Niue Family Itinerary: 3 Days / Weekend© Niue Tourism
Niue Family Itinerary: 3 Days / Weekend

Niue Family Itinerary: 4 Days

© Niue Tourism

4-Day Family Itinerary for Niue

Let’s address the elephant in the room: if you are arriving in Niue on Tuesday and leaving on Friday, that technically gives you four days in Niue, but with the departure day made up of spending most of your time checking in bags and hanging around, you only really get around three days to enjoy what the world’s largest raised coral atoll has to offer.

While four days is not the recommended length of stay to make the most out of Niue, families can still enjoy some of the island’s best swimming holes, snorkelling hotspots and nature tours within this time. This Niue family itinerary for four days is designed for the family that wants to explore, see and do as much as possible. For a more relaxed holiday plan, scroll down towards the end of this article.

This itinerary is based on if you arrive in Niue on a Tuesday (local time). However, the days can be moved around accordingly should you arrive in Niue on another day. See current flight schedules in Which Airlines Fly to Niue?

Overview: Niue Family 5-Day Itinerary

  • Day 1 – Arrive in Niue
  • Day 2 – Explore the East Coast
  • Day 3 – Visit the Limu Pools, Matapa Chasm, the Talava Arches and More!
  • Day 4 – Departure Day.

Niue Family Itinerary: 3 Days / Weekend©

How to Get Around Niue in 4 Days

Niue is one island with 123 km (76 mi) of paved roads and no public transport… For this reason, and the reason that attractions are spread out across the island, we strongly recommend hiring a car to make the most out of your family getaway to Niue.

Family Car Rental in Niue

A range of vehicles are available for hire in Niue, from family SUVs to station wagons. Get advice on hiring a car in What You Need to Hire a Car in Niue. Note, you will need to purchase a Niue Driver’s License to drive in Niue, which you can get from the Police Station.

For alternative transport in Niue, see the 11 Ways to Get to (& Around) Niue. Plus, compare the most popular methods in Should You Rent a Car or a Bicycle in Niue?

Niue Family Itinerary: 3 Days(c)

Day 1 – Arrive in Niue

Travel time: 5-10 minutes drive.

Fakaalofa Lahi Atu! Welcome to Niue, your home for the next four days! On arrival at Hanan International Airport, you’ll go through the airport arrival process as outlined in detail in Everything You Need to Know About Arriving in Niue. Give it a read so you can transition into Niue seamlessly!

Once you’re outside of the arrival area, head to the kiosk of your chosen car rental company or, if you have organised airport transfers with your accommodation, a representative will be waiting for you. Wherever you’re staying on the island, it will be a short drive to your accommodation…

Family Accommodations in Niue

For more details on our top recommendations, see the 10 Best Family Accommodations in Niue.

Dining and Self-Catering in Niue

Most accommodation on the island is self-catering, where we recommend picking up supplies on your way from the airport. There is the Swanson Supermarket just outside of the airport. Alternatively, there are a few grocery stores in Alofi. Find out more about self-catering in The Guide to Supermarkets & Food Shopping in Niue.

If you prefer eating out tonight, check out the recommendations in the 20 Best Restaurants in Niue. Alternatively, book a table at Kaiika (Alofi) for fresh Japanese cuisine for Mum and Dad and pizzas for the kids.

Niue Family Itinerary: 4 Days© Niue Tourism

Day 2 – Explore the East Coast

Travel time: 1 hour – 2 hrs 30 mins drive.

Get your Niue map, that you no doubt have picked up from your accommodation or the Visitor Information Centre, and hit the road! There are points of interest to check out every 10 to 20 minutes on the east coast road, including the Anapala Chasm, Togo Chasm, the Laufoli Umu Pit, Hikulagi Sculpture Park, Tautu Sea Track, Motu Sea Track, Uluvehi Sea Track and more! Note that these tracks are much rougher than some of the tracks recommended on the west coast, so children need to be supervised at all times. Some of the walks include steep steps and ladders, so be sure to take your time and stay safe.

