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The Best Day Trips from Alofi©
The Best Day Trips from Alofi

5 Best Day Trips from Alofi: The Top Places to Visit from Alofi


The Top Places to Visit from Alofi

Staying in Niue‘s “largest” town? Alofi not only has its own set of attractions, but the island’s capital also makes an excellent base for day trips. Discover some of our top picks in this guide to the best day trips from Alofi.

Rent a car (or even an electric bike) and hit the pothole-riddled roads for a trip to the island’s rugged chasms and tropical forest on the east coast. You also have stunning swimming holes and caves to explore in the northwestern reaches of the island, as well as quaint beaches and hidden cafes down in the south. Discover them all with this list of top places to visit from Alofi.

4 Best Half-Day Guided Tours from Alofi

For those of you not renting a car or bicycle during your stay, these day tours from Alofi offer an easy alternative to see the sights. Admittedly, all of Alofi’s tours last just half a day rather than a full day. At least that means you can spend the rest of your time relaxing in the sun!

  1. Explore Niue’s West Coast Tour – Visit some of the west coast sights and get acquainted with the island
  2. Explore Niue’s East Coast Tour – Explore the sights of the east coast like Anapala Chasm, Togo Chasm and more
  3. Niue Vanilla Tour – Tour Niue’s vanilla plantations and discover what it’s like to grow one of the world’s most challenging crops
  4. Niue Fishing Charters’ Sunset Coastal Cruise – A sightseeing tour from the perspective of the water.

Details on each day tour are listed in the 7 Best Tours in Alofi.

The Best Day Trips from Alofi©

1. Makefu to the Talava Arches (West Coast)

The Best Day Trip from Alofi for Families

Travel time by car from Alofi: 10 minutes.

The top of the west coast offers an unmissable selection of swimming holes and caves to explore. Therefore, spending a day visiting them all is easily done (just remember to check the tide times). From Makefu, swim in a sheltered cave pool at Avaiki Cave and admire the dramatic formations of the neighbouring Palaha Cave. You also have one of Niue’s only beaches, Hio Beach just north of the caves where you can also grab a refreshing drink or meal at the Hio Cafe. Finally, Limu Pools, Anapala Chasm and Talava Arches at the top of the west coast are a must-see.

Find out about day-tripping to the northwest coast of Niue using the 10 Best Sea Tracks on the West Coast of Niue.

The Best Day Trips from Alofi©

2. Tamakautoga to Avatele (Southwest Coast)

The Best Day Trip from Alofi for Foodies

Travel time by car from Alofi: 12 minutes.

Another easy half-day or full-day trip from Alofi is the bottom of the west coast, around the villages of Tamakautoga and Avatele. Short tracks lead to endearing beaches, such as Tamakautoga Beach and Pofitu Beach. Nearby, you’ll find the Scenic Matavai Resort with its restaurant and expansive coastal views. Finally, Sundays are best spent at the Washaway Cafe (the only day it’s open) and Avatele Beach for a snorkel.

Check out more ways to enjoy the southwest coast of Niue in the 10 Things to Do in Avatele.

The Best Day Trips from Alofi©

3. The East Coast

The Best Day Trip from Alofi for Couples

Travel time by car from Alofi: 30 minutes.

It might only take 30 minutes to reach Niue’s east coast from where most travellers stay but you can sure spend the whole day discovering its chasms, caves and quaint villages. Delve down to the freshwater pool of Anapala Chasm, walk on top of the jagged pinnacles of Togo Chasm, explore the caves on the Uluvehi Sea Track and much more! You’ll also find a few cultural tours on this side of the island, such as A5 Tours in Mutalau and the Ebony Rainforest Tour in Hakupu.

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The Best Day Trips from Alofi©

4. The Pacific Ocean

The Best Day Trip from Alofi for Luxury Travellers

Most boat trips depart from Alofi Wharf.

We know this isn’t exactly a self-drive road trip from Alofi like those mentioned above but we can’t wrap up this list of day trips without mentioning a trip on the water. Top activities on the crystal clear waters surrounding the island include fishing charters to catch huge Pacific game species, dolphin swimming excursions, whale swimming tours (available July to September), scuba diving and snorkelling tours.

Dive into more details about each of these experiences and more in the 10 Amazing Water Activities in Niue.

The Best Day Trips from Alofi©

5. Alofi!

The Best Day Trip from Alofi for Budget Travellers

Travel time by car from Alofi: 0 minutes

Finally, don’t forget to explore Niue’s largest town. Although this list goes through some of the top day trips from Alofi, it’s worth mentioning that the capital itself has charms of its own.

Get your dose of culture at The Market of Niue and watch the weavers at work once a week at the Niue Council of Women. Alofi also has historical sites like Tomb Point and Opaahi, and, of course, plenty of sea tracks! Not to mention, the dining experiences between the Japanese restaurant and the Niuean-style cuisine are well worth treating your tastebuds.

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More About Day Trips from Alofi

That’s it for our list of day trips from Alofi. For more about places to visit from Alofi, as well as how to plan the ultimate day trip, take a look at the following:

Finally, if there’s anything we’ve missed, you’re likely to find it in The Complete Guide to Alofi.


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