How to Book Accommodation in Niue
How to Book Accommodation in Niue

How to Book Accommodation in Niue

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How to Book a Place to Stay in Niue

It is a mandatory entry requirement for Niue to have your accommodation booked for the duration of your stay. But how do you book accommodation in Niue? You’ll see that we list more than 40 accommodations in Niue on this website, but not all of them are available to book online, not all of them are sold by travel agents, and not all of them are found on booking platforms. So check out our Niue accommodations booking guide below to figure out how to book that accommodation you’ve seen mentioned with no website!

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A Quick Note About Payment for Accommodation

While online payments can be made for some accommodations, note that there are quite a few accommodations that don’t have flexible payment options: typically either cash, bank transfer, New Zealand debit, Visa and/or MasterCard on arrival – be sure to inquire and bring the right amount of cash with you if necessary.

For more information on making payments, see What is the Best Way to Pay in Niue?

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Booking Accommodation Online

If you’re reading this online article then chances are you prefer to do things online. While many accommodations have their own websites with booking pages to make the process easy, some are only listed on booking platforms like, Expedia and Airbnb. Note that only a fraction of the accommodations available in Niue can be booked online.

Booking Direct on Accommodation Websites

For accommodations in Niue that have their own websites, like Taloa Heights, Aleki Guesthouse, Petite Hatava, Lilinya’s Guest House, Peleni’s Guest House, the Scenic Matavai Resort, Breeze, Anaiki Motel, etc, bookings can be made via their online booking forms or by sending them an email via a contact form. We’ve noticed that some of the online booking forms for Niue’s accommodations are bugged, so if you come across this, send an email instead.

Booking Accommodation via Email

Sometimes, just a simple email is all it takes to book accommodation in Niue. If an email address is not displayed on an accommodation’s website, then you will be able to find the email address for some accommodations on the Niue Tourism website.

In your email, include as much information as possible when sending an email to book. For instance, remember to include the dates that you wish to stay (bearing in mind Niue is 24 hours ahead of New Zealand), state the type of accommodation, property name or type of room you wish to stay, and state any additional services you might need to request, such as airport transfers, a portacot, etc.

Booking on Accommodation Booking Platforms

Some of Niue’s accommodations are also listed on booking platforms, such as, Airbnb and Expedia, which has the advantage of being internationally recognised booking platforms that have safeguards in place for making online payments. They feature properties that are listed nowhere else, while also sometimes have more lenient cancellation policies than what you’ll find when booking direct.

Booking via Facebook

That’s right, some of Niue’s accommodations only have a presence on Facebook. In this case, you can send them a private message following the same advice that we give for sending an email to book your accommodation (see above). Some Facebook Pages are also a good source for alternative contact details, like phone numbers and websites.

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Booking Over the Phone

Although no one wants the cost of calling overseas, it’s one of your only options for booking some of the accommodations in Niue. If you find accommodations not responding to emails or if there is simply no other option for booking, then get on the phone. You may find that spending around 6c-per-minute might just be worth getting your first choice in accommodation.

The dialling code for Niue is (+683), so put this before any Niue phone number you see if it isn’t already stated.

Phone numbers for some of Niue’s accommodations can be found on the Niue Tourism website, on accommodation websites, as well as on accommodation Facebook pages.

If you need to book accommodation over the phone while in Niue, note that there isn’t any international roaming available. See How to Get a Tourist SIM Card in Niue for getting a local SIM card to make calls in Niue.

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Booking Through a Travel Agent

Finally, if you don’t want the hassle of booking anything yourself then you can at least get a travel agent to book it for you. Travel agents only have access to the accommodations that they work with, but these tend to be the most popular accommodations on the island anyway.

Travel Agents in Niue

Peleni’s Travel – Located in the Swanson Shopping Complex between Hanan Airport and Alofi.
Explore Niue – Located in Halamahaga, Alofi

Travel Agents in New Zealand

Flight Centre, Hello World Travel, House of Travel, Mondo Travel, Our Pacific, Travel&co., World Travellers, YOU Travel and Peleni’s Travel.

Travel Agents in Australia

Dive Adventures, Allways Dive Expeditions, Hideaway Holidays, Adventure World, Spacifica Travel and Omniche Holidays.

Travel Agents in the US

Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Travel Agents in Europe

Talpacific Holidays United Kingdom

More on How to Book Accommodation in Niue

That’s it for how to book accommodation in Niue. Now check out The 30 Best Accommodations in Niue so you can compare places to stay.


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