Where to Eat in Niue Eating out is all part of the Niue experience, where, by the end of your holiday, you can easily have sampled every restaurant and cafe the island has to offer! Most of Niue’s c
Where to Get a Drink in Niue! Niue is not an island with nightclubs and dancing until 4am. It is, however, a damn good place for sundowners (seriously, you’ll see some of the best sunsets here) with
The Top Cafes in Niue! Where can you get your coffee fix, a treat-yourself breakfast or a delicious lunch in Niue? Yes, even on the “Rock of the Pacific” you can enjoy warm shots of espresso, as w
Which Church to Go to in Niue? Whether you’re religious or not, a fantastic insight into the Niuean culture is to experience a local church service. But which church should you go to? We go through
Where to Walk in Alofi Feel like stretching your legs? If you have already wandered through Niue’s capital to check out the shops and cafes, where to next? Alofi has several sea tracks well worth ex
Whale Swimming Tours in Niue Who can you go whale watching or whale swimming with in Niue? Niue is one of the only places in the world where you can legally swim with majestic humpback whales providin
Spa Treatments in Niue Niue is a location of active adventures, which is all the more reason to at least spend an hour of your tropical getaway winding down with a rejuvenating massage. The small isla
The Largest Settlements in Niue For a country with a landmass of 261.5km² (101sq mi) and a population of 1,600, there’s no such thing as a “big town” in Niue. Even Niue’s capital is best desc
What are the Famous Places in Niue? How can we show you famous places in a country that is not famous and prefers to keep it that way? Well, if you have discovered this hidden gem of the South Pacific
Niue’s Natural Highlights Niue is not about the glitz and glam, it’s about connecting with nature and nature, you will find, is all around as you explore the island. This rocky coral atoll has bee
Where to See Uga in Niue Coconut crabs, locally known as uga, are an iconic species in Niue. They are integral to the Niuean culture, which locals love to eat as a delicacy. Uga are also amazing creat
Activities and Places Influenced by the Tide in Niue On this rocky coral atoll in the South Pacific, the tide means everything. For local fishermen, it means knowing when is the best time for a catch.
The Wild Side of Niue Admittedly, the west side of this tiny island of the South Pacific takes all the limelight when it comes to exploring the coast. However, it’s highly recommended to rent a car
Biking Tips for Niue Niue is an island that enables you to ride to your heart’s content. There are five official bike trails, more than 190km (118 miles) of bush trails to explore, and 123km (76 mil