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10 Must-Dos in Niue

10 Must-Dos in Niue

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Things You Can’t Miss in Niue!

What is the must-do in Niue? Well, if awe-inspiring coastal landscapes don’t inspire you, the mesmerising wildlife like whales and coconut crabs doesn’t intrigue you, and the captivating skills of the local craftspeople don’t amaze you, then at least the freshest tropical cocktails probably will! There’s really something for all kinds of travellers looking for an alternative experience in the South Pacific. So take a “scroll” through the list of the must-dos in Niue to inspire you for an unforgettable trip!

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1. Explore Niue’s Sea Tracks

One of the major highlights of the “Rock of the Pacific” is the incredible array of coastal formations. From deep chasms to sweeping arches to mysterious limestone caves, Niue’s coastline hides all sorts of epic landscapes down its nooks and crannies. And how do you get down the nooks and crannies? By sea tracks! As you drive around the island, you’ll see many a sign for sea tracks, which are always worth stopping by to discover something awesome. Get an idea of what you’ll find in the 25 Best Sea Tracks in Niue. Plus, this is just one of the 10 Free & Cheap Things To Do in Niue!

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2. Snorkel in Crystal Clear Waters

Admittedly, snorkelling often comes hand-in-hand with the local sea tracks, as snorkelling hotspots are often what awaits at the end. Niue has very limited surface runoff, due to the island being completely made from limestone, so the water is vividly clear! What’s more, it harbours all sorts of wonderful marine life, from tropical fish to sea snakes, turtles and more! Check out some of our recommended hotspots in the 10 Best Places to Snorkel in Niue. It’s also one of the experiences we recommend in the 10 Things to Do in Niue with Kids.

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3. Swim with Dolphins and Whales

Speaking for marine life, some of the more majestic mammals gracing Niue’s waters are the acrobatic spinner dolphins. Easy to spot from shore, spinner dolphins can also be swam with on snorkelling tours where you’ll be pulled along with the boat to see the dolphins in action. For something extra special, swimming with humpback whales is available between July and September, which is a whole other ball game swimming with these gentle giants. Check out your tour options in The Guide to Dolphin Watching & Swimming in Niue and The Guide to Whale Watching & Swimming in Niue.

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4. Join a Nature Tour

It’s not just the nature underwater that captures the hearts of visitors to Niue, but also it’s the nature on land. Locals can show you how they have been living off the land while preserving its beauty on one of the many nature tours available. For instance, join Taue Uga Tours to see uga (coconut crabs) in their natural environment, as well as traditional hunting techniques. Or head on the Ebony Forest Tour with Jack, who shares natural and cultural insights into the Niuean rainforest, as well as how he gets rare ebony wood to create amazing carvings. Find out more in The 6 Guided Tours in Niue.

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5. Tour a Niuean Plantation

One for the foodies, learn how Niueans grow tropical crops, such as cassava, taro, kumara, watermelon, banana and pawpaw, in a tropical plantation tour with A5 Tours. This 4WD tour will take you through lush plantations where you’ll also learn how to husk a coconut and hold an uga! Alternatively, learn about the complex work of growing organic vanilla on the Niue Vanilla Plantation Tour. Finally, Niue is home to a range of local food products, from banana chips to the world’s cleanest honey. See more food-related experiences in the 10 Best Foodie Experiences in Niue.

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6. Sip on Fresh Fruit Cocktails and Smoothies

Don’t worry, there are some familiarities in Niue compared to other South Pacific getaways and that’s sipping on cocktails! Yes, Niue does fresh fruit cocktails and smoothies particularly well, where nothing beats ending a day of exploring with a refreshing beverage. Enjoy sundowners at the Pool Bar of the Scenic Matavai Resort, catch happy hour at the Vaiolama Cafe or Avi’s Ark on Thursday evenings, or try works from a talented mixologist at the All Relativf cocktail bar. See all of the 11 Best Bars in Niue and check out more activities like this in the 7 Child-Free Activities in Niue.

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7. Tackle Big Game on a Fishing Charter

With strict fishing regulations around the island, Niue’s marine life is a thriving haven and an exciting opportunity for anglers! Fishing is only permitted either off the wharf in Alofi or with a licensed fishing charter. The latter will take you on an early morning venture to troll, jog or pop for mahimahi, giant trevally, wahoo, sailfish, yellowfin tuna and much more! Learn more about angling in Niue in The Guide to Fishing in Niue. We also list this in our 10 Luxury Activities on Niue.

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8. Explore the Deep on a Scuba Diving Excursion

Make the most of the mesmerising underwater world of Niue by trying out scuba diving! There are PADI-accredited dive operators available on the island, giving you the opportunity to dive in underwater chasms, caves, coral reefs, pinnacles and more with an experienced operator. Dive courses are also available should you want to learn a new skill among some of the world’s clearest water (sometimes up to 80 m/262 ft!) teeming with tropical coral and fish. Dive a little deeper into the subject in The Guide to Scuba Diving in Niue. Plus, we also feature this activity in the 10 Romantic Things to Do in Niue.

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9. Watch or Learn How to Do Local Handicrafts

See Niue’s creative streak by mingling with the locals at the Niue Market, watching the women at work at the Niue Council of Women, or even learning how to weave your own coaster at the Aliki Weaving Group at Aliutu Hall. Niue women learn how to weave practical items from a young age, while some talented individuals also make fabulous handcrafted jewellery to sell at local markets. Learn more about immersing in this cultural experience in the 10 Best Ways to Experience the Niue Culture.

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10. Stargaze in Some of the World’s Darkest Skies

Finally, if you have some energy to spare deep into the night, then be sure to set some time aside for stargazing. With minimal artificial light pollution coming from Niue and being hundreds of kilometres away from other landmasses with towns and cities, Niue presents some of the darkest skies for stargazing. The views of the Southern Hemisphere’s night skies are incredibly vivid on a clear night, so much so that the island has been established as the world’s first International Dark Sky Nation! Learn more about the best stargazing in the 5 Best Places for Stargazing in Niue.

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More Must-Dos in Niue

That’s it for our list of must-dos in Niue! Of course, there are A LOT more to do on this tiny island nation, so get inspired with more of the following:

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