Niue Airport: Your Transfer Options
Niue Airport: Your Transfer Options

Niue Airport: Your Transfer Options


Airport Transport in Niue

It’s a necessary arrangement you need to make when travelling anywhere in the world and it’s the same for Niue: the airport transfer. In Niue, you won’t find a string of taxis awaiting your arrival. In fact, you have very few options when it comes to your transfer from the Niue airport. It’s highly recommended that you have your airport transfer arranged before you arrive in Niue. Then it’s just a quick drive to your little piece of paradise in Niue where it will take no longer than 30 minutes to get where you need to go! See The Driving Times from Niue Airport, if you don’t believe us.

Quick Airport Transfer Tips

  • Book airport transfers with your accommodation before you arrive in Niue
  • Taxis are not available at Hanan (Niue) Airport – the island’s one taxi needs to be booked over the phone
  • You can pick up rental cars from Hanan Airport for no extra charge
  • To return a rental car at the airport, simply park it in the car park with the keys left in the car.

For more transport advice, see the 8 Ways to Get to Niue (& Get Around Niue).

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Airport Transfers Through Your Accommodation

Many of Niue’s accommodations offer guests airport transfers at the beginning and end of their stay. This service must be arranged with accommodations prior to arrival so that they know to pick you up when you arrive.

The vast majority of accommodations in Niue that do offer airport transfers offer them as a complimentary service. In minor cases, a small fee may need to be paid for this service. Either way, airport transfers through your accommodation offer the cheapest way to get between Hanan International Airport and your chosen accommodation.

During your stay in Niue, you can discuss airport transfers to get back to the airport on your departure date with your accommodation hosts.

Niue Accommodations Offering Airport Transfers

Compare accommodations by browsing our Niue Accommodation Section.

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Car Rentals in Niue

A popular way to get to and from the airport is with a rental vehicle. Most of Niue’s car rental companies offer visitors the chance to pick up and drop off vehicles at Niue International Airport for no additional charge. It’s recommended to book car rentals before arriving in Ninue to avoid disappointment.

On arrival to Niue, car rental kiosks are set up at Hanan Airport for you to pick up your booked rental vehicle. Here, you will go through the car inspection with the rental staff, as well as sign off the usual car rental paperwork. Then you can drive yourself to your accommodation in Niue.

On departure from Niue, dropping off your car rental at the airport simply means parking up at the airport car park and leaving the keys in the car.

Car Rental Companies in Niue

  • Alofi Rentals
  • Niue Rentals
  • Tropicana Rentals
  • Heahea Rentals
  • 4X4 Rentals
  • Ilena’s Rentals

Compare your car rental options in The Best Car Rentals in Niue.

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Niue’s Taxi

Your final airport transfer option in Niue is to use the island’s one and only taxi. It is recommended to book “The Taxi” in advance for airport transfers, as it is usually busy on plane days. Simply put, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to simply hail down The Taxi at the airport.

As the taxi can only be booked over the phone, you will need to either get your accommodation provider or the Tourist Information Centre to give him a call. Otherwise, you’ll be able to call him yourself if you have a Niue SIM card with a compatible phone, as explained in How to Get a Tourist SIM Card in Niue.

Learn more about taking The Taxi in Niue in The Guide to Taxis in Niue.


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