10 Best Food Experiences in Niue
10 Best Food Experiences in Niue

10 Best Food Experiences in Niue

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Food Tours and Tastings in Niue

Food is an integral part of an exotic getaway. It’s the ideal way to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. So how can you educate your palette in Niue? Try these top food experiences in Niue!

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1. Do a Niuean Plantation Tour

Learn the ins and outs of sustenance living on a tour with A5 Tours. Their 4WD tours take you through some of Niue’s natural rainforest, as well as plantations to see what food grows on the island. The interactive tour has you learning how to husk a coconut, hold an uga (coconut crab) and taste a range of seasonal fruit. The tours depart from Mutalau and can be booked through the Visitor Information Centre and Explore Niue. Check out more tours like this in the 7 Best Nature Tours in Niue.

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2. Tour a Vanilla Plantation

There’s something special about the vanilla that grows in Niue, which is home to several organic vanilla farms. Learn about the growing process, from hand-pollinating each flower across thousands of vines to extracting the vanilla for a range of products, on a vanilla plantation tour with Niue Vanilla International. The one-hour tour is an informative tour with a few tastings for a complete foodie experience. Learn more about this tour and more in The Best Guided Tours in Niue.

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3. Sample Niuean Cuisine at an Umu Night

Keep Tuesday and/or Thursday free because these nights are Niuean buffet nights! The Scenic Matavai Resort, Hio Cafe & Restaurant and Jenna’s Restaurant put on Niuean umu buffet nights so you can sample a range of traditional Niuean dishes. The evening also includes Polynesian dancing and live music. Get more details on these entertainment evenings in The Ultimate Guide to the Niue Nightlife.

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4. Learn How to Prepare an Umu

Speaking of umu, if you don’t want to try an umu already prepared for you, then you can at least learn how to prepare one yourself. This hands-on experience is available with the Matapa Guest House in Hikutavake, which offers a range of authentic cultural experiences. Another experience they offer is hunting uga, a prized local delicacy.

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5. Hunt for Uga (and Try Some)

As well as at the Matapa Guest House, you can also hunt for uga with Taue Uga Tours in Avatele. There are two types of tours available, one to set up coconut baits during the day and one to pick up the uga on the baits during the night. Both experiences allow you to see these amazing creatures up close. For a foodie element to the tour, your guide can also cook an uga for you to try back at your accommodation. Learn more about Niue’s uga in 8 Ways See Uga (Coconut Crabs) in Niue.

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6. Go on a Fishing Charter

Another staple ingredient in Niue is fish. While Niue’s local fishermen go out on vaka (outrigger canoes), visitors have the chance to catch large predatory fish on one of the more modern fishing charters. Whether you’re an expert or new to fishing, you’ll stand a good chance at reeling in the likes of wahoo, mahimahi, yellowfin tuna or something else. While the charter policy in Niue is that the catch stays with the boat, most will cut a piece for you to cook back at your accommodation. See The Guide to Fishing in Niue for more advice.

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7. Tour a Noni Farm

Noni is a superfood fruit with all sorts of health benefits despite its pungent smell. Learn all about the fascinating noni and how it is grown on an island with no running streams or rivers on the Noni Farm Tour in Vaiea. Learn about the noni as you tour a plantation with around 18,000 noni trees, which exports products to the New Zealand and Asian markets. Book your tour at the Visitor Information Centre in Alofi.

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8. Learn About Niue’s Natural Foods

Ever wondered what it takes to survive on a tropical island, living off nothing but the forest and the sea? Niue’s nature tours can teach you how to do just that with stories from their Niuean ancestors or even first-hand experience. Both Misa’s Nature Tour and the Ebony Rainforest Tour are excellent for learning about the food and medicine of the forest. Compare the two tours in The Best Guided Tours in Niue.

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9. Experience a Village Show Day

Another opportunity to try real Niuean cuisine comes at the village show days. Every year, each of the 14 villages in Niue hosts a show day to showcase some of the best food, produce, fish, uga and handicrafts the village has to offer. There are also contemporary and traditional games and competitions to enjoy throughout the event. Learn more about these events in What are the Village Show Days in Niue?

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10. Dine at Niue’s Fabulous Restaurants

Lastly and only because it was obvious, you can have a foodie experience in Niue by dining at Niue’s amazing restaurants. Niue has a small selection of eateries serving a surprising range of international cuisines made with some of the freshest local ingredients, especially when it comes to seafood. There’s so much to say on Niue’s restaurants that we have a whole other guide for that in The Guide to the Best Eats & Restaurants in Niue.

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More Food Experiences in Niue

That’s it for the best food experiences in Niue. Now head to The Guide to the Niuean Culture for Travellers for even more advice on the local customs, food and similar cultural experiences.


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