Information, Shops & Services in Niue(c)
Information, Shops & Services in Niue

Information, Shops & Services in Niue


What Services are Available in Niue?

Niue is a small and remote island in the South Pacific. There is a population of only around 1,500 in the whole country, so needless to say, the shops and services are limited. Nevertheless, if you need to run some errands, are looking for where to go to get information during your visit, need medical attention, or something else, then this guide to the information, shops and services in Niue should point you in the right direction.

For more information on visiting Niue, including what to do and where to stay, be sure to check out The Complete Guide to Niue.

Useful Services for Tourists

  • Visitor Information Centre – the main road between the Commercial Centre and the Niue Market, Alofi
  • Car rentals – See The Best Car Rentals in Niue for listings
  • Restaurants & cafes – See The Food Guide to Niue for listings
  • Niue Yacht Club – Facilities signposted at Alofi Wharf, otherwise, the base is at the Visitor Information Centre
  • Police Station – Tapeu-Porritt Road west of the airport, Alofi
  • Telecom Niue – Commercial Centre, Alofi, see What are the Niue Phone Networks?
  • Peleni’s Travel Agency – Main road, Opaahi, Alofi
  • Public toilets – Alofi Commercial Centre car park, Swanson Supermarket complex car park, Tamakautoga Sea Track, Palaha Sea Track, Avatele Beach, Kalaone, Limu Pools, Matapa Chasm and Togo Chasm
  • Disability services – See Accessibility in Niue
  • Hanan Airport – Tapeu-Porritt Road, Fualahi, Alofi.
Information, Shops & Services in Niue(c)

Shops in Niue

Niue’s shops are mostly found in the main town, Alofi, as well as the Swanson Complex located nearby Hanan Airport. Shops are typically open Monday to Friday with limited hours on a Saturday.

Grocery Stores in Alofi

You can purchase a wide range of groceries from the grocery stores in Alofi. About the size of a convenience store, Alofi’s grocery stores offer a good range of food items at similar prices to what you will find at the Swanson Supermarket, so they are always worth checking for comparison.

  • Swanson Supermarket, Tapeu-Porritt Road, Swanson Complex
  • Double M, Alofi Commercial Centre
  • Moko’s Central Mart (MCM), Alofi Commercial Centre
  • Central Services (Gas Station), Alofi South
  • Ilena’s Bakery & Store, Alofi South next to Pacific Way Bar
  • Niue Adventures, Alofi South opposite Tapeu-Porritt Road intersection.

Learn more about what to expect from each store, as well as opening hours in The Guide to Supermarkets & Food Shopping in Niue.

Village Shops in Niue

Some villages around Niue have a small shop selling a few essential food items. They have limited opening hours. Locals or accommodation hosts are usually happy to point you to the nearest store. Pay with cash.

  • Tiki’s Coconut & Handicrafts, Hakupu village green, Hakupu
  • JZ Imports, northern end of Lakepa

Again, see The Guide to Supermarkets & Food Shopping in Niue to learn more about these stores.

Bakeries in Niue

Bakeries supply many of the grocery stores in Niue with baked goods each morning, while others have a store that you can visit.

  • Rolling Pin Bakery, inside the Swanson Supermarket
  • Ilena’s Bakery & Store, Alofi South next to Pacific Way Bar
  • Rockbak Bakery, Tapeu-Porritt Road, Alofi (not open for sales – by appointment only).

Liquor Stores in Niue

Although beer and wine are sometimes for sale in supermarkets, there are a couple of dedicated liquor stores should you be looking for something specific.

  • Niue Bond Store (NB Liquor Store), Swanson Complex, Alofi South
  • Vai Mamali Liquor, Tapeu-Porritt Road between Police Station and BCN.

Duty-free shopping is available at the Niue Bond Store – see Duty-Free Shopping in Niue for more information.

Markets in Niue

The Niue Market is located on the main road of Alofi next to the Visitor Information Centre. Vendors are available several times a week, which you can find out more about in the 5 Best Markets in Niue.

Souvenir and Gift Shops in Niue

  • Niue Vanilla, Corner of the Alofi main road and Alofi-Liku Road, Alofi
  • Tahiono Art Gallery, Alofi Commerical Centre
  • Hinapoto Handicrafts, Alofi Commercial Centre
  • South Sea Traders Stationary, Alofi Commercial Centre
  • Taoke Prints, Alofi Commercial Centre
  • Ali’s Giftware, Alofi Commercial Centre
  • Kendra’s Kollection/KMark, Swanson Complex
  • Kauhi Krafts, Behind the Alofi Commercial Centre
  • Soul, Swanson Complex
  • Tiki’s Coconut & Handicrafts, Hakupu village green.

