5 Best Fishing Trips from Alofi
5 Best Fishing Trips from Alofi

5 Best Fishing Trips from Alofi

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Alofi Fishing Tours

Start your fishing adventure from the hub of Niue, Alofi, where trips depart from the island’s main wharf, Sir Robert’s Wharf. After your charter boat is lowered into the water by crane, you’ll jump on board and start scouting for large pelagic fish with your knowledgeable skipper and guide. Moments from the wharf, you’ll be getting set up for trolling Niue’s bluewater fish just 100-200m from shore. Check out some of the fishing trips in Alofi in the list below!

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1. Niue Wahoo Fishing Charters

Departing from Sir Robert’s Wharf in Alofi, Niue Wahoo Fishing Charters offers two charter options, a 5-hour morning charter or a 2h30min afternoon charter. Join a local fisherman, Clifford, on his modern fishing boat, a 2018 custom built stabicraft 2050 hardtop. Niue Wahoo Fishing Charters has all the setup for your desired style of fishing, carrying Shimano rods and reels. The charter is also family-friendly, offering something for children up to serious anglers.

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2. Paul Pasisi Charters

One of the most experienced guides on the island, Paul Pasisi has more than 30 years’ experience fishing in Niue’s waters. He’ll be your guide on Paul Pasisi Charters where you’ll board the Temana, an open hardtop pontoon boat custom-built for Niue’s sea conditions. He not only offers standard five-hour fishing charters but also is specialised in spearfishing, as well as whale watching in the whale season. Learn more about spearfishing in The Complete Guide to Spearfishing in Niue.

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3. Fish Niue Charters

Join local fisherman, BJ Rex, for a charter on a choice of two boats, either a 6.3m Stabicraft or an 8m catamaran workboat. Either way, there’s sure to be an option suitable for your group on this charter where trips leave from Sir Robert’s Wharf in Alofi. On the cards are a five-hour charter, whale watching tours in the whale season, and spearfishing charters. Learn more about the latter two in 5 Best Whale Tours in Niue and The Best Spearfishing Charters in Niue. All charters include the latest rods and reels, baits, lures, safety equipment, drinks and light refreshments.

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4. Niue Fishing Charters

Your local guides, Brendon and Tiana, will show you the waters they’ve been fishing for years on their impressive 7.3m Stabicraft 2400 Supercab. They’re kitted out to do whatever fishing you want to do, including trolling, jigging and casting, whether you prefer to reel in standing up or sitting down. They also offer spearfishing charters, as well as scenic sunset cruises along the coast and whale watching if the opportunity arises.

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5. Sea Turtle Charters

One of the most affordable fishing charters in Niue, Sea Turtle Charters specialises in small-group and private charters only take one or two passengers at a time. Your passionate guide, Ian, will show you the ropes in tackling the big ones on his 5.5m Surtees Workmate. For more fishing advice, see The Guide to Fishing in Niue.

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