The Guide to Alofi on a Budget
The Guide to Alofi on a Budget

The Travel Guide to Alofi on a Budget

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The Budget Guide to Alofi

If you’re visiting the rocky coral atoll of Niue, then staying in the capital is a sure-fire way to stick to a budget! Not only does Alofi have a range of budget accommodations available, but it has its own selection of cheap and free attractions all within walking distance! What’s more, car rentals are available in town, meaning you don’t have to worry about renting a car for your entire holiday in order to see the rest of the island. Just pick up a car when you need it and be on your way! Check out more budget tips in this complete travel guide to Alofi on a budget.

Budget Tips for Alofi

  • Scout out the free and cheap activities in Alofi
  • Cook for yourself in self-catering accommodation…
  • … But treat yourself to some cheap eats
  • Stay in a guest house or a motel
  • Compare accommodation inclusions
  • Consider renting a car for only when you need it
  • Travel in the low season
  • Always have cash available

For more details on tip, see the 8 Tips for Visiting Alofi on a Budget.

The Guide to Alofi on a Budget(c) Niue Tourism

How to Get to Alofi on a Budget

Unless you have your own yacht, there’s only one way to get to Niue. Flights fly direct from Auckland, New Zealand, twice a week making the decision on how to get to Alofi easy. As for getting around, the most budget-friendly option is bicycle hire, but car hire is also affordable. Check out some suggestions below or in the 7 Ways to Get to Alofi (& Ways to Get Around Alofi).

Flights to Alofi

Flights with Air New Zealand depart twice weekly to Niue, landing at Hanan International Airport. The airport is approximately a five-minute drive from Alofi. For advice on finding a cheaper airfare, take a look at How to Book a Cheap Flight to Niue.

Cheap Car Rentals in Alofi

Car rental is highly recommended to make the most of Niue. There are several car rental companies offering economy car rental options for around NZ$40-$60 a day. Most car rental companies offer airport pick-up, so you can have the vehicle for your whole stay. Alternatively, rental companies such as Niue Rentals, Alofi Rentals and Anno Rentals have depots in Alofi, should you want to pick up a car just for a day or two. Remember, you will also need to purchase a Niue Driver’s License to legally drive in Niue. See How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Car in Niue for more tips.

Mountain Bike Rentals in Alofi

Finally, for exploring less further afield, hiring a bicycle is a cheap way to go. Mountain bike rentals with Niue Rentals are NZ$10-$20 a day and can be picked up from their depot in Alofi North. Learn more about bike hire in Where to Rent Bikes in Niue.

The Guide to Alofi on a Budget(c) Niue Tourism

Free and Cheap Activities in Alofi

Alofi is a town you can definitely enjoy on the cheap. From free short walks to affordable museums, there are plenty of ways to be kept entertained on a budget. For a complete list of activities, check out the 10 Free & Cheap Things to Do in Alofi.

Alofi Sea Tracks

In Alofi and all around Niue, you’ll find short sea tracks to the island’s nooks and crannies. Discover a picturesque beach and snorkelling spot a the Utuko Reef Sea Track, find a cave where local women used to weave at the Vaila Cave and Sea Track, check out the world’s smallest bay down the Togalupo Sea Track, and more! Check out the 6 Best Sea Tracks in Alofi for a full list of sea tracks accessible from Alofi.

Discover Local Arts and Crafts

There’s always some going on in Alofi, which won’t cost you a dime to check out. The Market of Niue takes place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning where you can browse local woven items, jewellery and food. You can also see crafting in action at the Niue Council of Women in Makini Hall. And in the commercial centre, check out the art on display in the Tahiono Art Gallery.

Check out the Historic Sites

Niue has a fascinating history, which you can learn about through various interpretation panels found in historical sites around the town. Tomb Point is an interesting site where you can see the tombs of two Niuean kings, learn about Niue’s World War involvement and learn about this area was the first reference point for all land surveys. Additionally, check out Opaahi which is the site of Captain Cook’s second attempt to land on Niue only to be chased off by the locals.

Fale Tau Taoga – Niue National Museum

For around NZ$10, you can check out some amazing works of art, as well as historical relics at the Fale Tau Taoga, Niue’s national museum. The museum Alofi is worth a quick visit to get an insight into the art and history of Niue.

Watch Whales

Between July and October, humpback whales migrate to the waters of Niue to calve before returning to Antarctica. From the coastline of Alofi, it’s common to spot whale emerging at the surface. Good whale watching sites in Alofi include Tomb Point, the Vaiolama Cafe, and pretty much anywhere on the coast!

The Guide to Alofi on a Budget(c)

Dining on a Budget in Alofi

Alofi is a destination enjoyed either for self-catering or eating out at restaurants. While Alofi isn’t exactly a destination for “cheap eats”, here are some of the restaurants with the best food deals as well as an overview of self-catering in Alofi.

Self-catering in Alofi

Alofi has a couple of small convenience stores, Double M in the commercial centre and G’s Mini Mart near Niue Vanilla. Food prices are a little more expensive than New Zealand and Australia, bearing in mind most goods are imported. Reasonably-priced fresh produce can be found at the Market of Niue on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Otherwise, Swanson Supermarket is just out of town on the way to the airport.

Cheap Eats in Alofi

Some of the more affordable restaurants in Alofi include Gill’s Indian Restaurant which serves up vegetarian curries for around NZ$16 and meat curries for NZ$20 including the rice. Fish and chips at Tavana are around NZ$20. Or try Wok on the Rock for Chinese takeaway-style meals for NZ$16-$20. Find more budget eats around Niue in our Top Cheap Eats in Niue.

More About Alofi on a Budget

That’s it for the guide to Alofi on a budget. Now head to the Niue Travel Budget: How Much Does a Trip to Niue Cost? for its full budget overview or The Travel Guide to Niue on a Budget for more advice.


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