For more details about these stores, including opening times, see The Guide to Shopping in Niue + The Best Places to Shop.

Hardware Stores in Niue

Should you need building or hardware supplies, here are your options:

  • BJ Hardware, main road Alofi North
  • Ali’s Hardware, main road Alofi South.
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Medical Services in Niue

Niue does not have a pharmacy. Basic medical supplies are for sale at some of the grocery stores, such as Double M and Swanson Supermarket. For more serious health issues, medication and healthcare services are available at Niue Foou Hospital located in Kaimiti (signposted near the airport), which is a 5-minute drive from Alofi town centre. Charges apply for medical services.

Niue Hospital Clinic Hours

Clinic hours: Monday – Thursday, 8 am – 4 pm, Friday – Sunday and public holidays, 9 am – 10 am and 7 pm – 8 pm.
Hospital phone number: 4100
Emergency phone number: 999

For more tips about health and safety, check out Niue Safety Tips: Is it Safe to Travel to Niue?

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Fuel Station and Police Station in Niue

For visitors hiring a car in Niue, the fuel station and the Police Station are essential services.

Police Station

The Police Station in Alofi is where visitors purchase a Niue Driver’s License. The Police Station is located on Tapeu-Porritt Road just a short drive west of the airport.

The Police Station is open Monday to Thursday, 8 am to 4 pm. The Police phone number is 4333 and the Emergency number is 999.

Fuel Station

The Central Services Petrol Station is the one and only gas station on the island of Niue. It is open Monday to Saturday, 7 am to 7 pm, and Sunday, 4 pm to 7 pm. The fuel station also sells basic essentials, drinks, pies, bread and sometimes fruit and vegetables. See our full guide to The Gas Station in Niue to learn more.

For more tips about driving on the island, take a look at How to Drive in Niue + 10 Road Rules You Need to Know.

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Communication Services in Niue

When it comes to staying connected, Niue’s phone network provides a reliable and convenient option for those whose phones are compatible. Some accommodations provide limited free WiFi, while others can hook you up for a fee. There is also a post office in Niue.

Phone Network in Niue

There is only one phone network provider in Niue, Telecom Niue. Their main office is located in the Alofi Commercial Centre and is open 24/7. Find out more about getting a local SIM in How to Get a Tourist SIM Card in Niue.

Post Office in Niue

Niue has one post office, Niue Post, located in the Kiwibank building in the Commercial Centre of Alofi. Niue Post is open from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4 pm. You can purchase stamps and send parcels. There is a post box just outside of the building. There is also a post box also in the Tourist Information Centre.

Note that Niue Post is not where you buy collectable stamps; these can be purchased from the Niue Philatelic & Numismatic shop at the Swanson Complex.

Internet and WiFi

Internet and WiFi are certainly limited in Niue, mostly offered by accommodations through the Telecom Niue service and through paid hotspots. For this reason, we recommend getting a local SIM card and using a data plan as the best way to access the internet. Otherwise, Kaniu offers paid WiFi hotspots around the island with vouchers available to purchase from the Niue Vanilla Store in Alofi. Find out more about accessing the internet in Where to Get WiFi in Niue.

Information, Shops & Services in Niue(c)

Banks and ATMs in Niue

Should you want to exchange currency or withdraw some cash, there are very few options in Niue. The are no ATMs, but cash withdrawal services are available at certain outlets on the island.


Niue has one bank, Kiwibank, located in the Commercial Centre of Alofi. Kiwibank is open from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4 pm. Cash withdrawal services are available but not currency exchange.

Cash Withdrawal

Other outlets offering cash withdrawals include Niue Rentals (Alofi North), Swanson Supermarket (near the airport) and the Bond Store (Swanson Supermarket complex).

Currency Exchange

Niue Rentals also offers currency exchange for Australian and US Dollars only.

For more information on managing money in Niue, see What is the Currency of Niue? and 11 Money Tips for Niue.

More About Information, Shops and Services in Niue

That’s it for our guide on where to find information, shops and services in Niue. For more advice on where to buy essential goods, take a look at our additional guides:

Finally, if there’s anything we’ve missed, you’re likely to find it in The Complete Travel Guide to Niue.


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