The Guide to Alofi for Families
The Guide to Alofi for Families

The Travel Guide to Alofi for Families


Family Guide to Alofi

Alofi is the main town of Niue and the top destination for families looking for ease and plenty to do. While Alofi is the main town of Niue, it’s small and compact with restaurants, shops, sea tracks and attractions all within walking distance or a short drive at the most. Choose from a range of family-friendly accommodation, from premium villas to budget guesthouses, and spend your downtime enjoying the experiences that Alofi has to offer. Explore the sea tracks to see amazing coastline, play a round of mini-golf on the cliffs, learn about surviving in the wild on a nature tour, jump on a boat tour to see whales and dolphins, and the list goes on! We go through it all in this complete guide to Alofi for families.

While Alofi makes an ideal base for making the most of Niue’s main town, it’s also a good place to base yourself for exploring the rest of the island. See The Guide to Niue for Families for attractions outside of Alofi.

10 Things to Do in Alofi with Kids

  • Jump on a whale and dolphin watching tour
  • Play a round of mini-golf on the clifftops
  • Visit the Fale Tau Taoga (Niue National Museum)
  • Learn about living in the wild on Misa’s Nature Tour
  • Snorkel in the rock pools and a cave at the Vaila Sea Track
  • Check out the vaka and rocky coastline on the Opaahi Sea Track
  • Explore the rockpools down the Togalahi Sea Track
  • Check out the world’s smallest bay on the Togalupo Sea Track
  • Get some beach time at the Utuko Reef
  • Treat your tribe to some souvenirs at the Niue Market

For more details, check out the 10 Things To Do in Alofi with Kids! And don’t forget to explore the rest of Niue with our 10 Things To Do in Niue with Kids.

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How to Get to Alofi

With no public buses and just one taxi on the whole island, at least Niue’s choice of transportation options won’t give you a headache. While many accommodations offer airport transfers to make your trip between Hanan Airport and Alofi a breeze, car rentals are also available and almost essential if you want to explore the island.

Flights to Alofi

Flights to Niue depart twice weekly from Auckland Airport, New Zealand. The flight is approximately three hours and arrives at Hanan Airport, Niue’s international airport. The airport is a five-minute drive from Alofi. Learn more in How to Get to Niue.

Car Rentals

With amazing natural attractions scattered across the island, a rental car is a popular choice for families staying in Alofi. There are several car rental companies found in Alofi, many of which offer vehicle drop-off at Hanan Airport. Alternatively, car rentals such as Heahea Rentals, Alofi Rentals and Niue Rentals have rental depots in Alofi town, providing an alternative option for families staying in Alofi to pick up a rental car just for the days they need it. Compare car rentals in The Best Car Rentals in Niue.

Airport Transfers

Many accommodations in Alofi offer transfers to and from Hanan Airport. It’s always worth asking about this service if you do not plan to start renting a car from the airport upon arrival.

For more information on how to get to Alofi, check out 7 Ways to Get to Alofi (& Ways to Get Around Alofi).

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Land and Water Activities in Alofi

On land and on the water, Alofi has plenty to offer adventurous families. Explore some of the short walks on one of the Alofi sea tracks to discover stunning sections of coastline or even hop on a boat tour to experience close encounters with majestic whales and playful dolphins. Check out some ideas below or head to 10 Things To Do in Alofi with Kids for a full list!

Alofi Sea Tracks an Beaches

Get some water time and discover some amazing coastal landscapes on one of the sea tracks in Alofi. Although there are a ton of amazing sea tracks to explore all over Niue, Alofi has a few hidden gems worth discovering. In Alofi North, walk the short Vaila Sea Track to find a picnic area and a snorkeller’s paradise. Or how about some beach time at the Utuko Reef accessible from the town centre? Check out all of your Alofi sea track options in the 6 Best Sea Tracks in Alofi.

Whale and Dolphin Watching

Get your wildlife fix by watching beautiful spinner dolphins year-round or even humpback whales between July and October. While dolphin and whale swimming is available, families travelling with younger ones can still enjoy the excitement of watching whales emerging and spinner dolphins dancing alongside the boat. The closest operator to Alofi is Magical Niue Sea Adventures, located approximately 1.5km (one mile) north of the town centre.


What family doesn’t love a round of mini-golf?! When you have some downtime in Alofi, be sure to head to the Vaiolama Cafe which has its very own 18-hole mini-golf course! The unique setting has you swinging clubs among tropical gardens on the clifftops. Afterwards, treat the family to lunch!

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Cultural and Educational Activities for Kids

As you may have guessed, Niue can’t help but provide an enriching and educational experience for families. Delve a little deeper into the culture and get a more meaningful experience from your family holiday with these family-friendly educational experiences in Alofi.

Misa’s Nature Tour

While there are many amazing nature tours across Niue, Misa’s Nature Tour is not only family-friendly but is just a short drive (or long walk) from Alofi town centre. Misa is a wealth of knowledge on how to survive in the bush of a remote tropical island. The imaginations of the little ones will be running as you learn about the forest foods you can eat, how and where to sleep, how to start a fire, as well as see rainforest friends like the coconut crab (uga) and the flying fox. Find Misa’s Tours opposite Niue High School, 1.5km (one mile) from the town centre.

Fale Tau Taoga – Niue National Museum

If you find yourself caught in the rain, a good go-to is the national museum of Niue, the Fale Tau Taoga. Located in Alofi town, the Fale Tau Taoga holds intriguing treasures of Niue. Check out artefacts salvaged from Cyclone Heta which ravaged the island in 2004, see World War One relics, spectacular woven pieces such as funky hats made for a hat competition on the island, and so much more! Plus, at around NZ$10 entry, it’s certainly a more affordable thing to do in Alofi.

For more cultural experiences across the island, check out the 10 Best Ways to Experience the Niue Culture.

More About Alofi for Families

That’s it for the travel guide to Alofi for families. Get more trip-planning advice in The Complete Travel Guide to Alofi or The Travel Guide to Niue for Families.


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