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The Best Roads to Ride a Motorbike in Niue© Jonathan Irish - Niue Tourism
The Best Roads to Ride a Motorbike in Niue

The Best Motorcycle Road Trips in Niue

© Jonathan Irish – Niue Tourism

The Best Day Trips by Motorcycle in Niue

Heading to a tropical country is the perfect place to hit the road on a motorbike and feel the balmy island breeze washing over you. Niue is no different where there’s something amazing to see every 10 minutes down the road. However, Niue’s motorbike road trip is unlike what you’re probably used to, as it’s not about the speed and it’s not about spending hours on the open road. In Niue, it’s the place to take it easy and explore. Plus, as we’re about to mention excessively, there are a lot of potholes on the roads…

5 Tips for a Motorbike Road Trip in Niue

  1. Motorcycle rental is limited, so see Motorcycle Hire in Niue: Where to Rent, Cost & More
  2. You must have a motorcycle license to rent a motorcycle
  3. Pick up a Niue’s Driver’s License from the Police Station
  4. A motorcycle helmet is compulsory to wear in Niue
  5. Most of Niue’s roads are full of potholes, so ride slowly and safely.

For the elaboration of each tip, head to the 10 Tips for Hiring a Motorcycle in Niue.

Motorbike Road Trip West Coast Map Google(c) Google

The West Coast Road

Length: 22.9 km/14.2 mi
Where: Avatele to Hikutavake
Highlights: Tamakautoga Beach, Anaana Burial Cave, Anaana Point, Alofi, Vaila Cave, Peniamina’s Grave Memorial, Avaiki Cave, Palaha Cave, Hio Beach, Limu Pools, Hikutavake Sea Track, Matapa Chasm and Talava Arches.

Running between the villages of Avatele in the south and Hikutavake in the north, the west coast road is one of the most action-packed roads in terms of attractions. Tens of sea tracks scatter the coast, ideal for swimming and snorkelling at the appropriate tide. Midway through the journey is Niue’s main town, Alofi, with its own highlights. While still having many potholes, the west coast road is one of the best-maintained roads in Niue, making it more appealing to motorcyclists.

Starting in Avatele, drive north to Tamakautoga where you can take a quick stop at Tamakautoga Beach, a picturesque cove with coral sand. Continue north until you see the sign for the Anaana Burial Cave on the lefthand side of the road. There’s a very short track to the cave where you can see human remains laid to rest. A little further north, pull over at Anaana Point for a stunning photo opportunity of the coast.

Continuing north, you can stop by the Amanau Sea Track on the outskirts of Alofi where there’s half a cave with good swimming at low to mid-tide.

In Alofi, stop for a coffee or lunch at one of the cafes, such as the Vaiolama Cafe, the Crazy Uga Cafe, Katuali Coffee House and more as listed in the 10 Best Cafes in Niue.

Leaving Alofi to head north on the west coast road, stop by the Vaila Cave for a nice photo spot and snorkelling in the cave pools at low tide. After that, continue north stopping by Peniamina’s Grave Memorial on the left side of the road where you can learn a little bit about the history of Niue.

Just past the village of Makefu, if it’s low tide, head down to Avaiki Cave for an amazing cave with a pool for snorkelling. Alternatively, visit Palaha Cave just another minute up the road for a limestone cave able to be visited at any tide.

Next on the agenda, head to Hio Beach with a sea track to a sweeping coral sand beach and good snorkelling starting from 30 minutes on either end of low tide. Otherwise, relax with a smoothie at the Hio Cafe & Bar.

Continuing north, it’s worth checking out the Limu Pools, best for swimming at low-to-mid incoming tide, but still good at low tide (just shallow). After cooling off, head to the northernmost point on our road trip to Hikutavake. Park up on the grassy area at the end of the road where you’ll have access to the Matapa Chasm Sea Track, the Talava Arches and the Hikutavake Sea Track. Learn more about these sea tracks in the 10 Best Sea Tracks on the West Coast of Niue.

Motorbike East Coast Road Trip Map Google(c) Google

East Coast Road Trip

Length: 22.3 km/13.9 mi
Where: Hakupu to Mutalau
Highlights: Ebony Rainforest Tour, Anapala Chasm, Huvalu Forest, Togo Chasm, Laufoli Umu Pit, Hikulagi Sculpture Park, Motu Sea Track, Puluhiki Sea Track, A5 Tours and Uluvehi Sea Track.

