Where to Get WiFi in Niue
Where to Get WiFi in Niue

Where to Get WiFi in Niue

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How to Stay Connected in Niue

Despite claims in the media that Niue is a “WiFi Nation” and the “first country to offer free WiFi nationwide”, just take this with a pinch of salt. Niue is certainly not “up with the times” when it comes to WiFi, where you will need to jump through a few hoops if hoping to have access to good WiFi. Nevertheless, if you just need WiFi for checking your messages and some very light browsing, then you’ll certainly get by in Niue thanks to the WiFi hotspots available in accommodations, as well as the odd cafe and bar. See your internet options in this guide on where to find WiFi in Niue.

Tips for Using the WiFi in Niue

  • WiFi can be slow in Niue, so practice your patience
  • The best place to access free WiFi is at Niue’s accommodations
  • For more reliable internet, it’s best to rent a portable or ADSL modem from Telecom Niue and pay for the prepaid plans
  • Not all phones work with the local phone network, so renting a portable modem from Telecom Niue might be necessary
  • Kaniu’s “free” WiFi hotspots require you to purchase a voucher.

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WiFi at Your Accommodation

An obvious go-to for WiFi in Niue for visitors is through your accommodation. Many guesthouses, villas, holiday homes and the island’s resort offer either free or paid WiFi to guests. However, be aware that the WiFi offered in accommodations tends to be slow in some areas of the island. The satellite signal for some of Niue’s WiFi can be impacted by bad weather.

Accommodations in Niue Offering WiFi

Learn more about these accommodations by browsing our Accommodation category.

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WiFi Through Telecom Niue

Telecom Niue is the sole fixed internet provider and mobile operator in Niue. If you are in need of fast internet access at your convenience, then it’s worth considering one of the internet options with Telecom Niue.

Telecom Niue SIM Cards

If you have a phone that operates on Band 28 700Mhz, then you will be able to access Telecom Niue’s 4G network through your phone with a Telecom Niue SIM card. A number of tourist data plans are available, which you can compare in How to Get a Tourist SIM Card in Niue.

Portable MIFI Routers

Due to the fact that many phones are not compatible with Telecom Niue’s 4G network, Telecom Niue rents out Huawei Mini MIFI Router, commonly known as “MIFIs”, to visitors. This is a portable router connected to the 4G Telecom Niue network where the same tourist data plans can be purchased as what’s available for phones. The router works as your own personal WiFi hotspot where you can connect up to 10 devices. MIFIs cost around NZ$100, NZ$50 of which is a refundable deposit.

ADSL Modem

For visitors staying in accommodation or a room with an ADSL outlet (i.e. ethernet outlet for fixed internet), Telecom Niue also rents out ADSL modem routers. They have a number of prepaid ADSL plans available, ranging from 3Gb costing around NZ$32 up to 25Gb costing around NZ$160. ADSL plans are valid for up to 60 days.

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WiFi Through Kaniu / RockET Systems

Another option for access to WiFi around some parts of Niue is with Kaniu, also known as RockET Systems. However, the disclaimer for their service is “Not fibre speed. Works best for NLOS (Near Line Of Sight) to Kaniu AP (Access Point). Distance to AP and environment factors may affect Signal Strength.

Accessing Kaniu’s WiFi Hotspots

Accessing Kaniu’s WiFi hotspots around the island requires visitors to purchase a Kaniu Bundle for 5Gb for up to 15 days costing around NZ$25. Vouchers can be purchased from the Kaniu banner outside of the Hanan Airport on plane days, as well as from the Niue Vanilla shop.

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Cafes, Bars and Restaurants with WiFi

Finally, WiFi can be accessed at a few limited WiFi hotspots offered by Niue’s cafes, bars and restaurants.

Restaurants, Bars and Cafes Offering WiFi

  • All Relativf (free WiFi)
  • Crazy Uga Cafe & Bar (NZ$5 an hour)

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More About WiFi in Niue

That’s it for how to get WiFi in Niue. Now check out The Complete Travel Guide to Niue and the 31 Tips for Travelling in Niue for even more essential Niue advice.


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