The 5 Biggest Towns & Villages in Niue(c)
The 5 Biggest Towns & Villages in Niue

5 Biggest Villages in Niue


What are the Main Villages in Niue?

For a country with a landmass of 261.5 km² (101 mi²) and a population of approximately 1,500, there’s no such thing as a “big town” in Niue. Even Niue’s capital is best described as a small town, while the rest of the island’s settlements are villages. We go through the five biggest villages in Niue, in order of population, in the list below.

1. Alofi

Population: 600
Location: Central west coast

Unsurprisingly the largest and only town in Niue, Alofi is the nation’s capital with a population of approximately 600 residents. In fact, it is two villages merged into one, Alofi North and Alofi South. The settlement is located on the west coast of the island, sprawled along the coast and also encompassing inland areas such as around Hanan Airport. The town has supermarkets, shops, a gas station, a Visitor Information Centre, restaurants and a market and is where the main wharf is located for the island’s supplies to be delivered by cargo ship once a month. Many of Niue’s tourist accommodations are also based in Alofi.

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2. Hakupu

Population: 220
Location: Southeast coast

Niue’s second-largest settlement is Hakupu, located on the southeast corner of the island. The village is known as the southern gateway to the Huvalu Forest Conservation Area where highlights such as the Toga Chasm and Vinivini Bike Trail are located. Some attractions within the village itself include the Anapala Chasm and its nearby sea track, as well as the village church, which is a recommended church for visitors to experience on a Sunday.

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3. Tamakautoga

Population: 160
Location: Southwest coast

Tamakautoga is Niue’s third-biggest village in terms of population. The village is famously home to the island’s only resort, the Scenic Matavai Resort, which has a restaurant open to casual diners. Next door you’ll also find a dive and whale watching operator. Places to visit include Tamakautoga Beach, located down the short Togulu Sea Track. Don’t miss Pofitu Beach, between Tamakautoga and Avatele.

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4. Avatele

Population: 140
Location: Southwest coast

Further down Niue’s southwest corner is the village of Avatele, pronounced “ava-sele” (see Niuean pronunciations in the What is the Niue Language?). The village offers a range of accommodations, while also being the base for activities like Taue Uga Tours. What’s more, Avatele Beach is a popular snorkelling spot.

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The 5 Biggest Towns & Villages in Niue(c)

5. Vaiea

Population: 120
Location: South coast

Just making it onto this list of the biggest villages in Niue, Vaiea is one of the fastest-growing villages in Niue, located on the south coast of Niue. The village is home to Niue’s Noni Farm of more than 18,000 noni trees. Also in the area is the old Vaiea village, Fatiau Tuai Vaiea, a historical site with an eerie history, as explained in the 10 Fascinating Historical Sites in Niue.

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More About the Biggest Villages in Niue

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