Duty-Free Shopping in Niue
Duty-Free Shopping in Niue

Duty-Free Shopping in Niue

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Where to Get a Duty-Free Discount in Niue

Of course, we all look for ways to shave the cents off a holiday, even when it comes to buying a tipple to enjoy at your accommodation. The duty-free stores in Niue are a good way to save money on alcoholic drinks, as there are not many other types of duty-free goods available. What’s more, duty-free can be enjoyed both inside and outside Niue’s international airport. We go into more detail in this guide to duty-free shopping in Niue.

For more about shopping, see The Guide to Shopping in Niue.

Who Can Buy Duty-Free Goods in Niue?

You can only make duty-free purchases if you are travelling internationally. That’s why one duty-free store is located at Hanan International Airport in Niue. However, there is one duty-free store located outside of the airport, but you must present a recent boarding pass to make duty-free purchases.

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The Duty-Free Stores in Niue

Niue has only one duty-free store, the Niue Bond Store. The Niue Bond Store primarily sells liquor, such as wine, beer and spirits. However, they have the occasional souvenirs, fragrances, spa products and snacks.

Duty-Free at Hanan Airport

The Niue Bond Store has a duty-free store located at Hanan Airport, which is accessible from the Baggage Claim area when you arrive in Niue before you pass Customs and Biosecurity (see Airport Arrival in Niue & Hanan Airport: Step-by-Step). It is also accessible from the Departure Lounge after passing through airport security for a departure flight (see Leaving Niue: The Niue Airport Departure Process).

Duty-Free at the Swanson Complex

The Swanson Complex, which is just down the road from Hanan Airport and a five-minute drive from Alofi, is where you’ll find another brand of the Niue Bond Store. You can still purchase duty-free alcohol from this branch of the Bond Store if you have a recent valid boarding pass. The conditions are as follows:

  • Arrived on the Monday flight: duty-free valid until Friday 6pm unless your duty-free allowance has been used up before then (Note Monday flights may not be running – see Which Airlines Fly to Niue? for the latest schedule)
  • Arrived on the Friday flight: duty-free valid until Wednesday 6pm unless your duty-free allowance has been used up before then.

See the duty-free allowance for Niue here or in the section below.

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Niue Duty-Free Allowance

The duty-free allowance for Niue is one of the following:

  • 50 cigarettes or 50g of tobacco
  • 3 bottles of spirits – 3.5 litres (118oz) or smaller
  • 3 bottles of wine – 3 litres (101oz) or smaller
  • Beer cans – 8 litres (270oz) total allowance

You are also allowed to purchase/bring into Niue a mix, for instance, half of the beer allowance combined with two bottles of wine or spirits. Alternatively, three bottles of wine and spirits as long as combined they don’t exceed 3.5 litres (118oz).

For more information, see The Duty-Free Allowances for Niue.

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Duty-Free Allowances Overseas

When purchasing duty-free goods in Niue to take overseas, bear in mind the duty-free allowance for your overseas destination that may be different from Niue’s duty-free allowance. As there is only one international flight destination from Niue, which is New Zealand, here is the duty-free allowance for New Zealand:

New Zealand Duty-Free Allowance

For each passenger 17 years old or older you can bring back to New Zealand:

  • 3 bottles of up to 1.125 millilitres each or 2.5 litres of wine or 2.5 litres of beer
  • 200 cigarettes or 250 grams of tobacco or 50 cigars or a combination not exceeding 250 grams

Australia Duty-Free Allowances

And considering there are a lot of Australians visiting Niue too, here is what you can bring back to Australia from Niue. For each passenger 18 years old or older you can bring back to Australia:

  • 2.25 litres of alcohol
  • 50 cigarettes or 50 grams of tobacco or cigars.


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