The Guide to Taking a Cruise to Niue(c)
The Guide to Taking a Cruise to Niue

The Complete Guide to the Ports of Call in Niue


What are the Cruise Ports in Niue?

Seeking a South Pacific cruise that will take you off the beaten track to those islands less visited by cruise ships? Search for cruises with Niue in the itinerary and you might just find the ideal voyage. An exclusive number of cruises visit the tiny island nation of Niue and call at Niue’s tiny capital, Alofi, where you’ll get the unique opportunity for a cruise ship port-of-call to see most of the country during your visit. Learn more about Niue’s one and only cruise port, Alofi, in this guide.

Which Cruises Visit Alofi in Niue?

Want to know which cruises to book that actually visit Niue’s only port of call, Alofi? Check out the list of cruise companies in Which Cruises Visit Niue?

The Guide to Taking a Cruise to Niue(c)

Alofi, Niue

All cruise itineraries including Niue involve visiting the small island’s one port of call, Alofi. Alofi is Niue’s capital and the island’s only town, however, it’s the smallest capital you’re ever likely to visit. With the island being only 260 km² (100 mi²), getting to any of the island’s attractions takes no longer than 30 minutes. That means that it’s relatively easy to get a really good taste of Niue even in a limited time.

Typical Attractions in Alofi and Niue Visited on Cruise Shore Excursions

These are the activities typically included in shore excursions arranged by cruise companies, mainly because these attractions are not affected by the tide.

  • Delve into the limestone Palaha Cave
  • Swim in crystal clear waters of the Matapa Chasm
  • Visit cultural highlights like the Fale Tau Taoga Niue Museum
  • See the interesting Hikulagi Sculpture Park.

Learn about these experiences and many more in the 101 Things to Do in Niue: The Ultimate List.

Alofi – The Capital of Niue

For those who don’t want to venture too far from the ship (or too much time away from the spa), Alofi has its own display of eateries, sights and cultural experiences.

Mingle with the locals at the Niue Market awash in handicrafts and authentic local food. The Fale Tau Taoga is a fantastic affordable museum. Venture down the handful of sea tracks accessible from town, such as Utuko Reef for amazing snorkelling. Shop for local crafts and gifts at the Alofi Commercial Centre and treat yourself to Alofi’s diverse food scene with recommendations in The Best Places to Eat in Alofi.

Plan more of your visit to Alofi with the 20 Best Things to Do in Alofi.

Must-Dos in Niue

If you have time to explore the whole island, which most cruise passengers do, here are some of the places well worth visiting and things well worth doing:

See more suggestions in the 10 Must-Dos in Niue.

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The Best Niue Tours for Cruise Ship Passengers

Take the hassle out of exploring the island by joining one of the guided tours of Niue! If the shore excursions offered by your cruise ship are a bit out of your price range (we all know that cruise ships can sometimes charge up to three times the price of what you would pay for the tour if you booked independently), then book one of the island’s limited but fantastic tours.

Explore Niue – East Coast Tour

See Niue’s rugged side on this half-day tour of the east coast. The first stop is the village of Hakupu on your way to the Anapala Chasm. After visiting the chasm, you delve into the Huvalu Forest Conservation Area to the iconic Togo Chasm for a tropical rainforest walk. Then it’s to the Hikulagi Sculpture Park before making your way across the island to Alofi and your accommodation. These tours are available on demand but require a minimum of four to run.

More information about these tours can be found in The Best Sightseeing Tours in Niue, while even more options are listed in the 10 Best Tours in Niue.

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How to Tour Niue Independently

If you’d rather make your own way around Niue, you can either hire a car or a bicycle/e-bike. Car hire is limited in Niue, so make your bookings as early as possible. Find out more in The Best Car Rentals in Niue.

As for making your way around, grab a map from the Visitor Information Centre, and check out some of the attractions marked on the map. However, note that some attractions on the west side require you to be there at a certain tide if you wish to swim.

Check out some of our suggested self-guided tours of Niue in A Self-Guided Tour of the Niue West Coast and A Self-Guided Tour of the Niue East Coast.

The Guide to Taking a Cruise to Niue(c) Niue Tourism

Beveridge Reef

[Update: Silversea is not currently running cruises to Beveridge Reef and Niue. We will update this page when alternative cruises become available].

Those travelling on the South Pacific Islands Cruise with Silversea Cruises have an additional port of call to enjoy in Niue’s waters, Beveridge Reef. The reef is an underwater mountain topped with a coral atoll and enclosing a turquoise lagoon.

The reef is an important habitat for endangered species of sea turtles, including loggerhead, hawksbill and green sea turtles. It also holds an abundance of grey reef sharks.

More About the Ports of Call in Niue

That’s it for our guide to the ports of call in Niue. For more cruise talk, take a look at the following guides:

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