10 Essential Travel Tips for Niue
10 Essential Travel Tips for Niue

10 Essential Travel Tips for Niue

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Top Niue Travel Tips

Every first-time visitor to “The Rock” needs a helping hand. While many of Niue’s hidden gems are worth discovering for yourself, there are some things you won’t want to discover everything on your own. Stubbing your toe because you didn’t bring reef shoes or realising that your sunscreen is actually harming the coral you’ve come to see are just some common examples. In this list of essential travel tips for Niue, we get rid of any nasty surprises so you can enjoy a smoother start to exploring Niue.

1. Take Your Reef Shoes and Snorkel Gear

Niue is not your toes-in-the-sand holiday. The coast is rugged and rocky so reef shoes are essential to protect your little piggies. With your feet protected, next, you’re going to need some snorkelling gear because the snorkelling is simply sensational! Explore crystal clear waters and coral reefs right off the shore. Bring your own snorkelling gear so you can enjoy all the top snorkelling spots independently.

Plus, see more packing tips in The Complete Packing List for Niue.

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2. Rent a Car

With just one taxi on the island, you’re probably not going to get too far using Niue’s public transport. Car rentals are your best option, where seeing all the coastal highlights depends on your making your way there independently. Niue is too big to cycle around (unless you’re a machine), so bicycle hire is only recommended for the bike trails or travelling short distances.

See the 8 Ways to Get to Niue (& Get Around Niue) for more information on transport.

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3. Stay for a While!

Don’t underestimate how much there is to do in Niue. A thing that always gets visitors is that they didn’t have enough time to see it all! Plan yourself at least a week or better yet, two weeks to experience the sea tracks, snorkelling spots, market, events, scuba diving, cultural tours, nature tours and everything that Niue has to offer!

See our Trip Ideas section to see a list of itineraries.

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4. Be Aware of Seasonal Activities

If you want to come to Niue to swim with whales, catch Mahimahi, see a Village Show Day or something else, then you’re going to want to make sure you’re here for the right season.

See Travelling Niue: Month-by-Month Guide for tips.

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5. Check Your Change

First, you will always want to have some cash on you in Niue, as not all businesses accept MasterCard, Visa or New Zealand debit card. Then, for paying with said cash, make sure that you always check your change. As lovely as Niueans are, they are notorious for getting change amounts wrong, either giving too much or too little. Always check your change.

For more related tips, see the 11 Money Tips for Niue.

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6. There’s Still Plenty to Do on Sundays

Like most South Pacific Islands, Sunday is a sacred day for Niueans. Although activities like scuba diving, boating and fishing are prohibited, visitors can still go sightseeing, check out some of the restaurants that open on a Sunday and experience a Niuean church service. There’s also the opportunity to relax back at your accommodation and embrace Niue’s “day of rest”. There are also some Sunday customs to keep in mind, so be sure to read the 10 Dos and Don’ts in Niue.

For more Sunday experiences, see 10 Things to Do in Niue on a Sunday.

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7. Tide Times are Important

Many of Niue’s snorkelling, swimming and reef walking spots are dependent on the tide, so make sure you wise up about which sea tracks to go and when. Luckily, we’ve done most of the work for you with the Best Attractions in Niue that are Determined by the Tide.

For more information about the tide and how to check the tide in Niue, see What You Need to Know About the Tide Times in Niue.

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8. Want to Experience an Attraction When it’s Quiet? Go on Plane Days

The current plane days can be checked in our guide, Which Airlines Fly to Niue? Plane days are when Niue experiences it changeover of tourists, therefore coastal attractions are always at their quietest on plane days, as are accommodations. For instance, if you want to spend some time by the pool at the Scenic Matavai Resort, plane days are the perfect time to do it!

However, when you find yourself leaving Niue, make sure you are aware of the unusual departure procedure with Leaving Niue: The Niue Airport Departure Process.

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9. Pack Reef-safe Sunscreen

It’s incredibly important to protect yourself from the sun in Niue, as is protecting the environment in the process. With this in mind, make sure that you pack reef-safe sunscreen for Niue. Standard sunscreens have a harmful chemical called Oxybenzone, which damages or sometimes even kills young coral. Make sure you use sunscreen that uses natural ingredients as to not harm Niue’s coral.

Not sure what sunscreen to use? Check out the 10 Best Eco-Friendly Sunscreens for Niue.

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10. Read Niue Pocket Guide

Out final essential travel tip for Niue is to continue reading more of NiuePocketGuide.com! We’ve put together the largest and most comprehensive guide of Niue to take out the guesswork of planning an island getaway. You’ll discover so much more Niue travel tips as you go.

But if you really need more tips, see 30 Tips for Travelling in Niue.

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This article was reviewed and published by Robin, the co-founder of Niue Pocket Guide. He has lived, worked and travelled across 16 different countries before settling in the South Pacific, so he knows a thing or two about planning the perfect trip in this corner of the world. He is also consulting regularly with Niue Tourism to ensure content accuracy. Robin is also the co-founder of several other South Pacific travel guides and is a regular host of webinars with the South Pacific Tourism Organisation.

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