Where to Stay in Alofi
Where to Stay in Alofi

Where to Stay in Alofi

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Places to Stay in Alofi

Alofi is the capital of Niue and a great base for exploring the island. Most of Niue’s accommodations are found in the town, consisting of guest houses, self-contained bungalows and holiday homes. There’s something to suit a range of budgets and travel styles, so we’ll go over the most appropriate accommodations for budget travellers, luxury travellers, foodies, couples and families in this guide on where to stay in Alofi.

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Tips for Staying in Alofi

  • Alofi is a small town, so most accommodations are within walking distance of essential shops and services
  • Book as early as possible, especially for the high season, as rooms are limited
  • All of Alofi’s accommodation has self-catering facilities, while there is also a small selection of restaurants in town
  • There is no ATM in Alofi, but you can get cash out at Double M, Kiwibank and Niue Rentals
  • Note that wearing swimwear in town is not permitted.
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Cheap Accommodation in Alofi

For travellers on a budget, Alofi has an excellent range of guesthouses with private rooms and communal facilities, such as bathrooms, a lounge and a kitchen. Some guesthouses have ensuite rooms, while others are available to hire out as holiday homes.

Listings for Alofi Budget Accommodation

For more information on each listing, take a look at the 9 Best Budget Accommodation in Alofi.

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Premium Accommodation in Alofi

Alofi might not be a destination for five-star resorts, but there is a small selection of premium accommodation. Most premium accommodation in Alofi are well-appointed self-contained units, but some larger modern holiday homes are also available to hire.

Listings for Alofi Luxury Accommodation

Learn more about each accommodation listed in the 5 Best Luxury Accommodation in Alofi.

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Accommodation for Families in Alofi

There are a number of former family homes in Alofi that have been renovated into guesthouses and holiday homes, ideal for families. Alternatively, families will find some guesthouses with family rooms (usually a double bed and two singles) or self-contained units, typically with a double bed and one single bed.

Listings for Alofi Family Accommodation

For more information on each accommodation, head to the 10 Best Family Accommodation in Alofi.

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Self-Catering Accommodation in Alofi

Pretty much all of Alofi’s accommodation is self-catering accommodation. Guesthouses have communal kitchens for their guests, while holiday homes have complete fully equipped kitchens. That leaves the accommodations in Alofi that are self-contained units and villas. These are set out like an open-plan studio apartment with a small kitchen for making basic meals.

Listings for Alofi Self-Catering Accommodation

For more information on our top picks, see the 10 Best Accommodation in Alofi for Foodies.

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Accommodation for Couples in Alofi

For couples on a romantic getaway or celebrating a special occasion, Alofi offers a small selection of more premium accommodation. All of Alofi’s couples’ accommodations are self-contained and either have a double bed or a double bed and a single bed that can also be used as a sofa. There are some special locations to choose from, from clifftop studios with a view to limestone-constructed villas in tropical forest.

Listings for Alofi Couples’ Accommodation

For more details on each romantic retreat, see the 5 Best Honeymoon Accommodation in Alofi.

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Adult-Only Accommodation in Alofi

Adult-only accommodation is becoming more popular in the South Pacific, but in Alofi, the options are limited.

The only accommodation in Alofi with a child-free policy is Petite Hatava, located 2km (1.2 miles) south of Alofi town centre. The self-contained studio accommodation only allows guests aged 12 years and over. Alternatively, The Restoration Reef is aimed toward couples, being advertised as “not suitable for children”. Learn more about these accommodations in the 5 Best Luxury Accommodation in Alofi.

Alternative accommodation for an adult-only getaway in Alofi include private holiday homes. Check out our recommendations in the 7 Best Holiday Homes in Alofi.

More About Where to Stay in Alofi

That’s it for where to stay in Alofi. Get more trip-planning advice in The Complete Travel Guide to Alofi or accommodation inspiration from The 30 Best Accommodations in Niue.


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