5 Adult-Only Activities in Alofi
5 Adult-Only Activities in Alofi

5 Adult-Only Activities in Alofi

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Things to Do in Alofi for Adults

Perhaps you want to escape your own kids or set the correct tone for your Niue getaway by being away from other people’s? Either way, you can enjoy your time in Niue undisturbed with these activities specifically aimed at adults or at least are private and/or independent. To enhance a couples’ getaway or even some solo relaxation time, we’ve picked out some of the best adult-only activities in Niue.

For more tips on planning the perfect adult-only escape, see The Adult-Only Guide to Alofi.

1. Engross Yourself in the Underwater World of Niue

Discover a visibly clear and colourful underwater world through a scuba diving trip from Alofi. Scuba diving is an experience you can enjoy undisturbed, not only because the environment eliminates normal sound but children need to be over at least 10 years old to join a scuba tour. For a scuba diving operator near Alofi, check out Magical Niue Sea Adventures, offering dive tours to underwater chasms, caves, canyons, chimneys and lively hard coral reefs. The PADI-affiliated dive centre offers day and night tours, as well as PADI dive courses. Learn more in The Guide to Scuba Diving in Niue.

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2. Tackle the Pacific’s Largest Game Fish on a Fishing Charter

Enjoy fishing time with the people you choose on a private fishing charter from Alofi! Niue’s waters are home to some of the most sought game fish in the South Pacific, from darting wahoo to monstrous mahimahi. Even on a shared fishing charter, if you’re looking to save a few bucks, you’re hardly likely to share the small fishing boats with families. Most of Niue’s fishing charters depart straight from Sir Robert’s Wharf in Alofi, so all you need to do is choose the right fit by comparing charters in the 10 Best Fishing Charters in Niue.

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3. Hit One of the Bike Tracks

The quiet roads along the west coast of Niue, as well as the inland 4×4 bush trails, create a fun journey for mountain bikers. Mountain bike rentals are available from Niue Rentals who will equip you to cycle to the various sea tracks near Alofi and loop back to town through the tropical coastal forest. Needless to say, the independent experience is something you can enjoy away from the crowds. Learn more about the bike trails in The Best Bike Trails in Niue.

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4. Enjoy Some Sundowners at One of the Bars

Ok, so don’t expect to party all night in Alofi. But with most of the restaurants in town having licensed bars, you can enjoy a few sundowners along with the vivid west coast sunsets. For instance, head to the Crazy Uga Cafe on Wednesday nights for drinks and their spitroast dinner/burger nights. Alternatively, Vaiolama Cafe on the Alofi clifftops is open for drinks on Thursday nights with happy hour between 4pm and 6pm. For our top picks of bars around the island, see the 6 Best Bars in Niue.

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5. Retreat to Your Adult-Only Accommodation or Private Holiday Home

Admittedly, Alofi is not a town of adult-only resorts like some other destinations in the South Pacific. Nevertheless, there is one slightly out-of-town accommodation with a no-child policy, Petite Hatava. Relaxing on your private deck with your loved one is certainly a good way to set the mood. Alternative accommodations offering a similar “adult-only” experience include Alofi’s various private holiday homes.

5 Adult-Only Activities in Alofi(c) Niue Tourism

More Adult-Only Activities in Alofi

That’s it for the adults-only activities in Alofi. Get more trip-planning advice in The Complete Travel Guide to Alofi or The Adults-Only Travel Guide to Niue.


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