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5 Best Things to Do in Hakupu

7 Best Things to Do in Hakupu

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Activities, Attractions and Sea Tracks in Hakupu

Niue‘s second-largest village and the largest village on the east coast of the island is well worth a jaunt. Not only will you discover a couple of coastal attractions behind the village, but it also sits on one end of the wild and wonderful Huvalu Forest Conservation Area. For nature lovers and those who want to immerse themselves in the local culture, the things to do in Hakupu are sure to appeal!

1. Delve Down the Steps to Anapala Chasm

A must-do in Hakupu, Anapala Chasm is a deep and narrow chasm with a freshwater pool at the bottom for a refreshing dip. The natural attraction can be accessed on a well-maintained 15-minute one-way walking trail. The trail begins in lush tropical forest before descending down 146 steps (yes, really)! Find more sea tracks on this side of the island in the 8 Best Sea Tracks on the East Coast.

Location: Signposted toward the coast from Hakupu village. Cross the dirt road on the green to a narrow access road which continues to the coast for about 1 km (0.6 mi). Anapala Chasm is on the right-hand side with a small parking area. If you reach the coast, you’ve gone a tad too far.

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2. Enjoy the Coast on the Tuhia Sea Track

To complement your visit to Anapala Chasm, check out the coast from the Tuhia Sea Track (also known as the Hakupu Sea Track). The sea track is just a little further down the road from Anapala Chasm, offering a picturesque photo spot, a sheltered picnic area with a barbecue, and access to the reef. Like most reef exploration in Niue, it’s best to reef walk here at low tide. See more reefs to explore in the 10 Best Reef Walks in Niue.

Location: Further down the road from Anapala Chasm (see above), Hakupu.

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3. Take a Trip to the Huvalu Forest Conservation Area

Hakupu is the southern gateway to Niue’s protected forest, the Huvalu Forest Conservation Area. Just 4 km (2.5 mi) north of Hakupu is the iconic Togo Chasm Sea Track, while other attractions like the historical Laufoli Umu Pit and the Vinivini Bike Trail through the forest are just a short drive further. Learn more about what makes the Huvalu Forest special in How to Experience the Huvalu Forest Conservation Area.

Location: Follow the main coastal road north of Hakupu.

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4. Explore the Forest and Caves on the Ebony Rainforest Tour

Hakupu is the base of Ebony Rainforest Tours. Your knowledgeable guide, Jack, will take you deep into the Huvalu Forest to learn about traditional survival techniques for living in the Niuean bush, as well as visit caves and learn about the island’s breathtaking banyan, buttress and ebony trees. Find out more about the experience in The Best Guided Tours in Niue.

Location: Tours depart from Hakupu – look out for the blue “ebony carving” sign at the southern entrance to the village. Otherwise, transfers are available from Alofi and the Scenic Matavai Resort.

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5. Browse Amazing Crafts and Pick Up Refreshments at Tiki’s Coconut & Handicraft Shop

Hard to find on the village green but rewarding once you discover it, Tiki’s Coconut & Handicraft Shop displays a small but impressive collection of hand-woven pandanus hats, placemats, floor mats and more that have taken days if not weeks to create. The shop also sells refreshments like snacks, drinks, coconuts and ice cream. If no one is minding the shop, just shout “Shop, please!” to the house immediately behind.

Location: The building with the white criss-cross fence on Hakupu village green near the church (once you get closer, you’ll see a sign above the verandah door for “Coconut & Handicrafts”).

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6. Attend a Sunday Church Service

Finally, if you’re looking for a Sunday church service to experience part of Niue’s culture then Hakupu Church is a worthy option. The church welcomes visitors to their 10 am and 4 pm services where locals sing with enthusiasm and beautiful harmonies. Learn more about Niue’s Sunday customs in The Guide to Sundays in Niue.

Location: Northern end of Hakupu village green.

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7. Join in the Fun on the Hakupu Show Day or Marine Day

Village Show Days and Marine Days are grand events in Niue, where every village has its own Show Day to showcase its best harvest, crafts and entertainment, while Marine Days highlight the best catches from the ocean! Head down to the village green to mingle with the locals of Hakupu, try local food, watch cultural performances and take part in activities. The Hakupu Show Day typically takes place sometime between April and November, but head to What Are Village Show Days in Niue? for more advice on where to find upcoming dates.

Location: Hakupu village green.

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More About Hakupu

That’s it for our list of the best things to do in Hakupu. Learn more about Niue’s villages in the guides below:

Finally, if there’s anything we’ve missed, you’re likely to find it in A Guide to the Villages in Niue.


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