Public Transport in Niue(c)
Public Transport in Niue

Is There Public Transport in Niue?


Public Transport in Niue (and Alternative Ways to Get Around)

Niue is not a country of public transport. There are no public buses, no trains, no taxis, no ferry services and no domestic flights. Admittedly, it means that you need to be independent by hiring your own vehicle, whether it’s a car, van, motorcycle or bicycle. Otherwise, accommodations offer airport transfers at the beginning and end of your trip, while the island’s limited tour operators will be able to provide transfers to the sights. We explain your options further in this guide to public transport in Niue.

Ways to Get Around Niue

In short, here’s a quick list of the various ways to get around Niue:

  • Car rental
  • Motorcycle rental
  • Bicycle rental
  • Electric bike rental
  • Accommodation/airport transfers
  • Guided tours
  • Walking and relying on the kindness of strangers…

For more details on each, see the 7 Types of Transport in Niue. Otherwise, continue reading for more information below…

Public Transport in Niue(c)

Tourist Shuttles (Accommodation / Airport Transfers)

Accommodations offer the next best thing to public transport, shuttles to and from the airport. Book your airport transfer with your chosen accommodation before arrival in Niue and they will be waiting at the airport with a sign or at their kiosk. Airport accommodations are typically free for guests.

Accommodations in Niue do not provide much other transport, only some of the smaller accommodations might give you a lift into town when they are doing a town run. All in all, accommodations transfers are best relied on only for your airport transfer.

See which accommodations offer airport transfers in our guide to Niue Airport Transfer Options.

Public Transport in Niue(c)

Vehicle and Bicycle Rentals

The most reliable and efficient way of getting around Niue is to hire your own vehicle. A range of vehicles is available to hire in Niue, including cars, vans, motorcycles, bicycles and e-bikes. Vehicle hire is affordable and made easy with most car rental companies offering to pick up/drop off vehicles anywhere on the island, usually for no extra charge.

Cars are typically the most practical type of motor vehicle to hire, especially as some roads are dusty and have many potholes. Bicycles and e-bikes are suitable for exploring the west side of the island where most attractions and Alofi are located – unless you are really fit, as the road circling the island is 64 km (40 mi).

Note that visitors to Niue must get a Niue Driver’s license in order to drive a motor vehicle.

Get more advice on hiring each type of vehicle in:

Is There Public Transport in Niue?©

Guided Tours

A very limited selection of tour operators in Niue offers sightseeing tours with transportation to various sights included. There is also the odd operator that offers transfers to their tour. In most cases, you will need to make your way to tour meeting points.

Tours, such as Explore Niue‘s “Island Discovery Tour” and “East Coast Tour”, provide a way of sightseeing with transport included. The former tour is an orientation tour of the island, while the latter spends more time sightseeing and spending time at the major sights visited.

The Ebony Rainforest Tour is located in the village of Hakupu, but those without transport are offered transfers from Alofi or the Scenic Matavai Resort.

Learn more about these experiences in the 6 Best Guided Tours in Niue.

Public Transport in Niue(c)

[UPDATE] Taxis in Niue

Taxis are no longer available in Niue. We will update this guide if and when another taxi service becomes available. Otherwise, see The Guide to Taxis in Niue for updates.

More About Public Transport in Niue

That’s it for our guide to public transport, or lack thereof, in Niue. For more about getting around the island, take a look at the following guides:

Finally, if there’s anything we’ve missed, you’re likely to find it in our Niue Transport Guide: 10 Ways to Get Around Niue.


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