The Best Golf Courses in Niue
The Best Golf Courses in Niue

The Best Golf Courses in Niue


Niue’s Golf Courses

Niue is a small country with limited space but they do have their priorities right. There is one par-34 9-hole golf course to enjoy, as well as a fantastic clifftop mini golf course! Learn more about these courses in this guide to the best golf courses in Niue.

For more golf talk, take a look at 10 Things You Need to Know About Golf in Niue.

Quick Tips for Golfing in Niue

  • Bring your own clubs! The golf club doesn’t do rentals. However, you can hire from Niue Rentals
  • If bringing golf clubs from home, remember to declare them as sports equipment on your Passenger Arrival Card
  • Have cash for the Niue Golf & Sports Club, which uses an honesty box except on Saturdays
  • Vaiolama Cafe Mini Golf accepts cash and card payments
  • The golf courses in Niue are not too pretentious, so don’t worry if you haven’t got your finest tailored golf pants with you.

For more advice about golf, see The Complete Guide to Golf in Niue.

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Niue Golf & Sports Club

Niue’s one and only golf course, the Niue Golf & Sports Club runs a well-maintained nine-hole golf course. The 2,017m (2,206-yard) par-34 golf course winds its way between coconut palms making for a few fun challenges along the way.


The Niue Golf & Sports Club has an honesty box system for their affordable green fees (around NZ$30). Learn more about paying in Niue in What is the Best Way to Pay in Niue? They have a clubhouse serving snacks and drinks on Saturdays. There is no golf club hire, so you will either need to bring your own or rent from Niue Rentals.


There are two weekly tournaments:

  • Tuesday Chicken Run – Play for a frozen chicken at 4pm. NZ$10 entry fee applies
  • Saturday Tournament – Tee off time 1pm.


The Niue Golf & Sports Club is located on Tapeu-Poritt Road opposite Hanan International Airport. It is approximately a 5-minute drive from Alofi.

The Best Golf Courses in Niue(c)

Vaiolama Cafe Mini Golf

Another opportunity for golf and fun for all ages is the Vaiolama Cafe Mini Golf. This is an 18-hole mini golf course atop 30m (100ft) cliffs in Alofi. The course takes you through coastal trees as you putt your way over obscure holes with all kinds of crazy obstacles.


The Vaiolama Cafe Mini Golf has a cafe on site, open from Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm, Thursday evenings until 8pm, and Sundays from 11am to 4pm. Learn more about the cafe in the 6 Best Cafes in Niue. The club and ball are included in the game, which costs approximately NZ$10-$15 each.


While there are no golfing events, there is a happy hour at bar on Thursday nights from 4pm to 6pm.


Find this mini golf course on the main road in Alofi South, opposite Alofi Rentals.


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