Where to Buy the Best Souvenirs in Niue
Where to Buy the Best Souvenirs in Niue

Where to Buy the Best Souvenirs in Niue

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Where to Buy Souvenirs and Gifts in Niue

Niue might be one of the world’s smallest countries, but it has an impressive array of giftware handcrafted, grown or produced in another way by locals. From pure Niuean honey to gorgeous ebony-carved jewellery, there are some special pieces to be found on The Rock. We’ll show you where to find them in this guide to where to buy the best souvenirs in Niue.

For more shopping tips, see The Guide to Shopping in Niue.

Fun Souvenirs from Niue

  • Niuean honey
  • Niuean organic vanilla beans
  • Coconut oil
  • Kahoe hihi (snail shell necklace)
  • Niuean paleu (sarong)
  • Carved earrings
  • Ebony-carved jewellery
  • Woven bowl, mat, bag, hat, etc.
  • Flower garland
  • Niue T-shirt

Learn more about each piece in the 10 Niue Souvenirs for Your Friends & Family.

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Gift Shops in Niue

Niue has an excellent selection of gift shops, not only in Alofi but tucked away as hidden gems to find around the island. Here’s a quick overview of the gift shops in Niue and more information on our top picks.

Niue Vanilla Shop

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9am-5pm
An easy-to-find beige building on the main road of Alofi, the Niue Vanilla Shop is where you can browse a range of organic vanilla products, as well as other products from around the South Pacific, from food goods to cosmetics to clothing.

Tahiono Art Gallery

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9am-4pm
Located in the Commerical Centre of Alofi, Tahiono Art Gallery showcases colourful canvas art from local and expat artists. Works are for sale which comes in a range of sizes from large canvas art to postcards.

Hinapoto Handicrafts

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9am-4pm
Another one in the Commerical Centre, Hinapoto Handicrafts sells a wide range of gifts, from printed and embroidered clothing to Niuean jewellery and woven pieces.

Taoke Prints

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9am-4pm
Taoke Prints is another to check out in the Commerical Centre, which primarily sells printed T-shirts for all ages and genders with all kinds of witty stuff about Niue.

Kauhi Krafts

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 10am-4pm
A quaint gifts and souvenirs shop in Avatele, Kauhi Krafts sells artwork, clothing, handicraft woven items, jewellery, home decor and more.

Kaofaga Vanilla

Opening hours: 24/7
Check out this vanilla and coconut products stall in Alofi South. The stall works on an honesty box system, so bring cash. The stall is signposted on the side of the road opposite the Amanau Sea Track.

Ebony Carving Studio

Opening hours: Casual hours
See amazing carvings and jewellery carved from local ebony wood. The small gift shop displays a number of impressive pieces. The studio also offers Ebony Rainforest Tours. Find the studio in Hakupu, signposted from the main road.

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Markets in Niue

Niue has two markets, the Niue Market, which is the main market of the island located in Alofi, and the Hanan Airport market. Both events give visitors more opportunity to shop for fabulous gifts and souvenirs.

The Niue Market

Niue’s main local market is the Niue Market or “Markete” where the market building in Alofi fills up with fresh produce, baked goods, Niuean snacks, handicrafts and gifts available to buy from talented locals. The Niue Market takes place on Mondays and Fridays 5am-8am and on Wednesdays from 6am until the afternoon.

Hanan Airport Market

Only on plane days, market stalls are set up outside of the Hanan Airport waiting area. There are fewer stalls than at the Niue Market, but there are still gifts, such as jewellery and paleus to buy, as well as hot food and snacks. Learn more about the airport on plane days at The Complete Guide to Alofi Airport Niue.

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Village Show Days

Finally, another opportunity to buy authentic Niuean handicrafts is at one of the village show days. Each village has its own show day once a year where they showcase the best handicrafts and food the villagers have produced! It’s an uplifting community event that visitors are more than welcome to join and get a real insight into the culture of Niue.

See What are the Village Show Days in Niue? for more information, as well as when village show days typically happen in Events in 2020 in Niue.


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