Can You Use Your New Zealand Bank Card in Niue?
Can You Use Your New Zealand Bank Card in Niue?

Can You Use Your New Zealand Bank Card in Niue?


Can You Use Your New Zealand Debit Card in Niue?

Since Niue uses the same currency as New Zealand, the New Zealand Dollar, does that mean you can use your New Zealand bank card in Niue? You certainly can! It makes for a holiday with less hassle if you’re a Kiwi. While many outlets in Niue accept New Zealand debit cards, note that this is certainly not the case for every outlet, so it’s highly recommended that you bring a good wad of New Zealand Dollars in cash with you to Niue. You can also withdraw extra cash at certain stores and at the one bank on the island with New Zealand bank cards. We go through all of the finer details on paying with NZ bank cards in Niue in this guide.

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Tips for Using NZ Debit Cards in Niue

  • New Zealand debit cards are more widely accepted than credit cards in Niue
  • Always have New Zealand Dollars in cash available, as you cannot use EFTPOS facilities everywhere
  • There is no ATM on the island, but you can withdraw cash from a few shops, supermarkets and the bank
  • MasterCard and Visa are also accepted in certain outlets around the island – see Can You Use Your Credit Card in Niue? for more information.

For more money advice, see the 11 Money Tips for Niue.

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Where Can You Use New Zealand Cards in Niue?

There is an increasing number of businesses in Niue with EFTPOS outlets. You’ll be able to use New Zealand debit cards, as well as Visa and MasterCard at a wide number of shops and restaurants. Some of the shops and services accepting payments from New Zealand bank cards include but are not limited to:

  • Niue Rentals
  • Swanson Supermarket
  • Niue Bond Store
  • Oka koa Multimedia
  • Vai Mamali Liquor
  • Moko’s Mart – MCM
  • Gill’s Restaurant
  • Niue Tourism – Tourist Information Centre
  • Niue Police
  • Falala Fa Cafe & Bar
  • Sassy Sissy
  • Lofi & Co
  • Kaiika
  • Alofi Rentals
  • Central Services
  • Scenic Matavai Resort
  • Peleni’s Travel Agency
  • Toke’s Enterprise
  • NIC’s Bungalows
  • Lanutahi Fales
  • Peleni’s Guest House
  • Stone Villas
  • Heahea Rentals
  • Airport Departures
  • Niue Public Service Building
  • Double M
  • Ali’s Hardware Store
  • Ali’s Gift Store
  • Tavana’s Cafe
  • B.J’s Hardware Store
  • All Star Services
  • Washaway Cafe
  • Vaiolama Cafe
  • Wok on the Rock
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Where Can You Not Use a New Zealand Bank Card?

The list of businesses above accepting card payments is only a percentage of the businesses in Niue. There are still many businesses not accepting card payments, including many accommodations and tours. That’s why it’s always a good idea to also have some cash available in Niue, even if you prefer to pay with a New Zealand bank card wherever you can.

Some specific instances where you can only pay with cash include at the Niue Market and for businesses using an honesty box system, such as the Niue Golf and Sports Club or Koefaga Vanilla. Some of Niue’s guest houses and other accommodations also only accept cash or bookings and payment through the Tourist Information Centre (which accepts NZ bank cards).

Another reason to have cash on you when in Niue is just in case the EFTPOS terminals are down, which has been known to happen.

For more advice on payment methods to use in Niue, see What is the Best Way to Pay in Niue?

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Where Can You Withdraw Cash in Niue?

If you need to withdraw some cash in Niue using a New Zealand bank card, where can you do that? There is no ATM on the island, but some shops and other outlets offer cashout services.

Shop and services offering cash withdrawals for New Zealand bank cards include:

  • Kiwibank
  • Niue Rentals
  • Swanson Supermarket
  • Double M
  • Bond Store

Note that there is a fee for cash withdrawals, which we have seen to be around NZ$5 per withdrawal.

For more fees you may encounter in Niue, see the Niue Tax Guide for Travellers.

More About Using a New Zealand Bank Card in Niue and Other Travel Tips

That’s it for our guide using a New Zealand bank card in Niue. Now head to the Niue Travel Budget: How Much Does a Trip to Niue Cost? for its full budget overview or The Travel Guide to Niue on a Budget for more advice.


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