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10 Best Reef Shoes for Niue

10 Best Reef Shoes (& Gloves) for Niue

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The Best Reef Shoes and Water Shoes for Niue

Let’s not beat around the bush; reef shoes are an absolute essential for Niue. Seriously, we included it in our 10 Essentials to Pack for Niue. Unlike the average island holiday with soft sandy beaches, Niue’s terrain is rugged all over but in a beautiful way. When heading to a snorkelling spot or exploring the reefs, we recommend wearing reef shoes or water shoes to protect your feet from sharp rocks and coral. So, what are the best reef shoes for Niue?

In this list, we give you a variety of footwear, from cheap reef shoes that you can just slip on when you’re ready to swim to more robust all-purpose walking shoes.

Tip #1: While not as essential, consider bringing some dive gloves so you can hold onto the rocks while snorkelling or scrambling. Check out the recommendations at the end of this list.
Tip #2: If you don’t have time to buy reef shoes before your trip, Niue Blue (Tamakautoga) has reef shoes for sale.
Tip#3: Before we dive in, don’t forget to bookmark The Complete Packing List for Niue for more essentials to pack.

1. O’Neill Reactor 2 Reef Booties

For an easy unisex reef shoe to slip on once you’ve hit a swimming or reef walking spot in Niue, try out the O’Neill Reactor 2s. These reef shoes are compact enough to pop into your day pack and are effortless to swim in. The sole is soft, however, so they’re uncomfortable for walking the sea tracks. It’s, therefore, best to have your walking shoes too.

Check O’Neill Reactor 2 Reef Shoes out!

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2. Speedo Kid’s and Toddler’s Water Shoes

And something for the little ones, Speedo Kid’s and Toddler’s Water Shoes offer decent protection for reef walking and swimming. The sole is sturdier than your average reef shoe, but we’d still recommend walking shoes for tackling longer sea tracks. Nevertheless, these water shoes are easy to slip on once you arrive. Plus, they come in lots of kid-pleasing colours and designs. For more family packing essentials, check out the 20 Tips for Your Family Niue Vacation with Kids.

Check Speedo Kid’s and Toddler’s Water Shoes out!

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3. Akk Womens Hiking Water Shoes

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose shoe that you can use on the sea tracks and reefs in Niue, then consider a sturdy water shoe like Akk Womens Hiking Water Shoes. Designed as a trail running shoe, these are soft and flexible shoes for both wet and dry activities. While not as weightless to swim in as reef shoes, they’re still easy enough to manage in the water.

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4. Merrell Men’s Speed Strike Water Shoe

And our favourite men’s multi-purpose water shoe, Merrell Men’s Speed Strike Water Shoe is a convenient shoe both in and out of the water. A very similar design to what the Niue Pocket Guide team use, these water shoes work for sightseeing, walking the sea tracks, reef walking and swimming to a certain extent thanks to the breathable mesh that allows water to evacuate the shoe.

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5. KEEN Newport H2 Sandals (Men, Women and Kids)

Another approach to walking the sea tracks, reef walking and swimming is wearing water-resistant sandals. KEEN Newport H2 sandals, with versions for men, women and children, are a worthy choice. These sandals are easy to slip on, come in many funky colours, evacuate water quickly, and have a thick rubber sole with a toe cap. You’ll be thankful for the latter if you kick a rock, which can easily happen in Niue!

Check KEEN Newport H2 Sandals out:

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6. SEEKWAY Water Shoes

These unisex water shoes are a handy companion for Niue, as well as any other South Pacific vacation. While these SEEKWAY water shoes are super flexible for water activities, they also have thick rubber soles and a toe cap to keep your feet protected from Niue’s jagged terrain. The insoles have drainage holes while the Spandex upper fabric has tiny air holes for quick drying.

Check SEEKWAY Water Shoes out!

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7. Mishansha Water Shoes

Very similar to the product mentioned above, Mishansha Water Shoes are super flexible for your holiday to Niue. These shoes, that fit in the category between reef shoes and water shoes, are comfortable for walking the sea tracks, reef walking and swimming. What’s more, there are many different designs to choose from, if you want to look good while doing what you do!

Check Mishansha Water Shoes out!

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8. Crocs!

Where would you be without your Crocs? If you can’t resist the comfort of this popular brand, then grab yourself a pair of their Crocs with Adjustable Heel Strap with designs for everyone. Made from ethylene vinyl acetate, these all-terrain shoes are easy to clean by using soap and water and dry quickly. That sure beats packing salty shoes in your luggage!

Check Crocs with Adjustable Heel Strap out:

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9. BPS Water Gloves

If you’re prone to falling onto your hands or just want the peace of mind that you won’t break the skin if you grab onto something sharp while snorkelling, then consider getting some water gloves. Recommended to us by the more “mature” community visiting Niue, wearing diving gloves like these BPS Water Gloves is a nifty trick. What’s more, we like the tropical designs available!

Check BPS Water Gloves out:

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10. OMGear Neoprene Gloves

Not too different from the gloves mentioned above, these OMGear Neoprene Gloves come in 3 mm thickness, as well as 5 mm, which may be “handy” if you also plan on doing some watersports in colder climates. Again, choose from several funky designs or keep things simple with black.

Check OMGear Neoprene Gloves out:

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What Else to Pack (Aside from Your Reef Shoes for Niue)

That’s it for our list of the best reef shoes and gloves for Niue. For more essentials to pack, take a look at the following guides:

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