Although a lot of care needs to be taken by motorcyclists on the rough east coast road, especially with a few stray dogs in the area, taking it easy will be worth it when you see the sights this quieter side of Niue has to offer. Your journey takes you through the stunning Huvalu Forest Conservation Area and checking out some wonderful and rugged coastal scenery.

Starting in Hakupu, check out the Ebony Rainforest Tour if you have the time (see the 6 Best Guided Tours in Niue). Signposted just before the intersection with the road to Alofi, the road to Anapala Sea Track is worth investigating. Be aware that this is a short gravel road. Head down the Anapala Chasm Sea Track for an attraction forest walk and to delve deep into a chasm with a freshwater spring at the bottom.

Head back into Hakupu and continue north where the road gets a little rougher heading into the Huvalu Forest. About 4 km (2.5 mi) up the road is the sea track on the righthand side for the Togo Chasm. This is a 30-40-minute walk through the forest to a coastline with limestone pinnacles. Climb down a ladder into the Togo Chasm with a sandy bottom with coconut palms. Return the way you came.

Another short drive further north and you’ll see the signs for the Laufoli Umu Pit on the right side of the road. Here, you can learn a little bit about the history of the island. Continue further north and you’ll see the sign on the left for the Hikulagi Sculpture Park. Stop by to see sculptures made from rubbish that has washed up onto Niue’s shores.

As you leave the Huvalu Forest, you’ll approach the village of Liku with the breathtaking archway of the Tautu/Liku Sea Track, then continue north to Lakepa. There are a couple of sea tracks in the area, the Motu Sea Track and the Puluhiki Sea Track that are well worth investigating but the roads to them are rough and need to be driven on with care. Learn more about these sea tracks in the 8 Best Sea Tracks on the East Coast of Niue.

Finally head to the northern village on the east coast, Mutalau, where you can jump on a 4WD tour with A5 Plantation Tours. A good picnic spot is down the Uluvehi Sea Track.

Motorbike Cross Islands Road Trip Map Google(c) Google

Cross-Island Roads

Length: 38 km/23.6 mi
Where: Alofi to Liku to Hakupu to Alofi
Highlights: Alofi, Niue Primary School, Hikulagi Sculpture Park, Laufoli Umu Pit, Togo Chasm and Anapala Chasm.

Explore a side of Niue that very few tourists get to see by enjoying a road trip across the island using the cross-island roads. The motorbike road trip can be enjoyed as a loop starting and ending in Alofi where motorcycle rental companies are based. The loop includes seeing the highlights of the Huvalu Forest Conservation Area. Again, be aware that the roads have many potholes.

Starting in Alofi, pick up a takeaway lunch for your road trip at one of the cafes and start taking the Alofi-Liku Road. If it’s a Friday morning around 9 am, you can watch the Niue Primary School assembly which is open to visitors (check with the Visitor Information Centre for the schedule of this fortnightly event).

Continue on the Alofi-Liku Road across the island which will take you through a mix of tracts of forest, as well as plantations on your way to Liku.

From Liku, head south where you’ll see the Hikulagi Sculpture Park on the right side of the road. Check it out for open-air sculptures made from rubbish washed up onto Niue’s shores. Continue into the Huvalu Forest where you’ll see the historical Laufoli Umu Pit. After that, continue further south to where you will see signs for the Togo Chasm. This is a 30-40-minute walk through the forest to a stunning pinnacle-dabbled coastline. Follow the track to a ladder leading into the Togo Chasm. Return the way you came.

Continue south until you leave the Huvalu Forest and reach the village of Hakupu. Before turning right on the Alofi-Hakupu Road, turn left instead of down the gravel road to the Anapala Chasm Sea Track. Here, you can walk to the bottom of a deep chasm with a freshwater pool. Return the way you came.

Now take the Alofi-Hakupu Road back across the island, giving you a nice stretch of road to enjoy. The road connects back with the Alofi-Liku Road at the Niue High School taking you back into Alofi.

More About Roads to Ride a Motorbike in Niue

That’s it for our guide to the best roads to ride a motorbike in Niue. For more vehicle tips, check out these:

Finally, check out the cycle trails too with The Guide to Cycling & Mountain Biking in Niue.


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