Check off the sights from the 8 Best Sea Tracks on the East Coast, Niue or follow our itinerary step-by-step in A Self-Guided Day Trip in Niue: East Coast Itinerary.

Going from south to north, you’ll loop around the island, passing the Matapa Chasm again, giving you your all-essential swimming spot for the day, as listed in the 8 Best Sea Tracks & Places to Swim in Niue for Kids.

To drive around the entire island takes around 2 hrs 30 mins (assuming you drive slowly over the potholes), but you can cut the journey short by taking one of the inland roads, such as the Alofi-Liku Road or Alofi-Lakepa Road if needed.

Dining Recommendations

You’ll have likely worked up an appetite from snorkelling, so refuel on fish and chips either from Cafe Tavana (Alofi Commercial Centre) for lunch or the Crow’s Nest (Alofi Commercial Centre) for dinner.

Niue Family Itinerary: 3 Days(c)

Day 3 – Visit the Limu Pools, Matapa Chasm, the Talava Arches and More!

Travel time: 10-30 minutes drive.

Today, explore the west coast where you’ll find safe swimming spots and amazing places to snorkel.

Limu Pools

On your agenda should be the Limu Pools. Located near Namukulu, a short sea track leads down to a large sheltered cove with crystal lear waters. The pools are best visited at mid to full incoming tide for older kids that want some deeper water for snorkelling and cliff-jumping. Otherwise, if you have little ones, visit the Limu Pools at low tide when they are nice and shallow!

Matapa Chasm and Talava Arches

Travel a little further north to Hikutavake where there’s a large grassy area for parking. There, you’ll find the Matapa Chasm and the Talava Arches sea tracks. If the tide is still low or at mid-tide, we recommend heading to the Talava Arches first. The Matapa Chasm can be enjoyed at any tide.

The Talava Arches Sea Track is a 30-minute venture through the forest along a rocky path, where sturdy shoes are required. You’ll finally approach a limestone cave to scramble through where guide ropes lead the way (of course, keep an eye on enthusiastic children). The cave opens up on a viewpoint of a magnificent coastal arch. Walk on the reef under the arch at low tide to admire its majestic size and snorkel in the narrow channel at the bottom of the reef, lined with beautiful coral.

Return on the Talava Arches Sea Track the same way, then head down to the Matapa Chasm Sea Track just next door. The walk is an easy seven-minute walk to another amazing swimming and snorkelling spot that can be enjoyed at all tides.

Dining Recommendations

Since you’re in the area, it would be rude not to treat the family to lunch or dinner at the Hio Cafe & Bar (Tuapa) with its wood-fired pizzas, fish tacos, burgers and Niuean tasting platters.

Niue Family Itinerary: 3 Days(c)

Day 4 – Departure Day

Leaving so soon?! Four days might have only given you a taste of Niue but you still have managed to do some of the highlights of the world’s largest raised coral atoll.

On departure day, after you have packed up your bags and checked out of your accommodation, it’s time to start the slightly unusual airport departure process.

Due to the small airport with limited staff, you will need to check in your bags in the morning and check yourself in for the flight later in the afternoon. Be sure to read Leaving Niue: The Niue Airport Departure Process for a full guide on what to expect. If you have hired a car, you will need to also park it at the airport with the keys in the ignition.

You’ll then depart on your flight to Auckland.

Niue Family Itinerary: 4 Days©

Alternative Itinerary: Niue Relaxing Family 4-Day Itinerary

Remember that a holiday is your opportunity to relax too, so take a look at the proposed itinerary below listing just one or two activities per day for an easygoing pace.

Alternative Niue 4-Day Itineraries

Is this four-day family itinerary for Niue not quite speaking to you? How about checking out our alternative itineraries for four days:

Finally, if there’s anything we’ve missed from this Niue family itinerary, you’re likely to find it in The Travel Guide to Niue for Families.


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