The Niue Passenger Departure Card©
The Niue Passenger Departure Card

The Niue Passenger Departure Card


What is the Niue Passenger Departure Card?

Just like when you arrive in Niue, there are some formalities you must undertake when departing Niue. One of these formalities is completing the Niue Passenger Departure Card. This is a double-sided form that you will need to complete and show to Customs Officers before passing through airport security. In this quick guide (which only needs to be quick as it is a very short form to fill), we show you what the Niue Passenger Departure Card looks like, as well as a few tips on how to complete it with ease.

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What Does the Niue Departure Card Look Like?

The Niue Passenger Departure Card© / Niue Government

How to Complete the Niue Departure Form

The Niue Passenger Departure Card is one-sided and has to be completed before moving through Airport Security to the Departure Lounge.

It asks similar questions to the Passenger Arrival Card that you completed on arrival to Niue, asking your name, sex, date of birth, marital status, occupation, address in Niue (you can state your accommodation), country of birth, and which country you will live in for the next 12+ months.

There are also some multiple-choice questions regarding how you heard about Niue and your expenditure while in Niue.

Note that visitors to Niue do not need to complete section 12.

You will also need to state your passport number and your flight/ship number, so have this information available while you complete the form.

Finally, you will just need to sign and date the form. Hand in the form when you show your passport and boarding pass to the Customs Officer just before passing through Security.

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The Niue Passenger Departure Card©

4 Extra Tips for Completing the Niue Passenger Departure Card

  1. Passenger Departure Cards are handed out in the waiting area of Hanan Airport when there is a departure flight scheduled. Cards can also be picked up from the Check-in Desk
  2. Pack a pen that is easily accessible in your carry-on luggage for fast completion of the Departure Card, as pens are limited at the airport
  3. Departure cards must be completed for every individual passenger leaving Niue, including children and infants
  4. Hand the Niue Passenger Departure Card to the Customs Officer (when they check your passport) before moving through airport security.

For advice on the services and facilities available at Hanan Airport, see The Complete Guide to Alofi Airport Niue.

The Niue Passenger Departure Card©

More About the Niue Departure Card

That’s it for our guide on how to complete the Niue Departure Card. For more about departures from the island, take a look at the following guides:

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