The Luxury Guide to Alofi
The Luxury Guide to Alofi

The Luxury Travel Guide to Alofi

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Luxury Holidays in Alofi

Luxury in Alofi is not determined by five-star resorts, helicopter flights to private islands or fine dining restaurants… Alofi doesn’t pretend to be anything that it’s not. It does, however, offer some more premium accommodation for discerning travellers or for those wishing to celebrate a special occasion. Plus, with world-class diving, fishing, caving, foodie experiences and more, the fact that Niue is so untouched offers visitors an alternative kind of luxury… So if you plan to base your getaway in the capital of Niue, let us guide you with this luxury travel guide to Alofi.

Luxury Activities in Alofi

  • Try your luck on an exciting fishing charter
  • Dive among some of the clearest waters
  • Indulge in fresh seafood at one of the outstanding restaurants
  • Get greater insight into Niue on an orientation tour
  • Swim with humpback whales or spinner dolphins
  • Shop for unique souvenirs at the Niue Market
  • Browse gorgeous works of art at the Tahiono Art Gallery

For more information on each experience, see the 7 Luxury Activities on Alofi.

The Luxury Guide to Alofi(c)

How to Get to Alofi

Getting to Alofi is made easy with simply two flights a week coming and going between Auckland, New Zealand and Niue. For those with their own yacht, go through clearance and get mooring instructions from Alofi Bay using VHF channel 16. As for getting around Niue, Alofi’s luxury accommodations offer airport transfers, while renting a car is highly recommended for exploring.

Flights to Niue

Flights depart twice weekly from Auckland, New Zealand arriving at Niue’s international airport, Hanan Airport. Air New Zealand offers luxury seats for flights to Niue, including the Works Deluxe with a neighbour-free guarantee and a complimentary meal. Otherwise, Business Premier includes either a lie-flat or leather armchair, a meal and drinks. Learn more in How to Get to Niue.

Sailing to Niue

For those sailing to Niue on their own yacht, be sure to make the first contact with Niue Customs from Alofi Bay through VHF channel 16. Customs will come to you to engage in the clearance process. You can then contact the Niue Yacht Club on channel 10 for mooring instructions and advice. Learn more in The Guide to Sailing in Niue.

Car Rental

With no public transport aside from one taxi, renting a car is highly recommended to make the most of Niue. You will need to obtain a Niue Drivers License from the Police Station in Niue (driving on your overseas driving license is valid when you first arrive in Niue). Most car rentals offer airport drop-off so your rental will be waiting for you on arrival. Alternatively, car rentals, such as Alofi Rentals, Niue Rentals and Heahea Rentals have depots in Alofi town. Compare car rentals in The Best Car Rentals in Niue.

See the 7 Ways to Get to Alofi (& Ways to Get Around Alofi) for more transport options.

The Luxury Guide to Alofi(c) M. Crawford - Niue Tourism

Luxury Activities in Alofi

Luxury in Niue comes in the form of some of the ocean’s clearest waters, untouched land and seascapes, exciting fishing opportunities and experiencing a unique culture. Here are just a few of the top luxury activities in Niue…

Fishing in Alofi

While fishing off the wharf in Alofi or paddling out in a vaka (canoe) is how the locals like to fish, nothing quite beats the excitement of catching marlin, tuna, mahimahi, sailfish or wahoo from a boat fishing charter. Metres away from the launch point at Sir Robert’s Wharf, you’ll start fishing, whether it’s trolling, jigging or casting. There are more fishing operators than any other type of tourism operator in Niue, so be sure to compare your options in the 10 Best Fishing Charters in Niue.

Scuba Diving

You’ll hardly experience visibility as clear as in Niue, with water clarity reaching up to a whopping 80m! Plus, with warm waters, diverse seascapes and undisturbed hard coral reefs, Niue is a diver’s paradise. The closest scuba diving operator to Alofi is Magical Niue Sea Adventures located in Alofi North (1.5km/1 mile from the town centre). Magical Niue Sea Adventures is PADI affiliated and offers recreational day and night dives, as well as PADI courses. Learn more in The Guide to Scuba Diving in Niue.

Niue Orientation Tours

Get acquainted with the island of Niue with one of the orientation tours available from Alofi. Your knowledgeable guide will show you the highlights of the island, from the best snorkelling locations to the hidden gems that you would likely otherwise miss if just exploring on your own. Explore Niue explores more of the culture and history of the island, as well as includes refreshments such as coconuts and local fruit. Niue Orientation Tours offers more of an ecological twist on the tours and includes a handy resource pack that you’ll find yourself living off for the rest of your trip! Both tours are small-group tours in air-conditioned vehicles. Learn more about the tours and others in the 10 Must-Do Tours in Niue.

For more luxury activities, head to the 10 Luxury Activities on Alofi.

The Luxury Guide to Alofi(c)

Luxury Dining Experiences in Alofi

Indulge in some of the freshest ingredients that you would only expect to find in fine dining restaurants but in the relaxed setting of a quaint eatery in Alofi. Here are some of the most premium dining experiences in Alofi…

Best Restaurants in Alofi

Although suffering from an identity crisis, as Japanese, Moroccan and Italian dishes are all on the menu, many can’t deny that the fresh sushi dishes, the homemade hummus and rotary chickens from Kaiika are some of the best they’ve ever had! Kaiika’s sushi is made by a professional sushi chef from Tokyo. Needless to say, booking for dinner is essential.

Another place that works wonders with fish is the Falala Fa Cafe & Bar [Update: Falala Fa has closed]. Dine on fish of the day, fresh from the fishing charters (you can taste the fish you have caught if heading out with Niue Fishing Charters). Must-tries are the sashimi, fish of the day with pilau rice and fish of the day with salad. For alternative restaurant recommendations, head to the Guide to the Best Eats & Restaurants in Alofi.

More About Luxury in Alofi

That’s it for the luxury travel guide to Alofi. Get more trip-planning advice in The Complete Travel Guide to Alofi or The Luxury Travel Guide to Niue.


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