How to Pick the Right Foodie Accommodation in Niue for You©
How to Pick the Right Foodie Accommodation in Niue for You

How to Pick the Right Foodie Accommodation in Niue


Advice on Choosing Accommodation in Niue for Foodies

Where should you stay in Niue if you want a foodie experience? While in the rest of the Pacific, “foodie” accommodation might be for resorts with a range of restaurants, food-related activities and more, in Niue, you will have to get creative for a foodie getaway. First, there is only one resort on the island with a restaurant. However, you can stay in accommodation close to Niue’s fabulous eateries, as well as stay in self-catering accommodation to prepare your own meals using local produce. We give you some advice on choosing the right foodie accommodation in Niue for you in the guide below.

4 Things You Need to Know About Accommodation in Niue

  1. An entry requirement for Niue is that you need to have your accommodation booked before you arrive on the island – see The Best Way to Book Accommodation in Niue for advice
  2. Almost all of Niue’s accommodation has self-catering facilities, except for the Scenic Matavai Resort
  3. Only the Scenic Matavai Resort has a restaurant on the accommodation complex
  4. Most of Niue’s restaurants are located in Alofi, so consider staying nearby to make the most of the restaurants.

For more tips, see The Food Guide to Niue: Places to Eat & Food Tours.

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Accommodations with a Restaurant in Niue

The Scenic Matavai Resort is Niue’s only accommodation with a restaurant on-site. The Dolphin Restaurant has an a la carte menu of well-presented plates of international favourites. They also host almost daily evening dinners, from an umu buffet to a relaxed barbecue.

As for the resort rooms, they are incredibly spacious and airy with a private patio/balcony and an ensuite bathroom. Some rooms have ocean views while others are nestled in tropical bush with views of the ocean between the ripening pawpaw and mango trees. There are interconnecting rooms available for groups or families.

Other facilities include an outdoor swimming pool and a pool bar serving up refreshing cocktails, beers and wine.

How to Pick the Right Foodie Accommodation in Niue©

Accommodations Located Near Restaurants in Niue

Another way to ensure you have a foodie stay in Niue is to choose accommodation located near Niue’s restaurants. Most of Niue’s restaurants are located in Alofi town, so choosing accommodation within walking distance of the town is well worth considering if you’re a foodie. Alternatively, there is a restaurant in the village of Tuapa, while Avatele is home to the Washaway Cafe which is open on a Sunday.

Accommodations Near Restaurants in Alofi

Some of the accommodations located near restaurants in Alofi include:

Learn more about some of these accommodations in the 15 Best Hotels & Places to Stay in Alofi.

Accommodations Near Restaurants in Avatele and Tuapa

Accommodations nearby the Hio Cafe & Bar in Tuapa include:

  • Namukulu Cottages
  • Kaliki Lodge
  • Anaiki Motel

Accommodation nearby the Washaway Cafe (open Sundays) include:

Learn more about these stays in the 5 Best Resorts & Places to Stay in Avatele.

How to Pick the Right Foodie Accommodation in Niue for You©

Self-Catering Accommodations in Niue

An alternative foodie experience you can enjoy in Niue is by staying in self-catering accommodation and sprucing up your own meals using local produce. Now, with almost all of the accommodations in Niue having self-catering facilities, this won’t be too hard to accomplish. However, some kitchens and kitchenettes in Niue’s accommodations have more facilities than others, so be sure to compare the kitchen amenities provided if you’re hoping to cook up a storm.

Self-Catering Facilities

Except for at the Scenic Matavai Resort (the main resort, not the apartments), you can at least expect basic cooking facilities, such as a stovetop, microwave, fridge, cooking utensils and crockery, a toaster and a kettle. Only some accommodations in Niue have ovens and additional kitchen appliances like a rice cooker, grill, barbecue, pizza oven, etc.

Self-catering accommodations in Niue include:

To see a list of accommodations with more complete kitchens, see the 10 Best Self-Catering Accommodations in Niue.

More About Foodie Accommodations in Niue

That’s it for how to pick the right foodie accommodation in Niue. More tips for experiencing a fun and smooth getaway to the island can be found in the guides below:

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