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What are the Marriage Requirements in Niue?


What are the Legal Requirements for Eloping in Niue?

Ready to take the leap? Ready to get married in a tropical paradise like nowhere else? While most of a Niue wedding is something you’ll both remember for the rest of your lives, the legal process certainly won’t be thanks to it being so effortlessly easy! As long as you are both single and have valid passports and entry into Niue, getting married in Niue is as easy as signing a few ultra-short forms. You will, however, be required to have a few essential documents for your marriage registration. See what documents you’ll need to prepare, as well as a brief overview of the marriage licence process, in this guide to the marriage requirements in Niue.

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The Conditions for Getting Married in Niue

Couples from overseas can get married in Niue providing they meet the following conditions:

  • The female is 16 years and over and the male is 18 years and over
  • Witnesses for the marriage solemnisation are over the age of 21
  • The marriage solemnisation does not take place on a Sunday or a public holiday
  • Both bride and groom are either single, divorced or widowed
  • Both bring and groom have valid passports and visa (if applicable) to be in Niue.

If you at least meet these conditions, then you can start the process of getting married in Niue. For more information on visas, see Do You Need a Visa to Visit Niue?

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The Documents for the Niue Marriage Licence

The Niue Marriage Licence is officially called the Notice of Intended Marriage Form. It must be completed, signed and provided to the Niue Justice Department with a minimum of three working days notice before your wedding ceremony.

For the Notice of Intended Marriage Form, you will both be required to provide:

  • Original or certified copies of birth certificates
  • Valid passports
  • A formal letter from both the bride and groom stating they have never been married before
  • Divorce documents (if applicable)
  • Death certificate of a spouse (if applicable).
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Where to Get Your Niue Marriage Licence

Once you have the paperwork in place, you will need to complete and sign the Notice of Intended Marriage Form in person at the Niue Justice Department.

The Niue Justice Department is located at the Niue Public Service Building in Alofi at the following address:

Niue Public Service Building

Note that the Niuean Government services are only open Monday to Thursday. They are also closed on public holidays in Niue.

Couples using the marriage services of the Scenic Matavai Resort will get transport to and from the Justice Department, as well as guidance on the marriage licence.

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The Niue Marriage Register

Finally, at your wedding ceremony, you will need to sign a Marriage Register, commonly known as a Marriage Certificate. This will be provided to you and your Marriage Officer (Celebrant or Minister) when you sign your Notice of Intended Marriage Form.

The Marriage Register needs to be signed at your wedding ceremony by your Marriage Officer, the bride, the groom and two witnesses aged 21 years and over.

A Certified Copy of Entry in Marriage Register will be forwarded to the Justice Department to be registered. You will also want to get your Marriage Register stamped with the Apostille Seal so that it is internationally recognised. Then, you are officially married!

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