Can You Use Your New Zealand Debit Card in Niue? Since Niue uses the same currency as New Zealand, the New Zealand Dollar, does that mean you can use your New Zealand bank card in Niue? You certainly
When to Visit Niue When is a good time to visit Niue? Well, we all have different things we want out of a tropical getaway. It could be to escape the winter at home, it could be to escape people at ho
What is the Weather Like in Niue in October? Dubbed the “shoulder season”, October marks the transition between the dry and the wet season in Niue. This means that the weather is getting warmer, t
Buying Groceries in Niue Travellers looking to experience Niue like a local or just want to save money on food can buy their own groceries on the island. From a flashy modern supermarket with a giant
What You Need to Know About Niue on a Sunday Sunday is a day of rest, quiet and worship on the island of Niue. As a devout Christian country, going to church is important to locals, which, in turn, pr
Odd Hours, Sundays and Tide Times in Niue Timing and schedules are all part of the travel experience, from departure time to arrival time. In the South Pacific, there’s always an anxiety of whether
Niue Taxes: The Taxes and Fees Travellers Need to Know About Ok, so no one wants to hear about the extra fees and taxes they’ll have to pay on holiday. Luckily, Niue’s taxes affecting tourists is
Why Visit Niue? Niue is barely on the radar of most people – a tiny dot in the South Pacific Ocean. Apparently, you can go there, but why would you? Why should you visit Niue? Niue, pronounced “Ny
Is the Water Safe to Drink in Niue? Niue gets its water from a mix of underground pumps and rainwater collecting with treatment before delivering it through taps. The underground lens supplying most o
What is the Weather Like in Niue in November? November marks the beginning of summer in Niue and, with that, the end of the dry season. Yes, summer in Niue means the start of the wet season. But even
What is Niue Famous for? Admittedly, Niue isn’t known for much. The tiny island in the South Pacific is a country that flies under the radar, making those who discover it all the more pleased th
Eco-friendly Sunscreens for Babies and Kids Kids’ skin is more fragile than adults so it is no surprise that there are specially-designed sunscreens to take care of our precious baby’s skin. But m
What is the Phone Carrier in Niue? There’s an awkward moment in the research of a traveller planning their trip to Niue when they realise that their phone roaming will not work in Niue! That means t
What is the Weather Like in Niue in January? January is right in the middle of the local wet season where you can expect changeable weather going from high heat to heavy rainfall and back to high heat
The Best Payment Methods for Niue How should you pay for things in Niue? Everyone has their preferences when it comes to paying for things overseas. However, Niue has a few things that make it special