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10 Best Adventure Things to Do in Niue

10 Best Adventure Activities in Niue

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Small Island: Epic Adventures

Forget five-star resorts, sitting by the pool and weeks of doing, well, nothing. Niue is unlike the other South Pacific Islands. It’s raw, rugged and an island of adventure, both on land and below the ocean’s surface. From scuba diving into underwater caves to scrambling through the rainforest hunting for giant coconut crabs, Niue’s adventures range from the extreme to the cultural to the unique. We go through some of the top adventure activities in Niue in the list below.

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1. Swim with Majestic Whales

Yes, Niue is one of the very few places in the world where it’s legal to swim with giant humpback whales. They are present in Niue’s waters between July and September every year, where licensed operators can take you to swim with them for a unique and life-changing experience. Words can’t describe what it’s like to be just metres away from one of the world’s largest creatures, vividly visible through crystal clear waters. Check out The Guide to Whale Watching & Swimming in Niue to learn all about this epic experience.

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2. Hunt for Giant Tree-Climbing Crabs

Niueans revere the island’s native land crab, the uga. This blue crab which can climb trees and rip open coconuts with its powerful pincers is the world’s largest arthropod, which you can hunt with the locals. Join Taue Uga Tours for either a day tour setting up coconut baits beside caves deep in the forest or a night tour seeing the uga in action. Learn more in the 8 Ways See Uga (Coconut Crabs) in Niue.

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3. Dive Underneath the Island

Niue’s coast of chasms, caves and arches literally scratch the surface of Niue’s amazing formations. Underwater, there’s a whole new world to discover between the vast descents down chimneys and even swimming through tunnels to emerge at chambers underneath the island. Niue provides a whole new level of epic scuba diving, which you can learn more about in The Guide to Scuba Diving in Niue.

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4. Get Pulled in the Water Alongside Spinner Dolphins

Another adventurous water activity is swimming with Niue’s acrobatic spinner dolphins. Dolphin pods live in Niue’s waters all year round, where dive operators on the island have come up with unique ways to swim with them. Boats are kitted out with rope handles on either side, so you can be pulled along in the water at the speed of the spinner dolphins! It’s something you have to try, as explained in The Guide to Dolphin Watching & Swimming in Niue.

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5. Reel in Giant Mahimahi, Marlin and Tuna

Niue is the top fishing destination of the South Pacific that fishermen don’t want you to know about. Catching highly-sought game fish like mahimahi, wahoo, yellowfin tuna, marlin and more is possible only a few hundred metres from shore. The fight with these whoppers creates epic stories for years to come. Learn more in The Guide to Fishing in Niue.

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6. Cliff Jump at the Limu Pools

Niue has many amazing swimming spots where simply snorkelling among tropical fish in crystal clear waters is an epic experience. However, you can always add a bit of crazy, especially at the Limu Pools surrounded by cliffs for some extreme bombing. Mind, you’ll want to wait until the tide is half-to-full, as the water is way too shallow at low tide. Check out other amazing swimming spots in the 10 Most Beautiful Swimming Holes in Niue.

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7. Walk Down 146 Steps to the Bottom of a Deep Narrow Chasm

Niue’s sea tracks – the only way to access most of the island’s famous coastal attractions – can feature some pretty epic obstacles, such as a 28-rung wooden ladder to the Togo Chasm or scrambling through limestone caves to get to the Talava Arches. However, our favourite journey is the 146 steep steps descending into the deep dark Anapala Chasm. At the bottom is a freshwater pool, which only the bravest dare to swim in. Coming back up the steps, however, well… Check out some of the other amazing sea tracks in the 25 Best Sea Tracks in Niue.

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8. Walk Under a 45 ft-High Arch

We’ve already partly mentioned Niue’s awesome coastal formations, but one of the most impressive is the Talava Arches. This 14 m (45 ft) high and 15 m (49 ft) wide arch and a slightly smaller arch can be walked underneath at low tide after taking an amazing 30-minute walk through the forest. It’s one of the must-dos in Niue! Find out more in the 10 Most Iconic Sights in Niue.

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9. Hike Through Lush Rainforest…

Sometimes, the best fun in Niue is when you’re on your own two feet. As well as the short and rugged sea tracks dotted around Niue’s coastline are longer escapades through the bush down the likes of the Vinivini Bush Track. Check out The Guide to Walks in Niue + 35 Hikes! for more information.

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10. … Or Mountain Bike Through the Bush

Niue has 190 km (118 mi) of bush trails to explore, best explored by mountain bike! Experience the less-visited places in Niue as you delve inland on one of Niue’s awesome bike tracks. There are five official bike trails in Niue, which can be experienced individually as a loop or joined together depending on how hard you want the adventure. Check out The Guide to Mountain Biking & Cycling in Niue for a complete guide.

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More Adventure Activities in Niue

That’s it for our list of the best adventure activities in Niue but it’s by no means the end of the island’s experiences! Check out the following lists for more things to do:

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