Is Niue a Country? As one of the smallest countries in the world, there’s a lot of confusion over what exactly Niue is! Aside from being a ruggedly beautiful tropical coral atoll in the South Pa
How Long Can You Stay in Niue as a Visitor? Many visitors to Niue are left wanting to come back for more thanks to the soothing tropical climate, stunning land and seascapes and welcoming locals. Luck
Everything you Need to Know About the Niue Time Zone When in Niue, who cares what time it is?! Time is seemingly at a standstill on this tiny raised coral atoll in the midst of the Pacific Ocean. But
Niue’s Kaloama Season The goatfish season, more commonly known as the kaloama season, is an important time in Niue where juvenile goatfish frequent Niue’s waters. A tradition in the Niuean culture Donates Reusable Straws to Niue While travelling around the island of Niue, ordering yourself a cocktail, smoothie or soft drink from the island’s laidback bars, you may notice t
Travel in Niue: What You Need to Know Niue is probably one of the more surprising destinations in the South Pacific. There’s something amazing to see around every corner on this large raised coral a
Daily Spending Money for Niue Once your accommodation and flights are booked for Niue, the remaining budget for your holiday is determined by expenses such as food, activities and transport. In this g
Declarable Goods for Arriving in Niue Niue has a fragile ecosystem that the Niuean Government wants to protect. Niue operates a strict quarantine procedure for people travelling to Niue from overseas
The Cultural Protocols in Niue This raised coral atoll in the South Pacific Ocean has its own unique culture with its own traditions and customs. As a visitor welcomed into Niue, be sure to show respe
Budgeting Tips for Niue Blowing all your savings for the year on one week’s holiday is never what you want from a South Pacific getaway. Luckily, Niue is a very affordable destination with free acti
Niue Pronunciation How do you say that name of a country with all those vowels that are together? How do you say Niue? If you’re looking for the pronunciation of Niue, then this quick guide to how t
What You Need to Know About the Niue Seasons Niue takes a simple approach to the seasons, it’s either the dry season or the wet season. “Winter” in Niue is the dry season when the weather is coo
Advice for Using Money in Niue Currency and paying your way is an essential aspect of any exotic getaway and the same goes for Niue. What is the best payment method to use in Niue? What are the dos an
How to Save Money in Niue Stressing about money can really put a downer on your getaway. However, with these simple money-saving tips that you can organise before you jet off to Niue, you can enjoy a
What Clothing to Pack for a Holiday in Niue The biggest chore of any traveller is packing. When it comes to staring down at an empty suitcase or backpack and wondering what will make the cut and what