10 Best Self-Catering Accommodation in Niue
10 Best Self-Catering Accommodation in Niue

10 Best Self-Catering Accommodation in Niue

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Places to Stay in Niue with a Kitchen

With a good selection of grocery stores, the Niue Market to get local produce, and fishing charters to catch dinner, there’s not much reason not to cook your own meals in Niue (except because the restaurants are amazing, but you certainly don’t need to eat out every night). Luckily, all but two accommodations on the island have self-catering facilities, but some are more complete than others. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best self-catering accommodation in Niue with the most complete kitchens. That way, you’ll find it easy, better yet, enjoyable to spruce up your own meals!

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1. Namukulu Cottages

One, two and three-bedroom cottages are nestled in tropical bush surrounding an outdoor swimming pool at the Namukulu Cottages – all of which are equipped with full kitchens which are a joy to cook in. Make use of the full-sized refrigerator, microwave, stovetop and multiple ceiling fans to keep things breezy while you’re cooking. What’s more, there’s a hooded barbecue on your private deck for more cooking options during your stay, as well as a pizza night on plane days.

Check Namukulu Cottages out:
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2. Turtle Lodge

Travellers on a budget don’t have to sacrifice decent cooking facilities! Turtle Lodge is a guest house-style accommodation with private guest rooms and a communal kitchen, lounge, bathrooms and laundry area. Although you’ll likely be sharing this accommodation with other guests, it never feels too crowded in the spacious kitchen. Facilities include a full oven and stovetop, microwave, kettle, sandwich toaster and even a dishwasher! See more accommodation like this in the 10 Best Budget Accommodation in Niue.

Check Turtle Lodge out:
10 Best Self-Catering Accommodation in Niue(c) Turtle Lodge

3. Matapa Guest House

Tucked away in the northwest corner of the island, the Matapa Guest House is a holiday home with full self-catering facilities. The modernly-fitted kitchen is complete with a full oven and stovetop, a large fridge, microwave, kettle, barbecue and more. You have tea and coffee supplies sorted, just make sure you visit the supermarket before you make your way up to the guest house which doesn’t have any convenience stores nearby. See more like this in the 10 Best Holiday Homes in Niue.

Check Matapa Guest House out:
10 Best Self-Catering Accommodation in Niue(c) Matapa Guest House

4. Kumar Enterprise / Guest House

One of the closest accommodations to Niue’s largest supermarket, Kumar Enterprise / Guest House allows you to make the most of the convenient location by providing a decent kitchen to work with! While the modern kitchen is quite small (don’t worry, there are only three guest rooms in the house), it is equipped to the max with a full oven, stovetop, microwave, toaster oven, refrigerator and a dishwasher. Learn more about this accommodation and others like it in the 10 Best Guest Houses in Niue.

Check Kumar Enterprise / Guest House out:
10 Best Self-Catering Accommodation in Niue(c) Kumar Enterprise Guest House

5. Yolos Accommodation Alofi

Just about the only tourist accommodation in Niue with a separate room for the kitchen, Yolos Accommodation in Alofi North is worth considering if you want to self-cater. You will have ample space in the kitchen of this two-bedroom cottage with a table to work on in the centre of the kitchen, an oven, stovetop, full-sized refrigerator, a kettle and other bits and bobs. You’re also a super short drive or cycle away from Alofi should you need to pick up supplies. See more accommodation like this in the 10 Best Family Accommodation in Niue.

Check Yolos Accommodation Alofi out:
10 Best Self-Catering Accommodation in Niue(c) Yolos Accommodation

6. Breeze

Couples or a couple of friends travelling together will love these colourfully-painted cottages on the oceanfront of Avatele, not only for the location but for how easy it is to self-cater. Each studio cottage has a kitchen with a gas stovetop, full-sized fridge, kettle, coffee pot and more. What’s more, there is a small outside communal area equipped with a barbecue and a pizza oven to enjoy. Learn more about this property and more like it in the 10 Best Wedding & Honeymoon Accommodation in Niue.

10 Best Self-Catering Accommodation in Niue(c) Pixabay

7. Lau’s Getaway

These two luxury villas elevated on the clifftops provide more kitchen goodies than you ever thought you needed, from the espresso machine to a gourmet breakfast hamper to start your trip. Lau’s Getaway is a suitable stay for couples wanting to make use of the full downstairs kitchen which includes a full oven and stovetop, a full-sized fridge, microwave, herbs and spices and even a welcome bottle of wine on your arrival. See the 10 Best Luxury Accommodation in Niue for more like this.

Check Lau’s Getaway out:
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8. Petite Hatava

This might be a “petite” accommodation for two, but Petite Hatava still provides you with a small but good kitchen to make the most of the nearby Swanson Supermarket. A full oven, stovetop, kettle and more are available to enjoy evening meals on your private verandah that captures stunning sunsets. Guests also receive a breakfast starter pack and a bottle of wine on arrival.

Check Petite Hatava out:
10 Best Self-Catering Accommodation in Niue(c) Pixabay

9. Anakule

A contemporary two-bedroom home in Alofi North, Anakule’s main feature is its central open-plan kitchen and dining area. You’ll never complain about not having space in the large kitchen with an oven and electric stove. While it’s possible to hire the entire home, there’s also the option to rent out just one of the guest rooms and make use of the kitchen that way.

Check Anakule out:
10 Best Self-Catering Accommodation in Niue(c) Anakule

10. Clifftop Fale

Last but certainly not least, the Clifftop Fale is an affordable holiday home with a tremendous clifftop location and facilities to please the self-caterer. While the accommodation is of a standard grade (and doesn’t pretend to be anything different), the kitchen is very practical with a large oven, gas stovetop, full-sized fridge, kettle, toaster, coffee plunger and plenty of utensils to work with. There’s even a barbecue outside to enjoy on your wraparound deck among beautifully landscaped gardens.

Check Clifftop Fale out:
10 Best Self-Catering Accommodation in Niue(c) Pixabay

More About Self-catering Accommodation in Niue

That’s it for the best self-catering accommodations in Niue. Now check out The 30 Best Accommodations in Niue so you can see how these stays compare.


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