a wide range of professional operators running safe and reliable charters with passionate experienced guides.

Head out with the latest fishing gear to target highly-sought game species, such as marlin, mahimahi, wahoo, sailfish, giant trevally and much more! Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced angler, Niue’s fishing charters will make sure you have the most enjoyable experience for your abilities.

Learn more about fishing in Niue with The Guide to Fishing in Niue.

Niue Luxury Itinerary: 14 Days(c)

Day 10 – Spend the Day Exploring the West Coast Sea Tracks

If you arrived in Niue on a Friday, that means it’s Sunday again and the perfect time to visit the caves, snorkelling hotspots and chasms of the west coast.

Note that the attractions for snorkelling are tide-dependent, so change the order you visit them according to the tide.

Avaiki and Palaha Caves

Just before low tide, find the Avaiki Cave Sea Track near the village of Makefu. The short track takes you down to a huge cathedral cave with a gorgeous pool at the base, ideal for snorkelling. Travel a little further north and you’ll also find the Palaha Cave, offering more magnificent viewings of grand limestone caves.

Limu Pools

A calm turquoise oasis for swimming and snorkelling awaits at the Limu Pools near the village of Namukulu. Follow a well-formed sea track down to the main pools that are best enjoyed at half-to-full incoming tide. Alternatively, there is a small side pool with a coastal arch that is better snorkelled at low tide.

Matapa Chasm

Suitable at all tides, the Matapa Chasm is a wide chasm harbouring an array of colourful tropical fish. Walk down a seven-minute rocky sea track through the forest to emerge at the chasm. The track starts from the grassy parking area in Hikutavake.

Talava Arches

While you’re at the Matapa Chasm, don’t miss the trail for the Talava Arches located right next to it! The Talava Arches can be enjoyed at any tide but is best at low tide if you want to walk across the reef and under the arch. The sea track is a 30-minute walk through the forest (sturdy shoes required) and a series of limestone caves. You’ll emerge at a stunning view of the coastal archway where there’s a great opportunity to snorkel in the coral-lined channel below.

Before making your way back to your accommodation, stop by the Hio Cafe & Bar for some drinks along with fabulous views of Hio Beach and the Pacific Ocean.

Niue Luxury Itinerary: 14 Days(c)

Day 11 – Play a Round of Golf or Relax

How about playing golf in one of the most unique places you’ve ever teed off – atop the world’s largest raised coral atoll! Yes, Niue does have its very own golf course, a well-maintained tropical park-style course with coconut palms as fun obstacles.

The 9-hole golf course at the Niue Golf and Sports Club is a quiet course with many fun challenges along the way. Note that you will need to bring your own clubs. You may also want to schedule this activity in for the 1pm tournament on a Saturday.

Learn more about golfing in Niue with The Best Golf Courses in Niue.

Niue Luxury Itinerary: 14 Days(c)

Day 12 – Enjoy Beaches all to Yourself and Do Some Souvenir Shopping

It’s your final full day in Niue, where you can take the time to slowly pack your things and perhaps dapple in a bit of souvenir shopping before you leave. Boutique stores like Kauhi Krafts are well worth a visit for their fabulous artwork on display, as well as unique gifts, many of which are hand-crafted on-site, to bring back for your loved ones back home. See our top shopping recommendations in Where to Find the Best Souvenirs in Niue.

Additionally, you can take the time to visit some of the stunning coral beaches you might have missed. Beaches like Hio Beach and Tamakautoga Beach are stunning spots where, a lot of the time, you find them all to yourself. See more beaches worth visiting in The Best Beaches in Niue.

Niue Luxury Itinerary: 14 Days(c) M. Crawford - Niue Tourism

Day 13 – Buy Unique Souvenirs at the Niue Market and the Women’s Council of Niue

If you arrived in Niue on a Friday, then today is a Wednesday and a day of activity in Alofi! Enjoy the morning mingling with the locals at the Niue Market. Browse fresh tropical produce, handicrafts and all kinds of souvenirs at the market, which starts at 6am until about 12pm. Find the market is next door to the Tourist Information Centre.

Also happening on a Wednesday is the Niue Council of Women’s weaving group inside Makini Hall. You are welcome to watch the women in action or even give weaving a go yourself. There are all sorts of handicrafts going on, from weaving to fabric printing to making Niue’s staple necklaces known as kahoa hihi. There’s also a little shop at the back of the hall to purchase some of the amazing finished pieces.

Niue Luxury Itinerary: 14 Days / Two Weeks© Niue Tourism

Day 14 – Free Day

Today is all yours to do anything you might have missed over the past fortnight (or anything that you thought was so amazing you want to do again)!

We have plenty of inspiration for new experiences in our 101 Things to Do in Niue: The Ultimate List, so get scrolling and complete your bucket list for day 14 of your luxury itinerary in Niue!

Niue Luxury Itinerary: 14 Days(c)

Departure Day – Check Out of Your Accommodation and Depart Niue

Your time in paradise might be coming to an end, but you still have time to enjoy a coffee or a fresh-fruit smoothie at one of Alofi’s cafes before checking in for your flight. We recommend checking in your bags in the morning then coming back to the airport later, as explained in Leaving Niue: The Niue Airport Departure Process.

Return your rental car by parking it up by the “Rental Cars Only” signs at Hanan Airport and leaving the keys in the car.

Then, it’s time to depart Niue for your flight to Auckland! One last tip, there is a cute bar in the departure lounge, the Runway Bar, serving up a range of drinks – cash only!

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