How to Get a Niue Driver's License©
How to Get a Niue Driver's License

How to Get a Niue Driver’s License


How to Apply for the Niue Driving License

For renting a car, van, motorcycle or any type of motor vehicle in Niue, your overseas driving license or International Driving Permit (IDP) is not enough. To legally drive in Niue, you need a Niue Driver’s License. The process to get a driver’s license is easy and affordable, while the license itself makes a great souvenir. We’ll show you how to get a Niue Driver’s License in this guide.

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Do You Need a Niue Driver’s License?

Anyone with a valid driving license from overseas who wishes to drive in Niue must obtain a Niue Driver’s License in order to legally drive on Niue’s roads. You do not need a Niue Driver’s License to pick up a rental vehicle, but you must apply for a Niue Driver’s License as soon as reasonably possible after picking up your rental vehicle.

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How to Get a Niue Driver's License©

What You Need for the Niue Driver’s License

In order to obtain a Niue Driver’s License, you need the following:

  • A full valid driving license which can be from overseas
  • NZ$22.50 to pay with MasterCard, Visa, New Zealand debit card or cash.

Note that the minimum driving age in Niue is 16 years old. However, most car rental companies in Niue have a minimum age of 21 years old for car hires.

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How to Get a Niue Driver's License©

Where to Get Your Niue Driver’s License

Niue Driver’s Licenses can be obtained from the Police Station.

The Niue Police Station is located along Tapeu-Porritt Road, between the modern Niue Government Building and the industrial area with the Rockbak Bakery and BCN Broadcasting, etc. A large emblem for the Niue Police, as well as signs for the National Disaster Management Office, are right outside.

Niue Police Station Opening Hours

Opening hours for the Niue Police Station are Monday to Thursday, from 8 am to 4 pm.

Can You Drive in Niue Without a Niue Driver’s License?

Due to the Police Station’s limited opening hours, you can still hire and drive a vehicle without a Niue Driver’s License. You just have to get a Niue Driver’s License from the Police Station when it’s open. Until you have your Niue Driver’s License, make sure you have your overseas driving license with you when driving.

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The Niue Driver’s License Application Process

If you have a full valid overseas driving license, as well as NZ$22.50, then getting a Niue Driver’s License is easy.

How to Get the Niue Driver’s License

At the Niue Police Station, you need to visit the counter and ask for a Niue Driver’s License, handing over your overseas driving license. Learn more about this in Can You Drive in Niue With an Overseas License?

You will be taken to a separate room with a computer and camera set-up. An officer will use your overseas driving license to record your details, such as your name, date of birth and what “class” your driver’s license is, i.e. to show what type of vehicles you are licensed to drive. You will also be asked what accommodation you are staying at, whose village will essentially show as your address on your Niue Driver’s License. You only need to know the name of your accommodation – the Police Department will know where it is.

You will need to provide a signature, then you will have your photo taken for your Niue Driver’s License. The officer will print out your new Niue Driver’s License so you have it right away.

Finally, you will be asked how you want to pay for the Niue Driver’s License. This will also be recorded, and you will then pay the NZ$22.50 by credit card, New Zealand debit card or cash. Then, your receipt will be given to you and you’re done!

How to Get a Niue Driver's License©

The Conditions of the Niue Driver’s License

The conditions for the Niue Driver’s License are as follows:

  • It is valid for up to one year from the date issued
  • The driving license is for the named driver only and cannot be transferred to anyone else
  • You can only drive the type of vehicles stated on the vehicle class on the card (e.g. Class A is for a motorcycle, Class B is for a car/van, etc.)
  • You must have your Niue Driver’s License on you when driving in Niue.

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