How to Pick the Right Budget Accommodation in Niue for You©
How to Pick the Right Budget Accommodation in Niue for You

How to Find Cheap Accommodation in Niue


Advice on Finding and Choosing Budget Accommodation in Niue

When looking for affordable accommodation in Niue, you need to consider the location, inclusions and, of course, the cost. We’ll guide you through what to look for when choosing budget accommodation, as well as how to find cheap accommodation in Niue, in the guide below.

Before we dive into how to find and choose cheap accommodation for you, bookmark the Niue Travel Budget: How Much Does a Trip to Niue Cost? for its full budget overview or The Budget & Backpacking Guide to Niue for more advice.

5 Things You Need to Know About Cheap Accommodation in Niue

  1. For entering Niue, you need to have your accommodation booked before you arrive – see The Best Way to Book Accommodation in Niue for advice
  2. You can save money by not hiring a car or only hiring a car for part of your holiday, in this case, you may want to stay close to Alofi so you can walk/cycle to shops and restaurants
  3. Guesthouses are your cheapest type of budget accommodation, while you can also find affordable self-contained units
  4. Look out for accommodations with airport transfers and/or bike hire included if you don’t have a car
  5. Note that almost all budget accommodations in Niue have self-catering facilities.
How to Pick the Right Budget Accommodation in Niue for You©

Types (and Cost) of Budget Accommodation in Niue

Niue’s budget accommodation comes in the form of guesthouses, holiday home guesthouses and self-contained units. You will not find camping or backpacker hostels on the island.


Guesthouses are homes that have separate and private guest rooms with shared communal facilities. Some guesthouses will have ensuite bathrooms, while most with have shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. This is the cheapest type of accommodation on the island, typically NZ$50-$70 per night. See the 5 Best Backpacker Accommodations in Niue for examples of this style of guesthouse.

Holiday Home Guesthouses

The term “guesthouse” is also used in Niue to describe some of the island’s more affordable holiday homes. These are typically one, two, three or four-bedroom houses with a kitchen, bathroom, lounge and dining area that can be hired out in its entirety. Budget holiday homes start from around NZ$200 per night. See the 10 Best Holiday Homes in Niue for examples.

Self-Contained Units

Finally, there is a large range of self-contained units available in Niue, including budget ones. Units are typically laid out in a studio style, sleeping two to four people. They also typically have self-catering facilities, as well as a bathroom, lounge and dining furniture. Some of Niue’s cheapest self-contained units are priced from NZ$70 a night. See some examples in the 10 Best Self-Catering Accommodations in Niue.

How to Pick the Right Budget Accommodation in Niue for You(c)

Location, How to Get There and What is Nearby?

A major consideration for travellers on a budget is where the accommodation is located. A good way to save money is to hire a car for just part of your stay or use cheaper methods, like walking and cycling, to get around. With that in mind, you probably want to choose accommodation which is close to shops and services, as well as near things to do.

Where is the Budget Accommodation Located?

While most of Niue’s budget accommodations are conveniently located in the capital, Alofi, some are located in and between Niue’s small villages, such as Makefu, Lakepa and Avatele. All of the island’s budget accommodations are within close driving distance of pretty much everything. Learn more about the villages and where they are located in A Guide to the Villages in Niue.

How Do You Get to Your Accommodation?

If you’re not hiring a car straight from the airport, then you need to figure out how to get to your chosen accommodation, as there is no public transport in Niue. Some budget accommodations offer free airport transfers, while others offer car rental (sometimes included in the nightly rate) which can be dropped off at the airport. As for getting around, consider accommodation which has complimentary bike hire. Learn more about getting around the island in our Niue Transport Guide: 11 Ways to Get Around Niue.

What is There Nearby?

If you’re going to be without a car in Niue, then it’s a good idea to base yourself in or near Alofi in order to make use of restaurants and supermarkets. If that isn’t a concern of yours, then at least choose accommodation with something to do nearby, such as snorkelling or sea tracks to explore. Get more advice on Where to Stay in Niue.

How to Pick the Right Budget Accommodation in Niue for You©

What’s Included in Your Stay?

Any savvy budget traveller knows that choosing good budget accommodation isn’t just about finding the cheapest. Good value is often in the facilities and services included in your stay. Of course, everyone’s needs are different so take a look at the lists below to get an idea of what is typically included and what extra facilities to look out for or enquire about.

Typical Budget Accommodation Inclusions

  • Kitchen facilities with stovetop, microwave, fridge, cooking pots, crockery and utensils, toaster and kettle
  • Car parking
  • Fans
  • Hot water (usually solar-heated)
  • Shared bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet
  • Insect screened windows
  • Gardens.

Additional Services and Inclusions

  • Additional kitchen facilities, such as an oven, tea and coffee, toastie grill, rice cooker, etc.
  • Ensuite shower and toilet
  • WiFi (either paid or included)
  • Bicycle hire (either paid or included)
  • Car rental (either paid or included)
  • Airport transfers (either paid or included)
  • Air conditioning
  • Outside deck or verandah
  • Toiletries
  • Washing machine
  • Iron
  • Portacot
  • In-room safes
  • Fresh seasonal fruit
  • In-house tours or cultural activities for guests.

More on How to Find Cheap Accommodation in Niue

That’s it for how to pick and find the right cheap accommodation in Niue. More tips for experiencing a fun and smooth getaway to the island can be found in the guides below:

Finally, check out The 30 Best Accommodations in Niue so you can compare places to stay.


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