10 Amazing Niue Souvenirs
10 Amazing Niue Souvenirs

10 Amazing Niue Souvenirs

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Souvenirs and Gifts from Niue

Looking for something to remember your trip to Niue by or perhaps a special gift for loved ones who couldn’t join you? Niue souvenirs will get nothing less than a “wow” with each piece made uniquely and individually with all sorts of interesting materials, whether it’s dark ebony wood or abandoned snail shells found in Niue’s rainforest. We go through some of the best Niuean souvenirs in the list below.

For more souvenir talk, see The Guide to Shopping in Niue, as well as the 10 Tips for Buying Souvenirs in Niue.

1. Niuean Honey

Where much of the world’s bee population faces threats, this remote island provides a sanctuary free from disease. With that, Niue’s honey is something special made by the world’s cleanest bees. It’s so clean, in fact, that it’s just about the only honey you can import to New Zealand, just make sure that you purchase a zoosanitary certificate from the quarantine office at the Hanan Airport on plane days. Pick up a pot from Double M in Alofi.

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2. Kahoa Hihi (Snail Shell Necklace)

A common handicraft necklace you will see in Niue is a kahoa hihi. These necklaces are made from tiny yellow snail shells that are usually found in Niue’s coastal rainforest – unoccupied, might we add. Once its host has stopped adorning the shell, the shells make for colourful and attractive beads for jewellery. Kahoe hihi necklaces can be found at the Niue Market, handicraft shops, gift shops and the ebony studio in Hakupu. See a list of gift shops in Niue in Where to Buy the Best Souvenirs in Niue.

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3. Organic Vanilla

Niue is a producer of pure organic vanilla, with several vanilla plantations found across the island. In turn, you can pick up organic vanilla beans and vanilla essence from stores like the Niue Vanilla Outlet in Alofi. Check if you need a permit for biosecurity in New Zealand at the quarantine office at Hanan Airport. Learn more about popular Nieuan food in the 8 Unique Foods in Niue You Have to Try.

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4. Coconut Products

Often sold where vanilla products are sold, coconut is also a popular commodity in Niue. Find coconut oil for cooking, as well as coconut health products for a natural alternative to body products. Look out for Niu and A5 coconut products, for example.

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5. Ebony Jewellery

Ebony is a rare wood that grows naturally in Niue, where the dark aesthetic makes for a beautiful and unusual carving material, especially for the South Pacific. There is an ebony carving studio signposted off the main road in Hakupu with lots of amazing carvings and jewellery for sale. You can also join an Ebony Rainforest Tour here to dive a little deeper into the art and ancestry. Learn more about the tour in The Guided Tours in Niue.

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6. Paleu (Sarong)

As part of handicraft groups, Niuean women make handprinted paleu (sarongs). This is usually a good souvenir to pick up at the start of your visit to Niue, so you can cover up swimwear when in villages or in town for cultural respect. Paleu are commonly sold at the Niue Market and Hanan Airport market, as well as at many gift stores.

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7. Carved Earrings

Earrings are a popular souvenir in Niue, handcrafted by local women. There is a wealth of designs available from subtle Polynesian patterns to tourist-tastic hoops saying “Niue”! You can find earrings for sale at just about any gift shop, as well as at the markets.

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8. Woven Goods

Weaving is an important cultural practice, traditionally to make practical goods like bowls and placemats. Woven items today are more commonly bought by visitors for some decorative touches to the home, where many of the traditional “placemats” have hook loops woven into them so they can be hung up easily. Woven fans and bags are also found at Niue’s markets and at the small gift shop at the back of Makini Hall in Alofi where local women have their weaving group every Wednesday.

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9. Niue T-Shirt

If you’re looking for a “been there got the t-shirt” gift, then there’s plenty of that in Niue too. Check out Taoke Prints and Hinapoto Handicrafts in the Commerical Centre of Alofi for t-shirts, singlets and hats for all ages and genders adorning all kinds of wittery about Niue.

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10. Flower Garland

Nothing screams that you’ve just come back from a Pacific getaway quite like a flower garland. Niuean head garlands come in all kinds of colours and different levels of flamboyant, available at markets and gift shops. What’s more, the flowers are usually fake so you can take them home with you.

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More About Niue Souvenirs

That’s it for our list of amazing Niue souvenirs to bring home with you. For more about souvenirs, gifts and the Niuean culture, check out these guides:

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