10 Best Kids Gadgets to Take to Niue
10 Best Kids Gadgets to Take to Niue

10 Best Kids Gadgets to Take to Niue

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Must-have Kids Gadgets for Niue

Any help we can get on making a family holiday that’s fun, safe and easy is welcome as parents travelling with young children. From snorkelling masks to optimise your kids’ underwater experience to game-changing portable travel strollers, we list a range of fun kids gadgets to take to Niue!

For more advice for travelling with kids, see the 10 Essential Tips for Travelling to Niue With Children, as well as packing advice in The Complete Packing List for Niue.

1. Full-face Snorkel Mask

Trust us, you will want to spend A LOT of time in the water in Niue. With hundreds of fish and beautiful coral to explore in some of the world’s clearest waters, snorkelling is an absolute must in Niue. However, nothing is more frustrating for a child than having snorkel masks that don’t fit with mouthpieces that end up giving them a sore mouth. Make their snorkelling experience the best it can be with a full-face snorkel mask! Brands like Subsea (formerly known as Tribond) are made with hypoallergenic silicone with a safe easy-breathing design that is much safer than some of the cheaper products on the market (we fully recommend doing research on these products before you buy to make sure they’re safe). They do masks in children’s sizes, as well as a range of fun colours. Note that full-face snorkel masks are ideal for leisurely snorkelling, like what most people do in Niue, but are not suitable for diving or strenuous swimming.

Check the Subsea Full-Face Snorkel Mask out!

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2. Kids Waterproof Camera

Of course, many items on this list are going to be related to making the most of Niue’s underwater world, with next up being a durable Ourlife Kids Camera. With kids cameras being affordable and with a waterproof case, you don’t have to worry about giving your prised expensive equipment to the little ones. They can take it to the beach, to the swimming holes, to caves, in the pool and all around the amazing sights of Niue. We recommend getting a camera with a viewing screen on the back, as kids love checking out their snaps instantly!

Check this Ourlife Kids Camera out!

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3. Portable Steriliser

Keeping baby bottle nipples and pacifiers clean while on the go can be a challenge. Enjoy peace of mind that your bottles, toothbrush heads, teething toys and more are sterilised with an easy-to-use portable steriliser, like the bbluv Portable UV Steriliser. It’s as small as a cup and uses ultralight sterilisation to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria in just three minutes!

Check the bbluv Portable UV Steriliser out!

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4. Child Locator Watch

While there’s not too much reason for you to lose sight of your kid in Niue, child locator watches at least provide parents with peace of mind even for long after the holiday is over. Featuring a fun child-friendly interface, the OJOY Kids Smart Watch comes brimming with features from calendar activities with school/after-school events, stopwatch, step count and simple phone to call/text and more. What we like the most is the GPS tracker, which you can use to locate your child on your phone.

Check the OJOY Kids Smart Watch out!

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5. Tile GPS Tracker

An alternative and more subtle GPS tracker, the Tile GPS Tracker is simple and affordable. Just attach it to your child’s bag or clothes and you’ll be able to locate them on your phone with a map. Plus, within a 60m (200ft) range, you’ll be able to ring the Tile to find it – handy if you attach it to your keys!

Check the Tile GPS Tracker out!

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6. Lifestraw Bottle

While the tap water at the resort is safe to drink in Niue, the same cannot be guaranteed for everywhere on the island. Don’t take any chances by making sure that you and your kids drink water that has been filtered through a Lifestraw Bottle. Lifestraw Bottles remove 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, and 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites without chemicals, iodine or batteries. Plus, if you enjoy travelling around the South Pacific, then this water bottle is an all-essential item that will save you on buying ocean-poisoning single-use plastic bottles. Check out the Lifestraw Bottles that come in a range of fun colours for the kids.

Check the Lifestraw Bottle out!

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7. Travel Stroller

A must-have for parents travelling with infants is a lightweight fold-up travel stroller. You won’t feel like you have too much to juggle nor worry about paying extra for luggage. We like these travel strollers from Mutsy, which fold up to an incredibly small size and only weigh 9.5kg / 20.9lbs!

Check the Musty Travel Strollers out!

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8. Travel Board Games

Holidays are all about spending quality family time together! When you have some downtime while back at your accommodation or while waiting for your flight, pull out a family-friendly travel size game, such as Uno and Connect 4 Grab & Go!

Check Uno and Connect 4 Grab & Go out!

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9. Natural Kid-friendly Sunscreen and Mosquito Repellents

Ok, so these aren’t exactly gadgets but it’s definitely worth mentioning the different types of sunscreen and insect repellent available for kids. Protect your loved ones from the sun with sunscreen that’s safe for young skin yet environmentally-friendly using natural mineral ingredients. Additionally, there is a large range of products that can protect your children from mosquito bites without using harmful chemicals like DEET. Check out some of our recommendations in the links below!

Check 5 Best Natural Sunscreens for Kids & Babies, as well as the 10 Best Natural Mosquito Repellents for Tonga.

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10. Reusable Swim Diaper

[Update: After testing and trialling these products, we’ve found that finding a suitable place to wash reusable diapers can be tricky abroad compared to using reusable diapers at home].

Countries like Niue are very conscious about keeping their land and waters clean and safe for all life. Swap single-use nappies for these trusty Wegreeco Reusable Diapers! Light to pack and come in a range of fun designs, these reusable nappies are designed to make pool time effortless without any leaks. They come in two different sizes but are fully adjustable making them ideal for babies up to three years old.

Check the Wegreeco Baby & Toddler Reusable Diaper out!

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