10 Best Dive Sites in Niue
10 Best Dive Sites in Niue

10 Best Dive Sites in Niue

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Scuba Diving Sites in Niue

What is scuba diving like in Niue? Imagine the vividness of colourful coral and tropical fish as you descend into waters with 30 to 80m visibility! Niue experiences very limited surface run-off thanks to its porous limestone make-up, so the clarity of the water is out of this world. For beginners, divers are treated to an abundance of marine life close to the surface, while certified divers are treated to incredible seascapes including chasms, caves, tunnels, chimneys and much more! We go through some of Niue’s diving highlights in this list of the best dive sites in Niue.

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1. Snake Gully

One of Niue’s signature dives, Snake Gully takes you down no more than 20m to explore a gully teeming with seasnakes. You’ll also encounter a number of other reef dwellers including Maori Wrasse, Surgeon Fish, Regal Angelfish, Long-nose Butterfish, as well as Reef Sharks, Barracuda and Eels. Another common sight is Painted Crayfish.

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2. The Chimney

An interesting underwater formation, The Chimney has divers descending down a vertical hole just 5m below the surface. You’ll drop down “The Chimney” to around 27m until you reach what is called “The Fireplace” which opens up into the great blue. See cave-dwellers such as Crayfish.

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3. Limu Twin Caves

Not only does Limu Twin Caves give you the excitement of cave diving, but also offers a wealth of amazing marine life. Also called “Ana Mahaga”, the Limu Twin Caves are two large caverns dropping from 6m to 28m with a tunnel connecting them. See scorpionfish, reef sharks, Napolean wrasse, sea kraits, spotted rock cod, nudibranchs and more.

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4. Tamakautoga Reef

This stretch of hard coral reef is not just one dive site but is home to many dive sites. There’s a site here for just about everyone on this sloping reef, with coral continuing past 40m for deep divers, as well as plenty to also see in the shallows if you’re newly certified.

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5. Whale Cave

Whale Cave is named after its features like a whale, from the “Whale’s Belly” to the “Ribs” to the “Blow Hole”. While the Whale’s Belly can be accessed by snorkellers at low tide, scuba divers can explore further, diving into the rear of the cave before surfacing at the blowhole. Learn more about snorkelling to the Whale’s Belly in The Best Guided Snorkelling Tours in Niue.

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6. Bubble Cave

Another cave for certified divers to explore is the shallow but dark Bubble Cave. The only light shining into this cave is from the entrance, so there’s a great sense of diving into the unknown. As a little spoiler, you’ll emerge at a chamber awash with stalactites and possibly seasnakes that come to lay their eggs here. For some caves to explore above ground, see The Most Stunning Caves in Niue.

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7. The Dome

Speaking of dark places, The Dome is another you’ll want to take a torch for. After a 30m dive in and under the island, you’ll emerge at a chamber home to uga (coconut crabs). The roofed cave has a small hint of light to remind you of the world above, but note that the only way out is to dive down 8m to the cave’s base.

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8. Tunnel Vision

For more interesting seascapes to explore, one of the most fascinating is Tunnel Vision. This is rocky dive takes you through a narrow curved tunnel with a light chamber where you can surface.

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9. Alofi Wharf

One for the intro dives, Alofi Wharf might not look like a dream dive from the surface, but there are lots to unpack in the reef south of the wharf. This dive straight from shore has a varied amount of reef species, from seasnakes to the occasional sea turtle. It’s also possible to snorkel from Alofi Wharf as long as you are a competent ocean swimmer and swim at low tide. See more snorkelling spots in the 10 Best Places to Snorkel in Niue.

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10. Tepa Point

A deep dive on the edge of Avatele Bay, Tepa Point is an amazing example of where Niue’s surrounding reef suddenly drops into the deep blue. Descend the drop-off where you’ll be faced with a staggering wall of coral and sea life in its underwater metropolis.

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