8 Ways to Get to Niue (& Get Around Niue)
8 Ways to Get to Niue (& Get Around Niue)

Niue Transport Guide: 11 Ways to Get Around Niue 🚗 [2023]

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How to Get Around Niue

If you thought the South Pacific was already off-the-beaten-track, think again. To get to the remote island of Niue, you’ll have to catch one of only two flights departing each week or hop on one of the very limited cruises visiting the island or have your own sailing boat! On arrival, this is an island you’ll definitely want to explore with epic landscapes all around the coastline. Car rental is the most popular way to go about transport in Niue, but visitors can also hire bikes, catch the one and only taxi or simply walk. We go over your Niue transport options in this list of ways to get around Niue.

1. Car Rental in Niue

With only one taxi (more on that below) and no other public transportation, renting a car in Niue is highly recommended to make the most out of the island. Much of Niue’s attractions are scattered along a 64km (40-mile) circular road which has a few characterful features like potholes, chickens and dogs.

There are several car rental operators on the island, which offer airport drop-off or you can pick up your car from their depots. Some accommodations also offer car rental for guests. Wherever you decide to hire, note that you will need a Niue Driver’s Licence, which can be purchased from the Police Station in Alofi. Get more details on everything you need to know in The Guide to Car Hire in Niue.

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2. Bike Rental

While a bicycle would be tough going to get you around the entire island, they are still worth considering if you are staying just outside of Alofi and want a quick way to get into town. Bikes are also worth hiring to explore the secluded bike trails leading into the bush, which you can learn more about in The Best Bike Trails in Niue.

There are several accommodations, car rental companies and tourism operators renting out bikes, which you can compare in Where to Rent Bikes in Niue.

Cycling in Niue is easy and safe, with most of the island being relatively flat. While it’s not mandatory to wear a helmet, it is advised. Find out more about renting a bike in The Guide to Mountain Biking in Niue.

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3. E-Bike Rental

Electric bicycle rental; now that makes cycling between attractions, your accommodation and town a little easier if you’re keen to peddle. Niue has a dedicated e-bike rental company, Freedom Bikes Niue, as well as vehicle rental companies offering a limited number of e-bikes – so get in there quick! Again, find out more about who hires out e-bikes in Where to Rent Bikes in Niue.

While e-bikes are a little more expensive than normal bike hire, they have the benefits of being cheaper than hiring a car and are one of the 6 Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Renting a Car in Niue.

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4. Airport/Accommodation Transfers

For getting between Hanan Airport and your chosen accommodation, many of the accommodations make it easy by offering airport transfers. Drivers and representatives from accommodations meet incoming flights, as long as they have been booked. Some accommodations offer complimentary airport shuttles, while others charge a fee. Find out more about airport and accommodation transfers in our guide, Airport Transfer Options in Niue.

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5. The Taxi

Yes, there is one and only one taxi servicing Niue, so needless to say, he isn’t always available on short notice. Nevertheless, if you prefer to not hire a car, The Taxi is a good alternative. The Taxi can only be booked over the phone, so get your accommodation, the Tourism Information Centre or just about anyone living on the island (everyone knows each other) to book him on your behalf, as cellphone roaming does not work in Niue. The Taxi accepts EFTPOS (debit/credit card) and cash. Find out more about catching a taxi in The Guide to Taxis in Niue.

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6. Guided Tours

Admittedly, there are not many tours that will transport you around Niue as part of the experience. Nevertheless, introductory tours, such as Explore Niue and Niue Orientation Tours, that take place after arrival days incorporate sightseeing on the west coast of the island. Explore Niue also offers tours of the east coast of the island with transport included. Although guided tours are very limited in the transport they offer, they provide another option for travellers who prefer not to drive, cycle, etc. Find out more about these tours in The Best Sightseeing Tours in Niue.

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7. Motorcycle Rental

Motorcycle hire is extremely limited in Niue. Rentals are only available from Niue Rentals. A few things worth noting is that it is mandatory to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle and extreme care is needed due to Niue’s many potholes. Find out more about this Niue transport method in The Guide to Renting a Motorbike in Niue.

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8. Walking

While Niue’s attractions are spread out far and wide, it’s unlikely that you’ll be completely stranded if you are spending some time getting around on foot. Alofi, the capital of Niue, is a good base if you want to walk, with restaurants, shops, services, tours and attractions all available within short walking distance of each other.

The villages of Tamakautoga and the nearby Avatele are smaller hubs with a few attractions, tours and the Scenic Matavai Resort with a restaurant to keep you fed and entertained, so also consider staying in these villages if you would rather walk.

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9. Getting to Niue: Flights

Now that we’ve gone through the ways to get around Niue, we thought you might find the different ways to get to Niue also helpful. Let’s start with flights.

There’s only one airline flying to Niue with flights just twice a week, so at least comparing flights won’t give you a headache! Air New Zealand operates flights between Auckland Airport, New Zealand and Hanan Airport, Niue, where flights take approximately three hours. Get more details on flights to Niue in How to Get to Niue. Plus, learn about the arrivals process, including biosecurity and customs, in Everything You Need to Know About Arriving in Niue.

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10. Getting to Niue: Cruises

An exclusive number of cruise liners have Niue on the agenda, offering holidaymakers an alternative way to get to the island. Sail with the likes of Silversea, Holland America Line and Windstar Cruises which allow a full day to tour Niue’s caves, sea tracks, museum and sculpture park. Cruises depart from Papeete in Tahiti, Lautoka in Fiji, Sydney in Australia and Auckland in New Zealand. The cruise season is typically February to April, as well as in September. Learn more about cruising to Niue in Taking a Cruising to Niue.

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11. Getting to Niue: Sailing

Just about the only final way you can make your way to the remote island of Niue is if you have your own yacht. Considering that Niue has an unforgiving coastline, it is essential that when you reach Alofi Bay, you radio customs on VHF Channel 16, as well as the Niue Yacht Club on Channel 10 for mooring instructions and advice. Get a complete rundown on arriving in Niue by yacht in The Guide to Sailing in Niue.

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More About Niue Transport and Ways to Get Around Niue

That’s it for our Niue transport guide but by no means the end of our transport tips. See the following guides for more advice:

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