What Medication to Pack in Your First Aid Kit for Niue
What Medication to Pack in Your First Aid Kit for Niue

What Medication to Pack in Your First Aid Kit for Niue

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First Aid Kit and Medication for Niue

With very few health issues to be worried about when travelling to Niue, one could assume that packing a first aid kit would be paracetamol for that cocktail headache and you’re done! Alas, we are as thorough as it gets at Niue Pocket Guide, so we will go over the most comprehensive first aid kit for Niue in the guide below! The list of medication to pack for your first aid kit for Niue takes into consideration every “danger” that Niue presents, from mosquito bites to sunburn to heatstroke.

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Health Tips for Travelling in Niue

  • Drink plenty of water! The minimum recommended is 2l (68oz) per day
  • Speaking about water, make sure to only drink the water that is safe
  • Make sure to pack your own baby formula if travelling with an infant as changing formula may lead to bowel complications
  • Always be proactive – if you are feeling sick go check in with a local doctor. They know the local illnesses and it will help you get back on your feet in no time and enjoy the rest of your holiday
  • Make sure to be well informed – find more health tips for Niue in How to Keep Safe in Niue.
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Travel First Aid Kit Checklist

Although you can get first aid kits in pretty much any pharmacy, they are pretty generic and often only include enough to deal with a couple of cuts. We like to create our own first aid kit that has been adapted to our destination, in this case, Niue, and to our personal needs.

Our example Niue first aid kit includes a few prescribed medications, so make sure to book an appointment with your GP and get these prescriptions sorted.

What to Pack in Your First Aid Kit for Niue

  • Travel passport for a record of your vaccinations
  • Band-aids/plasters for cuts
  • Disinfectant wipes for cuts
  • Gauzes for cuts
  • Gloves for cuts
  • Antisceptic cream/spray for infected cuts (spray is better for hot climates)
  • Tweezers to remove shards, leeches and bugs
  • Thermometer to monitor temperature
  • Elastic wraps for twisted ankles
  • Paracetamol/ibuprofen for headaches and fevers
  • Antihistamine pills or cream for mosquito bites
  • Oral rehydration sachets (medical electrolytes) for dehydration from the sun or gastro bugs
  • Baby electrolytes for dehydration in infants
  • Antacids for neutralising stomach acid
  • Antidiarrhoeal pills such as loperamide for diarrhoea
  • Nasal drops for congestion
  • Hydrocortisone cream for allergic rashes
  • Aloe vera soothing cream for sunburn
  • A copy of the emergency numbers in Niue – Niue Police & Emergency Number: 999
  • Antibiotics if recommended by your GP.
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Other Medications to Pack

Ok, it’s not really part of a “first aid kit” per se, but we pack it into the same pouch when packing so we thought we’d cover it in here as well.

Insect Repellent

There are many ways to repel insects when visiting Niue so you can pick a method that works best for you. We prefer natural insect repellents as we have found them effective and love the peace of mind that it gives us knowing that they contain no nasty chemicals harming us in the process.


The sun is probably the reason you are heading to Niue in the first place. However, the UV levels are incredibly high in Niue all year round so keep up with your sunscreen every three hours or after a swim. We have recommendations for reef-safe sunscreens and even kids’ sunscreens so you can pick the best sunscreen for you and your loved ones.

Seasickness Pills

There is little to no chance that you will spend a holiday in Niue without getting on the water. From whale watching to big game fishing, there’s plenty of reasons to hop on a boat. If you are prone to seasickness, you may want to pack a few seasickness pills so you enjoy the whole trip!

Iodine Tablets

Used to purify water, iodine tablets are always a great item to travel with. In case of doubt, you can have instant reassurance that the water you are drinking is not going to send you to the bathroom in a hurry. Check out other ways to purify water in 6 Ways to Make Sure the Water is Safe to Drink in Niue.

Prescription Medication

Finally, it is worth mentioning that if you are on any prescription medication, from birth control pills to insulin and anything in between, you should pack enough for the whole trip and if possible, pack a copy of your prescription too.


Robin C.

This article was reviewed and published by Robin, the co-founder of Niue Pocket Guide. He has lived, worked and travelled across 16 different countries before settling in the South Pacific, so he knows a thing or two about planning the perfect trip in this corner of the world. He is also consulting regularly with Niue Tourism to ensure content accuracy. Robin is also the co-founder of several other South Pacific travel guides and is a regular host of webinars with the South Pacific Tourism Organisation.

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