5 Best SUP, Vaka & Kayak Tours in Niue(c) M. Crawford - Niue Tourism
5 Best SUP, Vaka & Kayak Tours in Niue

The Best SUP, Canoe (Vaka) & Kayak Tours in Niue

(c) M. Crawford – Niue Tourism

Explore Niue’s Waters by Vaka, Kayak or SUP!

[Update: SUP, vaka and clear-bottom hire and tours are no longer available in Niue. This guide will be updated if alternative options become available].

While you wait for more vaka (canoe), kayak and SUP tours to become available, check out more ways to get out on the water in the meantime in The Best Boat Tours in Niue.

[CLOSED] Kayak Niue’s Guided Tour

Paddle some 4km (2.5 miles) of Niue’s breathtaking coastline with Kayak Niue on their guided kayaking tour. Atop a comfortable sit-on-top single kayak, you’ll paddle with your guide visiting historical and photo-worthy sights, as well as a stop at amazing snorkelling spots along the way. The trip lasts for one to two hours, departing from either Avatele Bay or the Kalaone Sea Track. Note that the maximum group size is three and the minimum age of participants is 16 years old.

[CLOSED] Magical Niue Sea Adventures’ Clear-Bottom Kayak Hire

For the independent traveller, there’s a way to observe Niue’s underwater world without getting wet. Enjoy a self-guided tour of Niue’s coastline by hiring a clear-bottom kayak from Magical Niue Sea Adventures. The transparent bottom of the kayak allows you to watch fish and coral underwater as clear as if you were snorkelling. It’s a unique way to enjoy Niue’s marine life. Rentals are on an hourly basis.

[CLOSED] Taue Vaka Tours’ Vaka Tour

For something a little different, how about learning to paddle a traditional Niuean canoe? Use what the local fishermen still use to this day to gather fish for their family. Taue Vaka Tours offers exciting vaka paddling tours from Avatele Bay where you’ll learn to manoeuvre these outrigger canoes in a sheltered lagoon. What’s more, the tours are too affordable to say no! Note that vaka tours are tide and weather dependent. Check out more cultural activities in the 10 Best Ways to Experience the Niue Culture.

[CLOSED] Buccaneer Adventures’ SUP Lesson

Learn how to stand up and keep safe on a stand-up paddleboard while exploring Niue’s crystal clear waters and coastline with a SUP lesson from Buccaneer Adventures Niue Dive. The one-hour lesson teaches you all the basics of this increasingly popular watersport, then you can make use of the SUP rental on the island to explore Niue’s waters on your own.

[CLOSED] Buccaneer Adventures’ Inflatable Kayak Hire

Finally, another kayak rental available in Niue is the super-portable inflatable kayaks with Buccaneer Adventures. These single kayaks are easy to blow up while you’re out exploring Niue, especially as they can be blown up using a car cigarette lighter. Rentals are on a daily and weekly basis. For more ways to enjoy Niue’s waters, see the 9 Amazing Water Activities in Niue.

More About SUP, Vaka, Canoe and Kayak Tours in Niue

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