Where to Get Your Essentials in Niue
Where to Get Your Essentials in Niue

Where to Get Your Essentials in Niue

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Where to Buy Essential Goods in Niue

Can you buy all of your essentials in Niue? Niue might be a small country, but it is well-stocked with food, health and other essential products that you typically find in western society. While the odd supply of some things runs out, a cargo ship delivers supplies to the island every two weeks so you’re never too long without it. Picking up supplies of food, fuel, baby products, toiletries, medication and even getting an internet connection is pretty simple if you know where to go. Incidentally, we’ll show you where to go with this quick guide to buying your essentials in Niue.

5 Quick Tips for Shopping in Niue

  1. The Niue currency is New Zealand dollars
  2. Many of Niue’s shops accept New Zealand bank cards, MasterCard and Visa, but it’s always recommended to have some cash on you in case cards are not accepted or if the card machines are down
  3. It is not customary to haggle the price in Niue
  4. If paying in cash, check your change
  5. Bring your own bags to eliminate the need for single-use plastic bags.

For more tips for paying in Niue, see 11 Money Tips for Niue.

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Groceries and Food

Groceries in Niue are easy to come by, especially as the small island has one large supermarket, three convenience grocery stores, a morning market, as well as village shops. Groceries sold in Niue are typically a mix of imported goods from New Zealand, as well as imported and local fresh produce. You can get a complete guide on where to buy groceries in The Guide to Food Shopping in Niue. Otherwise, here’s a quick overview.

Swanson Supermarket

The largest supermarket in Niue, Swanson Supermarket stocks a huge range of imported food items, has a bakery and stocks fresh produce. It is located a five-minute drive from Alofi near Hanan Airport. Opening hours are 8am-6pm Monday to Thursday, 8am-7pm Friday and 10am-6pm Saturday.

Double M

Located in the Alofi Commercial Centre, Double M stocks all your basic groceries, as well as meat, fruit, vegetables and dry food. They are open 7am-7.30pm Monday to Saturday.

Moko’s Central Mark (MCM)

Also in the Commercial Centre of Alofi, MCM has all your basic essentials, from groceries to fresh bread. They are open 9am-8pm Monday to Friday and 2pm-8pm Saturday.

Central Services (The Gas Station)

Central Services on Alofi’s main road (at the south end of the town) stocks a few essentials, such as fresh bread, baked goods, hot pies, cold drinks and occasionally fruit and vegetables. They are open 7am-7pm Monday to Saturday and 4pm-7pm Sunday.

Village Shops

Some villages around Niue have a small stall selling a few essential food items. They tend to be open in the early morning or in the evening. Some shops are only open on a weekend. Locals or accommodation hosts are usually happy to point you to the nearest store. Pay with cash.

Niue Market

The Niue Market in Alofi takes place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, where it’s possible to buy fresh seasonal produce. There is also an organic market with more food for sale on the first Friday evening of the month.

Learn more about budgeting for food in What is the Cost of Food in Niue?

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Medication, Toiletries and Pharmaceutical Products

If you need to get yourself some more sunscreen, insect repellent, pain killers, baby products or any other everyday items, then Niue has a few options.

Light Medication and Toiletries

For light medications, like pain killers, Swanson Supermarket, Double M and MCM tend to have the best stock (see the section above for details on these shops). They also sell toiletry items, from shampoos to tampons, as well as common toiletry items that you’ll need in Niue, like sunscreen and insect repellent.

Baby Products

Swanson Supermarket and MCM have the widest range of baby products, including baby food and nappies. Double M also sells a range of baby food and formula imported from New Zealand.

Prescription Medication

There is no pharmacy in Niue, so prescription medication is only available from Niue Foou Hospital. The hospital is located in Kaimiti, Alofi, not too far from the airport. Clinic hours are 8am-4pm Monday to Thursday and 9am-10am and 7pm-8pm Friday to Sunday and public holidays. Note that it’s usually best to bring enough prescribed medication to Niue for your entire visit.

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Fuel and Petrol

Since hiring a car at least for part of your visit to Niue is essential to get around, you’ll undoubtedly need to use the fuel station at least once. Niue has only one gas station, Central Services, which is located in Alofi South on the main road.

The fuel station is fully serviced in that an attendant will fuel your vehicle for you. They accept cash and New Zealand bank cards only.

Learn more about Niue’s fuel station in our complete guide.

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Phone and Internet

Finally, if you want to stay connected with home or perhaps need to do some work during your trip to Niue, then having a phone and/or internet connection is pretty essential. International roaming does not work in Niue. Niue only has one phone network, Telecom Niue, which offers visitor SIM cards with data plans to access the internet from your phone or you can hire a portable modem. They are also solely in charge of the ADSL fixed internet network in Niue, so ADSL modems and plans are also available.

Alternatively, Kaniu has its own WiFi hotspots around Niue where you can connect by purchasing vouchers from Hanan Airport on plane days or from the Niue Vanilla shop in Alofi.

WiFi is also offered in some of Niue’s accommodations, as well as a limited number of bars and cafes.

Get more details on all of that and more in How to Get Internet in Niue.

More on Buying Your Essentials in Niue

That’s it for our guide to buying essentials in Niue. For more advice on where to buy essential goods, take a look at our additional guides:

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