How to Get Around Niue
How to Get Around Niue

How to Get Around Niue


Transport Around Niue

Niue doesn’t pretend to be anything it’s not and it certainly isn’t a bustling metropolis with a wealth of choices to get around. The island has no public transport system, with only one taxi filling in the gap. Accommodations can take you to and from the airport, leaving visitors with car, motorcycle and bicycle rental to make their way around. Nevertheless, with 123km (76 miles) of paved roads, at least driving around Niue is easy where there is no need for traffic lights and the speed limits are low helping you take it easy. We go over your transport options in more detail in this guide on how to get around Niue.

Niue Transport Tips

  • Renting a car is recommended to get around Niue
  • You need a Niue Driver’s License to legally drive in Niue
  • Motorcycle rental is available, but be careful of the potholes
  • Niue is a 240km2 (100 sq mi) island, so bike rental tends to be appropriate for exploring only some of the island
  • If you want to be able to walk to attractions, stay in Alofi or one of the villages with plenty to do.

For more tips, see 10 Top Transport Tips for Niue!

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Vehicle Hire

Renting a car is often the most recommended way of getting around Niue. Niue has 123km (76 miles) of paved roads, which many find the most practical to explore is by car. Vehicles on the island to hire include cars, vans and motorcycles.

The Niue Driver’s License

Visitors to Niue should be aware that a Niue Driver’s License is required to legally drive in Niue. It costs around NZ$22.50 and can be obtained from the Police Station in Alofi during their opening hours (Monday-Thursday, 8am-4pm). While it is Ok to drive on your overseas driving license when you first arrive in Niue, you will need to get a Niue Driver’s License as soon as possible.

Car Rental

Car rental in Niue costs around NZ$40-$70 a day making it an affordable way to get around the island. Car rental companies offer pick-up/drop-off anywhere on the island, usually free of charge. Most car rentals are in good condition and are suitable for Niue’s paved albeit pothole-riddled roads. Note Niue’s road rules here and find out more information about hiring a vehicle in The Guide to Car Hire in Niue.

Motorcycle Rental

With a motorcycle license, you can hire a motorcycle from selected car rental companies. Motorcycle rental tends to be a little cheaper than hiring a car and more fuel-efficient. It is compulsory to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle in Niue. Note that Niue’s roads have a lot of potholes so extra care needs to be taken. See The Guide to Renting a Motorbike in Niue for more information.

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Public Transport

Niue has no public transport system. The closest thing you’ll find to public transport in Niue is the island’s one-and-only taxi, affectionately called “The Taxi”. The Taxi can be booked over the phone, which you can do through your accommodation, the Visitor Information Centre or get a Niue SIM card so you can make calls in Niue.

The Taxi provides a door-to-door transport service, charging around NZ$2 per kilometre. Find out more about The Taxi in The Guide to Taxis in Niue.

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Accommodation Transport

Transport for at least a small portion of your stay in Niue is often available through your accommodation. Many accommodations in Niue offer free airport transfers for guests, taking you to and from the airport. This service needs to be booked prior to arrival in Niue so the driver can await your arrival at the airport with a sign or at their accommodation kiosk. See which accommodations offer airport transfers in Niue Airport: Your Transfer Options.

Accommodations don’t typically offer other shuttle services. However, some accommodations offer their own car rental or free bicycle hire. Find out which accommodations offer which in the following articles:

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Getting Around on Foot or by Bike

Niue might be a small island but it’s still 240km2 (100mi sq) so getting around on foot or by bike is quite the challenge! Nevertheless, bicycle rental is worth considering for making shorter trips, exploring the east coast for example or making your way into Alofi if you’re staying on the outskirts. See The Guide to Mountain Biking in Niue for more information.

As for walking, it’s best to stay in a village with plenty to do within walking distance. See The Best Villages to Visit in Niue to see which villages have attractions nearby.


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This article was reviewed and published by Laura, editor in chief and co-founder of Niue Pocket Guide. Since arriving solo in the South Pacific over 10 years ago with nothing but a backpack and a background in journalism, her mission has been to show the world how easy (and awesome) it is to explore a paradise such as Niue. She knows the island inside-out and loves sharing tips on how best to experience Niue’s must-dos and hidden gems. Laura is also editor of several other South Pacific travel guides.

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