8 Things to Do in Alofi for Foodies
8 Things to Do in Alofi for Foodies

8 Things to Do in Alofi for Foodies

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Food Activities in Alofi

Niue is not only an island paradise for travellers wishing to escape the crowds but it’s a paradise for foodies. It’s home to the world’s cleanest honey, as well as a range of other organic tropical produce, including vanilla, taro and coconuts. At the centre of it all is the capital, Alofi, which is a good go-to to browse Niue’s famous food products and produce for sale, as well as join various tours to learn more about living off the land. We go over some of the top experiences in the town in this list of things to do in Alofi for foodies.

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1. Pick Up Some Fresh Local Produce from the Niue Market

Browsing the Niue Market is more than a food-related activity but a cultural interaction with locals. See stalls of fresh tropical produce and local delicacies like uga (coconut crab) for sale at the Niue Market taking place on Monday and Friday mornings, from early to 8am, as well as Wednesdays from 6am onwards. There is also an organic market on the first Friday of the month from 5pm. Find the market on the main road of Alofi next to the Tourist Information Centre.

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2. Check Out the Vanilla Stalls and Stores

Niue is a specialist producer of Tahitian vanilla, which can be purchased as an extract, powder, paste or whole beans from one of the vanilla outlets selling products fresh from the farm! Koefaga Vanilla has an honesty box stall opposite the Amanau Sea Track in Alofi South, while the Niua Vanilla farm has a store in Alofi town, which also sells other gifts and products from around the South Pacific.

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3. Do a Vanilla Plantation Tour

Speaking of vanilla, you can dive a little deeper into how one of the world’s most expensive flavourings is produced by joining a vanilla plantation tour. Book your tour at the Niue Vanilla store in town where you’ll be taken to the organic vanilla plantation just a short drive north of Alofi. There, you’ll learn about the complex work of growing organic vanilla, from hand pollination to harvesting to BIOGROW guidelines.

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4. Learn About the Food of the Forest on Misa’s Nature Tour

Learn about the food that nature provides in Niuean forests on Misa’s Nature Tour. Misa grew up in the island’s forests, living off the land. Try coconut through various stages of its cycle, how to make fire for cooking, about the local delicacy of uga, about medicinal remedies and much more! Misa’s Nature Tours is located 1.5km (one mile) from town on the Alofi-Hakupu Road opposite the Niue High School. See more amazing cultural tours in the 7 Best Cultural Tours in Niue.

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5. Pick Up a Pot of Niuean Honey

Niue is known to have the healthiest honey bees in the world, where the island has been a bee sanctuary while the global bee population has been under threat. Pick up a pot from Double M in the commercial centre of Alofi, where it’s one of the only overseas honeys you’ll be able to take back to New Zealand. All you need to do is show and declare your honey at the Quarantine Department of Hanan Airport where you can purchase a quarantine certificate for bringing it into New Zealand.

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6. Have a Coffee at One of Alofi’s Cafes

Sure, the coffee in Niue is damn fine, but it’s the cafe’s locations in Alofi that make them special. For instance, the Crazy Uga Cafe offers a rustic-style cafe overlooking a gorgeous reef and coastline. Alternatively, the Vaiolama Cafe is perched on a 30m-high clifftop offering captivating views across the Niuean coastline. See more cafe options in town in the Guide to the Best Eats & Restaurants in Alofi.

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7. Catch Dinner on a Fishing Charter

Departing from Sir Robert’s Wharf, there are several exciting fishing charters to take you out on the water to do some trolling, jigging and popping for large pelagic fish. In fact, some restaurants rely on your catch to feed the evening’s punters if you head out with BJ Rex on Niue Fishing Charters. Some other fishing charters will allow you to take some fish back to your accommodation, but it’s best to organise this with the operator before heading out on the boat. Learn more about fishing in Niue in The Best Fishing Trips from Alofi.

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8. Dine at One of the Alofi’s Delectable Restaurants

Eating out is all part of the Alofi experience, especially since there is a surprising array of cuisines, including European, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, American and Niuean! Kaiika Restaurant does a varied range of foods, and does them extremely well, including Japanese sushi, Moroccan rotisserie chicken and New York-style pizzas. For a touch of spice, head to Gill’s Restaurant for delectable Indian curries or the Wok on the Rok for Chinese food meets the Pacific! Note that booking is essential for getting a spot at one of Alofi’s restaurants. They only take one booking for each table for the whole evening. Check out more recommendations in the Guide to the Best Eats & Restaurants in Alofi and what traditional food to try in the 8 Unique Foods in Niue You Have to Try.

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More Things to Do in Alofi for Foodies

That’s it for the best things to do in Alofi for foodies. Get more trip-planning advice in The Complete Travel Guide to Alofi or The Foodie Guide to Niue.


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