How to Get Internet in Niue
How to Get Internet in Niue

How to Get Internet in Niue


Is there Internet in Niue?

The first thing you might be wondering is if there is internet in Niue? There certainly is, but don’t expect to have the choice or access to fast free internet like what is available in more developed countries. In Niue, if you want good internet then you’re going to have to pay for it. However, guests at some of Niue’s accommodations can get by on the free WiFi provided if doing some light browsing. In this guide on how to get internet in Niue, we present your options to you.

Tips for Accessing the Internet in Niue

  • You will not have access to roaming in Niue
  • For access to light browsing, we recommend booking into some accommodation with free WiFi
  • For heavy internet usage, it’s worth purchasing a data plan with Telecom Niue, Niue’s only phone network and fixed internet operator
  • Consider renting a MIFI to connect multiple devices to the 4G network
  • A very limited number of cafes and bars offer WiFi in Niue
  • The free WiFi hotspot in Alofi only allows you access to certain websites (so don’t get too excited).
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Niue 4G Internet

Niue’s only 4G network operator is Telecom Niue. Telecom Niue’s network can be accessed by buying SIM card from their office in Alofi Commercial Centre or from the Telecom Niue kiosk at the airport on plane days. SIM cards are compatible with phones on the Band 28 700Mhz. Otherwise, you can rent a portable MIFI router accepting Telecom Niue SIM cards, which you can use as a personal WiFi hotspot.

Find out more about Telecom Niue’s data plans and SIM cards at How to Get a Tourist SIM Card in Niue and What are the Niue Phone Networks?

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Niue WiFi Hotspots

Visitors to Niue have a few options when it comes to connecting to a WiFi hotspot without having to purchase a Niue SIM card or hook up to an ADSL outlet.

Kaniu WiFi Hotspots

Kaniu is Niue’s homegrown WiFi network offering several hotspots around the island. They offer visitor bundles for 5Gb of data lasting up to 15 days and costing around NZ$25. Vouchers can be purchased from either the Kaniu banner at Hanan Airport on plane days or from the Niue Vanilla shop in Alofi.

Restaurants and Bars with WiFi

All Relativf, a cocktail bar in the Swanson Shopping Complex, offers free WiFi to all customers. The Crazy Uga Cafe & Bar also offers WiFi to customers for a fee. Learn more about these eateries and more in The Guide to the Best Eats & Restaurants in Niue.

Accommodation WiFi Hotspots

A significant number of accommodations in Niue offer WiFi for guests, whether it’s free WiFi or some sort of paid plan. Check out the list of accommodations offering WiFi (and how they offer it) in Where to Get WiFi in Niue.

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Niue ADSL Internet

For some serious internet browsing, perhaps if on a business trip or even to finish your day streaming movies, the ADSL internet (i.e. the fixed internet system) is offered by Telecom Niue. They offer ADSL modem routers to rent for visitors, as well as prepaid plans, including:

  • 3Gb for around NZ$32
  • 7Gb for around NZ$52
  • 11Gb for around NZ$78
  • 16Gb for around NZ$104
  • 25Gb for around NZ$160

Note that all plans are valid for 60 days and that prices can change.

For more talk on staying connected, see What is the Best Way to Get Internet in Niue?

More About the Internet in Niue and Other Travel Tips

That’s it for how to get internet in Niue. Now check out The Complete Travel Guide to Niue and the 31 Tips for Travelling in Niue for even more essential Niue advice.


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